BlYsrus564: "Hello Everyone! BlYsrus564 here! This is my SEQUEL to Luigi's Unhappy Vacation. In this story, Luigi and Daisy, with Mario, Peach, Toad, and Toadette Go to a Place called Rainbow Island, where they will yet again try to relax. This time, A Creepy Mansion Shows up and Mario and Peach have gone Missing. Luigi is scared out of his mind! and Daisy goes with him. Who knows what awaits those two..."

Daisy: "Hi BlYsrus564! I missed you!"

BlYsrus564: "I missed you too Daisy! I was camping, so I wrote down Ideas for this story. I also got injured pretty badly..."

Daisy: "Aww I'm sorry! I hope you feel better!"

BlYsrus564: "Thanks Daisy! Would you like to do the disclaimer for us?"

Daisy: "Sure! I'd love to! He does not own these characters! Thank you!"

BlYsrus564: "That was Beautiful Daisy!"

Daisy: "Aww Thanks! You're so sweet! I can't believe a sweet and innocent boy like you got hurt!"

BlYsrus564: "It's ok Daisy. I'm fine now. Well. Here's chapter one of my sequel. I hope you all like it. Don't forget to review Readers! Now...The story unfolds..."

Chapter 1: The Mansion

(Luigi was talking to Daisy about their next vacation Plan. Mario and Peach and Toad and Toadette were in the conversation as well.)

Luigi: "Hey Daisy, Want to go to Rainbow Island?"

Daisy: "Sure! I'd Love to Luigi! That would be lovely!"

Luigi: "Ok Then! Let's Go to Rainbow Island!"

Everyone: "YAY!!"

*1 hour later*

Luigi: "We're Here everyone!"

(Luigi and Daisy find out Luigi won a mansion in a contest that he didn't even participate in! Creepy huh? Mario and Peach Said that they would Meet up with them later...)

*30 Minutes later*

Luigi: "This is the place. Sure looks creepy!"

Daisy: "I know! Luigi...I'm Scared!"

Luigi: "Me too Daisy!"

(They Went inside the mansion and then...)

Toad & Toadette: "*They're both crying* We can't find Mario or Peach anywhere! Waaaaah!"

Luigi: "Toad?!? Toadette?!? What are you guys doing here??"

Toad: "Luigi! Daisy! We're so Glad to see you! We can't find find Mario or Peach anywhere!"

Daisy: "*gasp!* That's Terrible!"

Toadette: "I know! Can you two help us??"

Luigi & Daisy: "Sure! We're your guys to ask help for!"

Toad: "Thanks Luigi and Daisy! You guys are the best!"

Toadette: "Yeah! Seriously thanks!"

*She carefully looks at Daisy. She nods her head as if to say "Go ahead" Then, Toadette gives Luigi a Kiss on the cheek. he is blushing bright red. Daisy just smiles.*

Luigi: "No Problem Toad and Toadette! We'll get the job done!"

Daisy: "Yeah! You can count on us right Luigi?"

Luigi: "That's right Daisy!"

(Then, Luigi and Daisy enter the parlor room on the second floor. Who knows what awaits them inside? It could be deadly. They have arrived in a haunted mansion full of ghostly ghouls and Boos galore...)

BlYsrus564: "Well, that was a great chapter!"

Daisy: "Yes it was!"

BlYsrus564: "That's the end of the first chapter. I hope you all liked it! And don't forget to review ok readers?"