I awoke warm for once and gently rolled over to find Lauren's face just inches from mine.

"Morning Nai." She whispered as I smiled.

"Morning Loz. How are you feeling?" I asked her, wrapping my arm around her waist.

"How am I feeling?!?" She asked incrediously, her eyes widening to huge proportions.

"More like how are YOU feeling?!? You were the one who passed out yesterday remember?" She basically shouted at me.

"Lozzy I'm fine. Just tell me your alright or I'll worry." I said, smiling and laughing a bit.

"I'm fine. Now then. Breakfast!" She said, jumping up and then falling back down as I hadn't removed my hand from her waist.

"Lozzy. It's saturday. Lets just stay here. It's nice and warm and cozy." I said, whining slightly. hugging her back close to me.

"But..." She started. I wouldn't hear it and nuzled my face into her neck. She gave up and lay back down, shufflig a bit to get cmfortable. She couldn't though and eventually she turned round to face me.

"Nai... Where did you grow up?" She asked softly. I was shocked by the sudden question. But I chose to answer it.

"I grew up in a small hamlet in the middle of Yorkshire. It was really nice..." I started, propping myself up on one elbow.

"Everyone there was nice. Even when I was admitted to about everyone came to visit me at least once." I smiled at the memory. I remembered it all so easily. It normally hurt to remember. But with Lauren it was different.

"You see. We had a great sense of community. Then. It happened. Some kids from London came up. They started to spray paint things and they were right thugs. Some of the elderly and the young started to get scared to leave their houses. I confronted one of the boys. I won but from then on everyone was scared of me as well. When my sister went into hospital less people came to visit her. Half because they were scared to leave their houses and half because they were scared of me. It wasn't a nice feeling. Once I got old enough. I swore that I would chang things. And I did. I kicked out the London boys. But it cost me. Because I resorted to violence the Hamlet ostrasized me. Completely. And they told my mum that if she didnt get rid of me our whole family would be ostrasized as well. My mum was caught between a rock and a hard place. She chose to kick me out. Well actually. I sorta chose to leave. I came down here and ended up working in the restuarant I took you to yesterday. They took me in. I moved away again a little time after. Then I moved back, to come here. I'm glad I did though." I finished, smilig at her before gently kissing her nose. She looked back up at me with wide eyes, filled with tears. One spilled and I caught it with the tip of my finger and removed it from her pale skin.

"Don't cry Lozzy. Nothing to worry about."

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