Chapter 1: The Quest

I'm still deciding if this is a very good day or a very bad day, I'm absolutely torn. On the good side, I'm going on a quest with just Percy. On the bad side, I'm going on a very dangerous quest with just Percy and the Oracle won't say a thing. It's very frustrating you know. Maybe I should backtrack to an hour ago.

"Percy, Annabeth, I have to talk to you two alone, if you don't mind, Mr. Underwood?" Chiron asked, clearly in a hurry. Grover looked at me and I nodded, he gave me an encouraging grin then turned around and walked toward the forest, probably to go see Juniper.

"What's up, Chiron?" Percy asked.

"You two up for a quest?" he began.

"Where are we going?" I asked, already excited.

Chiron sighed and said, "If it wasn't absolutely crucial then I wouldn't ask you to, but saying as it is... You and Percy are to take a boat and follow the Princess Andromeda undetected. Once the boat is in sight you are to alter your appearances and identities so much that nobody on the outside would recognize you. Then if you get caught, you could make up some excuse why you were following them and have a chance to live. The second you guys are in sight of the boat, Iris-Message me and I'll tell you the rest of the plan, clear?"

"I'm assuming you want us to visit the Oracle now?" Percy asked. I heard relunctance in his voice and shuddered when I remembered the last time I myself had visited the Oracle.

Chiron nodded and said "The minute you two are done up there, go talk to Charles Beckendorf, I had him make you a boat a week ago."

With that, he galloped away and we made our way towards the Big House. "I wonder what the rest of the plan is." I said.

"I wonder why he didn't tell us a week ago." he said. I hadn't thought of that, wow Seaweed Brain thought of something before I did, that's weird. I sighed in frustration at the unanswered questions and we walked into the Big House.

We trudged up the steps and Percy stole a glance at me before opening the attic door. We both stood far away as I adressed the Oracle. "Oracle of Delphi, we are going on a quest, what is our destiny?" We waited five minutes but it didn't stir, that's even weirder.

"Maybe it's broken." Percy suggested.

I looked at him and said, "You aren't smart at all, are you? I was hoping my intelligence would wear off on you but I guess that was a wasted effort. The Oracle can't be broken, Seaweed Brain. Really, you'd think you'd have enough common sense to figure that one out." I teased. I loved making fun of Percy and I was quite enjoying myself at the moment until I remembered that the Oracle wasn't giving us some strange rhyme. I saw out of the corner of my eye, Percy blushing. "Let's just go see Beckendorf," I said.

He nodded in agreement and we set out for the forges. When we got there, Beckendorf was waiting outside for us, Chiron must have talked to him. "It's done." Beckendorf stated.

"Cool, thanks. Do you know where Chiron is?" I asked.

"No, but you wanna see the boat?" he asked.

"Sure," Percy said.

"It's over here." Beckendorf pointed to a ship docked on the beach. "It's got everything you could possibly need and more, it's got food, storage, beds, defensive armor, you get the point, I'd show you around but I have to get back to the forges. Good luck, Percy. Annabeth." He walked back into the building that was like a second home to him.

"Should we go tell Chiron about the Oracle?" Percy asked.

"Might as well." I said.

We saw Chiron and we told him what happened, he was puzzled. "I don't know what's the matter but you guys really have to get going now. Your stuff has already been packed so good luck and stay safe." We nodded and walked up the beach and into the ship.

I was speechless to say the least, this ship was amazing. It had everything, and when I say everything I mean everything. I looked at Percy, he was just as stunned. Well back to my reviery, if we get caught we're screwed if we don't get caught we'll probablly die and we'll be even more screwed. So bottom line, we are screwed. If we get caught, atleast Percy has the ocean and has a chance to escape, I hope he makes it out alive and unharmed. If I die-No! I shouldn't be thinking like that. I shook my head to clear my thoughts and I saw that Percy was staring at me, trying to hide a smile.

"Thinking hard, are we?" he asked.

"Well yes, I thought that atleast one of us should think during this quest." I remarked.

"Let's just check out the boat." he said sourly.

We looked around, the ship was almost perfect. Almost because it made me blush madly when I found out that the beds were in one room and pushed literally right next to each other. Beckendorf, I thought bitterly, is going to pay. I tried heaving one across the floor but he had bolted them down, I sighed and sat on it. Percy laughed at me as I cursed Beckendorf silently about the sleeping arrangments. I looked up, Percy was blushing a deep red too but he was smiling. I guess it wasn't as bad as I had percieved but I wondered if Athena knew.

"Why are you smiling so much, Seaweed Brain? Excited that you get to sleep next to me? Perv."

"Just the look on your face. Is it so bad to sleep next to me for a few days at most?" he said. His smile wavered ever so slightly but I ignored it.

"You don't think our parents would be mad? These beds are pressed together enough that from far away, they look like one." I remarked.

"Sure, they would be mad. But I asked if it would be bad for you to sleep next to me for a few days." he said quietly.

I thought about it for a moment and smiled. "I guess I don't mind sleeping next to you, but I swear if you drool on me..." I left the sentence hanging. As if on que, we both started cracking up. As clumsy as ever, he didn't see the bed leg there and he tripped over it, sending both of us into another wave of renewed laughter. I helped him onto my bed and looked at his knee, it was difficult becuase I was still laughing.

He grimaced when I touched the dark purple bruise and I got up to get ice from the kitchen. "Where are you going?" he demanded. Before I could answer, he grabbed my hand and held me in place.

"Ice to help the swelling go down." I said.

"It's fine, don't worry about it." he said. I sighed and sat back down next to him, he hadn't let go of my hand yet and my heart was beating a million-a-second. He traced random patterns on my wrist with his thumb and I tried to slow my pulse to no avail. He slowly released my hand and moved his up my arm to my shoulder, he looked into my eyes and kissed me. It came from nowhere and I was shocked, but I kissed him back. "Thanks." he whispered in my ear.

"For what?" I breathed.

"Being there for me, being a good friend. Those are hard to come by, and I'm happy you're here." he answered just as quietly as before.

"Well, finally you admit it, Seeweed Brain." I said loudly.

He pulled back and slowly got up, he winced when he tried to stand straight. I looked up at the doorway and froze, you'd never believe who was here.

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