"Who is she? I didn't see her at the auditions."

"Her outfit is just completely scar-alicious. Is that even a word?"

"Lola honestly. But I have to admit her outfit is scary."

"Yeah man. Where does she shop.? Underworlds direct?"

"No actually." Said the girl in question.

"And I can hear every word your saying." She finished before heading up the stairs to her room

"Dear Diary.
Just moved into my new house today.
The other people here are really weird.
They seemed to think that I was deaf or something."

Just then there was a knock at the door.

"What?" I asked.

"Umm can I come in for a min?" A female voice replied. I quickly stowed my Diary away in the hidden bit of my Pillow case as I replied

"Fine." It was the Ginger girl from downstairs. The one with the nice eye's. I always noticed the eye's.

"Umm. I just want to say I'm sorry. For the way everyone reacted downstairs. I think your outfit is cool." I thought back to the teasing and remembered that she was the only one that didn't say anything. That didn't stare.

"Well thanks uhhh…" I trailed off not knowing her name

"Lauren." She supplied

"Right." I said committing the name to memory.

"Thanks Lauren." I finished.

"I know that this sounds like a weird question but Claudine, the girl with the black hair, said that you didn't audition. Why not?"

"Oh that's easy. I didn't cause I have known Newgent since I was about five and he has seen me grow up. He knows that I deserve a place at this school so he gave it to me."

"Wow. Really?!?" She exclaimed her eye's widening.


"Wow Naiome. That's really cool."

"Well thanks again Lauren. But I really hate the name Naiome so could you please just call me Nai."

"Sure thing Nai."

"Lauren. Naiome. Come on. You need to get moving or your gonna be late."

"O.K." I called down.

"Well see you in class Loz. You don't mind me calling you Loz do you?"

"Mind? I love that nickname." Lauren replied. By now we were at the front door. I paused to tell the house Mother.

"Don't worry about Dinner. I'll cook." And with that I was off. Off to Britannia High to face a bunch of bright and spunky performing people.

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