A/N I'm so excited to start a new story! :-) No, not all chapters will be this short, but I just wanted to set the stage a little. And of course it'll be Jackson/Lisa. I don't know how to write anything else!

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"Well, if you're asking me to be blatantly honest, it's easy to see how attracted you are to me. And I don't understand why you work so hard to hide it."

"Because I don't make a habit of getting involved with men I have no future with."

"You're thinking too much. Just let things be what they are."

"That's a good way to get your heart broken."

"Has it ever occurred to you that maybe I'm even more attracted to you than you are to me?

"Just drop it. Please. Why are you torturing me about this?"

"Because it's the best way to get what I want."

Chapter 1

Lisa held out in front of her the soft blue sundress her mother had sent her in honor of her impending vacation. The delicate thin straps and flowing silky material seemed out of place in her closet of business professional attire, but her mom had insisted that Lisa bare a little skin while strolling the beaches of Sydney.

She could still remember the conversation they'd had on the phone after the package had arrived.

"Mom, I appreciate the gesture. Really. But you know I'm just going to overseas to get away and relax."

"Lisa, you could use a good fling with some nice man with an accent," the older woman had insisted.

"Mother!" Lisa had gasped indignantly.

"I mean it! All you do is work, and you're too young for that. You should be enjoying life. Getting out. Flirting."

"That's why I'm taking a vacation, Mom. I don't need to find a man there to enjoy myself."

Her mother had sighed.

"Just promise me if some young handsome thing asks you out while you're there, you'll go. It'll be healthy for you, Li-Li."


"Just promise me."

Lisa had sighed and ran her fingers through her loose auburn strands. Well, it'd be easy to avoid getting asked out if she kept to herself. She was taking this vacation to get away and be alone, not meet new people. She got her fill of people at work. And what good would it do to meet someone in Australia anyway?

"Fine, Mom. I promise."

Lisa stuffed the delicate garment into her suitcase next to the modest black tankini she'd purchased for the trip. Getting some time away was long overdue, but it had been difficult to make the decision to take two whole weeks away from her job. It had taken some heavy convincing from the hotel's owner that the place could operate without her for a while.

Why Australia? It was the farthest away she could think of that still seemed appealing to visit. Away from work, away from the worries of her parents, away from her empty apartment. And she'd always wanted to go overseas to a place they still spoke English. She dreamed of lying out on a beautiful sunny beach in a place that wasn't Miami, where no one knew her, filled with people she would never see again. Sipping all the cocktails her heart desired.

Her flight was scheduled to leave out of Miami International Airport early the next morning. Lisa snapped her suitcase shut and headed for the bathroom to prepare for bed.

4:00 AM couldn't come fast enough.