A little prequel and background to Steps---a few of the events in this mini-fic will crop up in the longer story, beginning with Chapter 9 (Tell). This takes place a full year (to the day, no less) before the Tennyo fiasco began. I am of the opinion that Akis feelings for Aya were suggestive from the start, even before Ceres and Mikagis awakening. Ive tried to inject that touch of suggestiveness into this story, but tempered with innocence and ignorance. Later on hell realize just how centred on Aya his emotions are (in Steps), and hell deal with all that drama. But right now hes just a kid, with no clue what the future holds for him, concerned about his less than cautious sister. I love Aki, can you tell? ^_^

Enjoy everyone!!!

Truth and Dare

Aya + Aki

By: L 0 K I

- part one-




Thats what Aya decided as she watched the distant world blur in reflection over her face. Aki was beside her, his elbows on his knees as he glared blankly at the empty seats across from them.

Aya thought of feigning sleep just to avoid his foul mood, but it wasnt like her, so she didnt. No doubt he was mad at her for dragging him into this, then subsequently needing his rescuing just to get out of it. How embarrassing, sometimes she wished she was a more stable person. But those times didnt last long.

So, feeling truly contrite, and also wanting to distract him from his anger, she dropped her feet to the floor and shifted slightly, turning to him. Biting her lip with mock-concentration, she reached over and physically moved his arm.

Clearly caught off-guard, he stumbled sideways, before quickly righting himself. Aya---!

Aki, she cut his growl off seriously, causing him to blink, drop your arm, please.

Giving her a mixed look of frustration and curiosity, he slowly dropped the arm she had moved, letting it rest limply at his side. A gold eyebrow went up, asking plainly, now why did I do that?.

With the same serious look, she reached over and shifted his other arm. Fisting his hand, she placed her own hand on the top of his head and gently pushed down until his chin and mouth rested against his knuckles.

Definitely confused now, he stared at her.

Look forward, please, she instructed.

Aya, he warned, but did not move from the position she had placed him in, What are you doing?

Im making you a statue, she said matter-of-factly. You know, that one where that man is sitting on a rock thinking? Then she decided to explain it to him. You think too much.

He instantly threw his arm down, snarling now. And you dont think enough, idiot! What if I hadnt been there last night?!

She jerked back at his vehemence, realizing that he was being utterly serious about his bad mood. Truth was, he was completely justified in his anger.

What if he hadnt been there?


I know, evil place to cut-off. But this is just a little teaser. ^_^