AN: This is a trailer for an upcoming fic. The prologue I've got figured out, but I'll need help on the rest of the chapters. It's an alternaverse fic of mine that I came up with.

What if...

There is a view of a crystal orb inside a silver figure an open lion's head on the 12 o' clock and a rose at six o' clock. The orb is glowing a flurry of colors. It's the Heart of Etherea, twin to the legendary Heart of Kandrakar.

in the beginning, the magic of friendship was torn asunder...?

Fades to a shadowed view of Frieza in his hover chair, smirking, "Magic…how interesting."

What if...

Glistening in the sun high above, a large, round space ship grew steadily closer to surface.

Just as the redheaded child, Beth was thrown into the air by her father, she spotted it and gasped.

Her cry alerted a few magical creatures, who immediately stopped what they were doing and looked up in fear. Then a superimposed view of a frightened pale child with familiar almond azure eyes.

one guardian was stolen away?

We next see a young Kylie held in ki-restrainging cuffs by the bounty hunter Cad Bane.

"W-where are you talking me?" Kylie asked him, voice over.

Cad Bane replies "To my employer, I don't work for free."

Can the adventure still come true?

Whiteling presents

" Spellbound "

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