Angelus Pennae


Another Kaceystar AU fic! This is, of course, assuming that Jetfire is not related to Kaceystar, as he is in optimus prime 007's fantastical fan fiction :3

Kaceystar is the exclusive property of optimus prime 007; I just pawn her off to unlikely mechs :3 This was written with op007's permission.

The night seemed to spread into eternity, a great black blanket punctured by the light of the stars above. The air was refreshingly cold, and there was just enough of a breeze to make fast flight exhilarating.

"Ever tried a free fall?"

"Ever tried the medical bay?"

"Touche. It's fun, let me show you."

Kaceystar gracefully transformed from her alternate jet mode back into her slender bipedal form, arching an optic ridge at the massive white shuttle nearby. "Are you nuts? My father would kill me!"

The shuttle came apart and back together in a matter of seconds, leaving a grinning Jetfire in its place. "Come on, Optimus has done his share of crazy stuff. Besides, what he doesn't know won't hurt us."

Kacey felt a grin twitch on her face. "How dangerous is it?"

"I'm right here. You don't have to worry about a thing."

She glanced doubtfully at the ground, miles and miles beneath them. Kaceystar wasn't at all the type to back down from any kind of challenge. She loved action, she loved adventure, and she loved flying. But her stunts had nearly gotten her dear little brother killed years ago, and she'd never quite forgotten it.

"It'll be okay," Jetfire assured her quietly, golden optics glimmering at her warmly. "Don't worry."

He reached out a hand to her, and she felt her resolve melting away. Jetfire did have a way of making her feel safe. If he told her not to worry, she wouldn't. She took his hand somewhat hesitantly, and he pulled her flush up against his chest, wrapping his arms around her narrow waist.

"You're getting prettier, kid," he teased gently, and she mock glared at him.

"Yeah, yeah. Just show me this trick of yours." She wrapped her arms around his neck, glancing warily at the ground. "So how does this--work?!"

Jetfire suddenly tipped them upside down and turned off his thrusters. Kacey gasped as she found herself abruptly falling, falling, clenched tightly in his arms as they plummeted through the atmosphere so fast she could actually feel the humidity and temperature changing.

Jetfire let loose a wild, exhilarated cry, folding in his wings to make himself more aerodynamic. Kacey found herself yelling as well, from a combination of excitement and complete terror. The ground was rushing up to meet them far too fast, and faster and faster yet, and she suddenly wondered how they were going to avoid smashing into headfirst.


"Fun, huh?!"

"Jetfire, what happens when we--"

"What?! I can't hear you!"

"What happens when we get too close to the--"

Her words cut off with a shriek when Jetfire suddenly flipped over in mid-air, and the thrusters mounted on his legs coughed and spluttered before turning on a full force. They were so close to the ground that the grass was actually flattened by the shock waves.

Just as fast as she'd found herself falling, Kacey now found herself skyrocketing back into the air, Jetfire yelling his excitement the whole way. Nearly a mile and a half up their velocity finally waned, and his thrusters turned back down to a low hum, grumbling at their blatant abuse.

"You are absolutely insane," Kacey breathed, and Jetfire burst into laughter.

"You loved it," he insisted, grinning down at her.

"I thought we were going to die!"

"Best rush ever, right?"

She rested her foreplate on his chest, grumbling quietly. Jetfire continued to laugh, nudging her helm with his.

"Let me go."

"Hey now, don't be like that."

"I said let me go, you idiot."

"We never get to hang out anymore," he pouted, tightening his grip on her. "I thought you were my flying buddy."

"I am your flying buddy," she sighed, looking up at him, and found his face shockingly close to hers. Kacey stilled, blinking up into the twin suns gazing back down at her. Jetfire pulled her closer, lowering his head slowly. She moved one trembling hand to place it along his jaw, marveling at the angular curves of his handsome face.


Her words died down when he dipped his head and pressed his mouthplates to hers, kissing her tenderly, passionately. He rumbled quietly when her soft, sweet lips parted, allowing him to deepen the kiss.

"Jetfire," she groaned, torturously pulling her mouth from his. "We can't do this. You know we can't."

"And why is that?" he asked softly, touching his foreplate to hers.

"My dad," she murmured, gazing up into his optics. "You're his friend, Jetfire, he'd be so angry--"

"You're a full grown femme," Jetfire broke in, caressing her face gently. "As much as I respect Optimus--and I really do, Kacey, you know that--this is your decision to make."

"I can't make him unhappy, Jet," she said sadly, lowering her gaze. "I love him too much."

"And, what? You don't love me?" he asked, his voice joking as he stroked her cheek.

"You know I love you," she mumbled, pressing her face into his neck plates. "You know I've always loved you."

He sighed, rubbing her back soothingly. She shuttered her optics, listening to the pulse of his spark. Some small part of her had loved Jetfire from the moment he'd arrived on Earth. The thrill of seeing another bot who loved to fly as much as she did had been captivating. It was that shared love that brought them together as friends--as first. They'd flown together all the time; he'd showed her aerial stunts that she'd never dreamed possible, and she taught him how to use those skills to his advantage in battle.

Kaceystar was used to living in a militant environment. The base was almost always busy and tense. All of her friends were soldiers or the children of soldiers; Kacey had been raised fully expecting to one day join the Autobot ranks as a warrior. She was used to warrior seriousness and warrior mentality--and then Jetfire had come along.

Jetfire was like the wind itself. Fresh and bold and completely uninhibited by any obstacle. He went where he pleased, did whatever he wanted. He spoke his mind and held nothing back, whether it was joy or sadness or rage. Kacey had never seen a side of Jetfire that didn't fascinate her. When he was happy, he absolutely seemed to glow. When he was sad, she could feel her own spark aching. When he was angry, it was as though he could incinerate everything in his path.

He was captivating. She felt as if she knew him better than she knew herself, and yet she couldn't understand him. What fascinated her the most was how well Jetfire seemed to know himself. He was never unsure, never hesitant in anything he did. His confidence couldn't be diminished, his optimism couldn't be swayed. Jetfire knew exactly who and what he was, and he never faltered. Never. Kacey had always struggled a little in that area; she had always been unsure of her worth as an Autobot, of her rightfullness to take the Matrix someday.

"We'd better get you back," Jetfire sighed, loosening his grip on her. "It's nearly dawn; Optimus will be looking for you."

"Can't we stay just a little longer?" she pled quietly.

"We're out of time, bud," he chided gently. "It's time to go."

She followed him back to base dejectedly, wanting more than anything to remain in the sky with him, cradled in his warm arms.

Kacey couldn't help but stare at him as he walked her back to her quarters. He was such a handsome mech. His face had a cute charm, but there was definitely serious masculinity in it as well. His body was sleek and strong, perfectly built for a flier of his caliber. She'd always admired his chest and shoulders, both broad and powerful. And his wings--she sometimes wondered if Primus had made those wings especially for him. They were white, whiter than any white she'd ever seen, clean and unmarred by scars or dirt. They moved with the slightest stimulation, always tasting the air as though looking for any wind on which to fly.

They reminded her of an angel's wings.

Jetfire suppressed a sigh as they arrived at her quarters, and had just opened his mouth to bid her farewell when he suddenly felt the brush of her fingertips on his wing joints. He froze, stiffening slowly when her other hand caressed his right wing, stroking the smooth panels gently, tenderly. Placing one hand on the wall for support, he shuttered his optics, unable to hold back a small moan when her nimble fingers dove into the joint, fondling the thick circuit bundles beneath.

"Kacey," he hissed sharply, arching his back against her touch. "Kacey, you need to--make up your mind!"

He pulled away from her torturously, turning on his heel to stare down the small femme. "Kacey! For the love of Primus, a few minutes ago you were chastising me for kissing you--and now you decide to feel me up in the hallway? Are you alright with us or aren't you?"

She shrunk slightly, biting her lower lip and gazing at his feet. "I'm sorry…I was just thinking about you on the way back, and…"

There was a pause, and she lifted her gaze back up to his. He felt his spark clench. She was such a beautiful femme. Her faceplate was even more stunning than Elita's, the optics a deeper blue even than Optimus's. And her body…his optics briefly roved over her, taking in her sinewy throat, the pretty breastplate, the narrow waist, gently sloping hips, and curvaceous legs.

Kacey must have seen the flash of lust in his optics, for she moved forward suddenly, placing her hands on the sides of his helm and pressing her hot mouth to his, kissing him intently. His hands were on her a second, gripping her waist and pulling her up against him, mouth kissing her back fervently. Kacey moaned, eagerly moving her body against his. Jetfire backed her into the wall, pinning her with his girth.

"Yes or no?" he asked roughly, placing a hand on her thigh. "Yes or no, femme?"

"Yes," she moaned softly, trying to pull his lips back to hers. "Yes, Jetfire, please…"

"I need you to be sure," he whispered, brushing his mouthplates against hers. "I need to know that you're sure…"

"I want you, Jetfire," she breathed, pulling her foreplate to his. "I want you so badly. Please, please."

"Your dad?"

"This is my call," she said firmly. "My decision. I want this. I love you, Jetfire."

He surveyed her for a moment more before firmly clamping his mouth over hers, claiming the femme in his arms as his own. His spark roared, some predatory surfacing within him. He growled softly, pressing into her harder, and she reached out one hand to shakily type in the codes for her door. Jetfire pulled her inside before it was even open all the way, shutting it firmly and engaging all of the locks.

"I'm just going to come out and be blunt about it," he murmured, turning back to his gorgeous femme. "I want to make love to you."

"I don't know how," she whispered. "I've never…"

"Do you want to?"

"I do, I really do, but…"

"Then don't worry about a thing," he interrupted, grabbing her once more and kissing her lovingly. "I'll be gentle, I guide you through the whole thing. Just kiss me back, sweetspark…"

Kacey wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing the mech eagerly, her engine revving softly when he scooped her up and carried her to her berth.

"Nice," Jetfire snorted, glancing around at the many colorful cushions that adorned her berth.

"Mom bought them," Kacey explained quickly, her faceplates flushing darkly. "It's kind of embarrassing…"

"It's cute," Jetfire rumbled, grinning down at her. "You want foreplay or shall I just take you now?"

"I've never done foreplay before," she said thoughtfully. "Could we try some of that?"

"Promise you won't smack me?"

"Why would I do that?"

He grinned broadly before placing a hand on her breastplates. Kacey stiffened, a little unsure, but relaxed the moment his broad fingers began to caress her gently. A soft whine broke loose from her processor, and she squirmed a little, optics darkening when his touch grew a little more firm.

"Jetfire," she breathed, leaning her head back and shuttering her optics. "Mmm…"

Jetfire couldn't hold back a soft growl as he touched her. He'd never had a femme as beautiful as Kacey laid out underneath him before. It was exhilarating, the combination of incredible lust and passion. Tenderly, he laid down on top of her, lowering his mouthplates to her audio.

"I love you," he told her in a whisper, nuzzling the side of her head. "I love you, Kacey…"

At her soft sigh he moved his mouth downward, kissing her jaw before pressing his lips to her throat. She squirmed against him, so he bit in gently, relishing in the moan he felt beneath his denta. Kacey lifted her hands, touching him experimentally before slipping her fingers back into the joint of his wings. Jetfire gave a harsh cry, wriggling desperately against her digits. She began to stroke the wires, playing with the sensitive protoform.

The temperature in the room seemed to skyrocket as passion blossomed between them. Jetfire kissed her throat with hungry, open-mouthed caresses while her delicate hands danced over and beneath his wings, stimulating him until he felt like his codpiece would snap under the sudden pressure his rod was exerting on it.

"Frag," she groaned, squirming uncomfortably. "Mmm…Jetfire…it's hot…"

He pressed a hand to her lower abdomen and smiled at the intense heat that met his palm. "Retract your panel, love," he requested, his voice growing husky. The panel slid away immediately, heat from her port radiating on his hand. He caressed the rim of her port experimentally, wrenching a cry from the throat of the desperately aroused femme.

"Jetfire," she moaned, moving her hips toward his hand. "Oh, please…"

"Please what?" he asked, his voice low and rough. His rod swelled uncomfortably at her soft, delicious moans and quiet pleas.

"Please…I w-want…"

"You want what, dearest?"

"I want…y-you…please…I want to make love…with you…"

He kissed her tenderly, lavishing attention on her hot, sweet mouth. Gently, so as not to hurt her, he slid a finger into her port. The femme arched against his chest, crying out sharply.

"Am I hurting you?" he inquired softly.

"Oh, Primus, no," she gasped feverishly, her optic shutters fluttering. "Primus, it feels good…"

Smiling, happy that he was pleasing her, Jetfire began to pump his finger in and out experimentally. He bit his lip to restrain a moan when he imagined what her impossibly tight port was going to feel like around his rod. He carefully inserted a second finger, cautiously stretching her port. He'd never taken a virgin before, but he knew how sensitive a new port was. And there was no Pit he was going to ruin this by being overeager and causing her pain.

"Enough with that," she growled, her fingers digging into his wings joints. "Frag me now."

"Your order is my command," he laughed softly, kissing her jaw sweetly. "We need to go slow, okay?"

"Fine, fine, just do it already," she panted, thrusting against his fingers. He removed his digits obligingly, licking her sweet lubricants from his fingertips. Kacey released a moan at the overly erotic scene.

Finally, gratefully, Jetfire removed his crotchplate, allowing his interface cord to extend fully. Kacey's optics widened at the sight of his massive rod, swollen with his arousal.

"Primus," she breathed. "Will it…fit?"

"I hope so," he joked, but quickly assured her that it would at the look of terror on her faceplates. "Tell me if I hurt you, I'll stop right away."

"I don't want you to stop," she broke in, and he laughed.

"You don't even know what it feels like yet!"

"And whose fault is that?" she demanded.

"Enough talk," he ordered softly, kissing her once more, delving his glossa into her mouth to silence any further words.

The passion was rekindled almost instantly. Kacey returned his kisses with equal fervor, caressing his glossa with hers and licking his lips lightly. Jetfire nudged his crotch against hers, rumbling when his swollen rod encountered a very wet port. He maneuvered his hips carefully, situating the head of his rod at her port, before pushing in slowly.

Kacey broke their kiss, letting loose a desperate gasp as her mech entered her. Jetfire released a long, low moan, pressing his lips to her breastplate when her port contracted around him. He sheathed himself completely, relishing the feel of her hot, wet port before pulling out and thrusting himself back in. Kacey cried out, arching into him, changing his angle of entry. His rod rubbed against the delicate central node within her port, making her sob incoherently as he continued to thrust into her gently.

"More," she pled desperately, wrapping her arms around him tightly. "Oh, please, Jetfire…Jetfire…"

He shuttered his optics, hips pumping into hers at a faster pace. Kaceystar, beneath him, moaning his name in the dark…the wonderful feel of the friction against her tight port, her hands caressing his wings desperately…

She gave the sweetest cry when she overloaded, arching into him long and hard as she rode out her climax. Jetfire thrust harder and faster, coming with a roar and spilling transfluid within her. They trembled and gasped, clutching one another as the euphoric rush ebbed away.

"Love you," Jetfire mumbled, kissing her gently. Kacey kissed him back tenderly, cradling his face in her warm hands. He pulled out of her carefully, replacing both of their crotchplates before curling himself around her, pulling her small frame into a gentle embrace.

"Are you going to tell your dad?" he asked softly, stroking her back, and she sighed.

"I don't know. I mean, there's nothing he can do, but I don't want him to be disappointed. I don't want him to be upset."

"Optimus is in love too, you know," he reminded her, resting his foreplate against hers. "He understands."

"But you're his friend," she said sadly. "He might be angry with you…"

"We'll deal with that when the time comes," he soothed, caressing her face. "I don't regret any of it, Kacey. No matter what happens, I want you."

She nodded slowly, snuggling closer to him. Jetfire. It was surreal to think that she was here in his arms, that they'd just made love together, that he cared for her as much as she cared for him. Surreal to think that she really may have found the mech she wanted to spend the rest of her eternity with…

"Did it hurt?" she asked softly.

"Did what hurt?" he replied, confused.

"When Primus sent you down to me."

He rolled his optics, chuckling quietly. "You're a bit of a dork, you know that?"

"Are you an angel, Jetfire?"

"Not that I know of. But if I ever get a letter from my folks telling me I'm actually an abandoned angel that they found on their doorstep, you'll be the first to know."

She smiled serenely, sighing in content when he cuddled her close. Unshuttering her optics lazily, she gazed distantly over his shoulder--and her spark froze.

"…Oh, no."


"…Jetfire. The security camera is on."

Aw, shiz. More to come :3