This is an idea that just popped in my head one day. Don't know why I decided to tr this crossover but maybe because I both like this game series adn this show so I decided to combine the two. Well anyway lets give it a shot and I hope you enjoy.

Empty Heart

Chapter 1: Fall to Darkness.

It was night in White Deer Park. The moon shone down creating an ambient light source. Two figures kept low to the ground keeping their senses open. They were foxes, blue foxes or vixens to be more precise. They both looked alike save for the different tints of blue in their fur. One looked emotionless keeping her mind solely on the hunt. The other held much worry. She looked from side to side with uncertainty.

"Eris I don't think we should be here." She warned.

The vixen Eris turned to the other with a look of contempt. "You don't have to stay Russet run along if you're afraid." Eris replied to her cousin as if she were speaking to a cub.

"I'm not afraid just worried! You know your mother forbid anyone from going coming back here." Russet warned.

A scoff came from Eris. "You act as if I care. This park was our birthplace so we have a right."

"B-but your mother." Russet begin.

"Forget what my mother said!" Eris snapped.

Russet closed her mouth knowing how her cousin could get when she was like this. Knowing she had won the little argument, Eris continued onward. She didn't know why she brought her cousin along. The two had never been close even when they were cubs. Perhaps she thought it was a good idea since outside their little venture Russet acted much differently. Or maybe she just wanted family close to her. Yes family her mind shifted to that word.

Since the death of her father Scarface, leadership of the blue foxes had shifted to her mother Lady Blue. However, instead of avenging her mate, the matriarch had ordered the tribe to leave their home. Despite a few reservations on the matter, they obeyed. Eris couldn't fathom her mothers decision. If it were up to her, she would have fought for revenge on the animals that had taken her fathers life. Personally, Eris found it pathetic that her mother fell apart so completely. Supposed that is what love does to someone. Scarface was her mother's identity. So devoted was she to him.

Even though she seemed unwilling to start another war, Lady Blue had an old acquaintance keep a tab on things. A female stoat it was that provided her news on the farthing animals. The only recent events had been an invasion of rats that resulted in a battle in the Farthing animals favor unfortunately. Yet another bit of news had involved family. That was of her brother Ranger.

Eris bared her teeth at the mental syllable of that name. Ranger had apparently chosen a red fox as his mate. More disturbingly, the daughter of the Farthing Wood fox. Even more so, she was currently carrying his cubs. As far as she was concerned, she had no brother. Infuriating, as that was another bit of news brought a more urgent matter. The stoat had reported to her mother that creatures had been appearing in White Deer Park as of late. When the stoat reported this, she expressed much fear only describing the creatures as monsters. Nevertheless, she returned to the Park per her mothers orders.

That was a week ago, the stoat had never returned. Suppose that was half the reason Eris decided to return, to see what this supposed monsters were. She felt a sudden stop from behind her.

"Eris I'm going back." Russet announced plain and simple.

A sigh left the vixen's blue almost silver colored maw much reminiscent on her mothers. If you saw the two together, then you might mistake them for twins.

"Fine cousin go along."

Hearing that, Russet scampered off. Another scoff left Eris. Less restraint for her but probably the talk of a monster worried her cousin. She kept on looking for sign of danger. After a while nothing although she did catch a few mice. But there was no sign of any monsters. Perhaps the stoat was mistaken. Eris turned around to leave disappointed that her search had bore no fruit. She was half hoping these monsters could help her tribe in revenge. Anything to strike back at those common Farthing filth and the traitor who shared her blood.

A soft rustle in the bushes made her stop. She noticed she was in a clearing. Turning around she prepared herself for whatever was coming.

"Show yourself!" She cried not showing nay fear. The rustling came again. Eris found the right set of bushes. Something emerged and immediately Russet knew this had to be the monster spoken off. Yet at the same time, she couldn't see how "this" could be considered frightening.

The creature in question was as large as a rabbit pure black from head to foot. At the top of its head were antennae twitching in every which direction. It was like looking at a living shadow. That was the only way to describe it. Its eyes were large yellow orbs that now stared back at her.

"So you're the big bad monster?" Eris replied with a slight laugh.

The creature said nothing walking closer towards the bewildered and mused vixen. Then in a sudden flash, it leapt at her. Pain streaked across her chest as the creatures hands or rather claws raked.

Eris threw the creature down with a growl. How dare it strike her! She thought. Another sound caught her attention. It sounded more like a cross between a twitch and a squeak. Looking behind her pupils grew small. A multitude of the living shadows much like the one that attacked her now surrounded her in a circle. They rose from the ground attuning to the shadow properties. Their yellow orbs focused on the vixen and they pounced.

"Get off me!" She screamed in anger more than fear. They covered her body raking and holding on. She managed to a throw a few off but they quickly resumed her position. She saw another one approaching. She had a feeling it was the same one she had first seen. She didn't know what it was thinking but probably kill was on its mind. It lunged at her but it wasn't death that came.

Eris's eyes grew large in shock as felt as if something was ripped from her. There was no pain but only a hollow empty feeling.

Her wide eyes saw something materialize from her chest. It was red surrounded by an ethereal white aura. The shape she had never seen before but to humans it was obviously a heart shape.

Eris didn't have time to grasp the situation as now she was no longer in White Deer Park. Black, nothing but darkness surrounded her. She felt light in both body and spirit.

"Dark so dark." She said, her voice weary. She felt like she was falling. Although there was no substance to this realm, her body was indeed falling. Memories of her life flashed and played out in her mind. They quickly passed. She could see her days as a cub. Those were happier times she had to admit. However, they grew fuzzy soon the images of her parents, and brother growing bleary until they vanished completely.

She tried to hold on to more memories but they vanished all the same. Then she new nothing at all.

"Who…am…I?" She asked. She received no answer as the darkness swallowed her completely.

In White Deer Park, the body of Eris exploded into a sparkling series of lights. The shadows left sinking into the ground, another added to their ranks.