Empty Heart


Omake: A little something extra right after the end.

There were various stories that remained unknown until now.

Dash's Dream:

Dash ran as fast as her legs could carry her. Darkness surrounded her on all ends. She had no idea where she was going. The only thing in her fear-gripped mind was the get away. Then she tripped, hard to believe, as there was no form in this realm.

What sounded like twitches reached her ears. Shadows rose into existence surrounding her on all sides. Their yellow eyes and antennae told her they were Heartless. Several of the small Shadow variety and the wolf ones stood keeping her in a tight circle. The Heartless began to part in the middle as another shape came into view. It wasn't a Heartless, it was distinctively fox shaped. The more closely it got the more Dash could make out the features. One in particular was a scar over one of the eyes.

"Oh no." Dash whimpered.

Before her stood the menacing figure of Scarface. The scarred fox loomed over her.

"Now I've got you." he growled. "You can join your mother."

Dash closed her eyes ready for the end. Another sound reached her ears, a wave like breaking apart sound, ending with the anguished cry of Scarface. Slowly opening her eyes she immediately caught a light, a key shaped light. Beneath it a hare stood under it.

"Sora!" Dash cried excitably.

The male hare hopped over to her. His blue eyes shone with concern contemplating his features. "Are you okay?" he asked Dash.

"Uh huh." she nodded.

"Good." Sora leaned in close to her. "I couldn't bare to let anything happen to you.

Swiftly he grabbed her in his arms. Dash's heart beat even faster. "Because you're my forever girl." said Sora.

Time slowed as Sora leaned in, both hares closed her eyes as Dash awaited the obvious kiss.

"Dash!" a shrill voice jolted her out of her dream. Opening her eyes she noticed she was no longer in the dark realm but back in White Deer Park, beside her stood her brother Leveret.

"Huh? What?" Dash muttered disappointed at the change of scenery.

Leveret gave his sister an odd look. "Why are you sleeping at this time of day?" he asked.

Dash's confused and disappointed look changed to anger. Taking her paw, she hit her brother knocking him down.

"You ruined my dream!" she cried before leaping off.

As his sister left, Leveret helped himself up rubbing his sore spot. "What's that girls problem? Ow!" he exclaimed.

Sora's Nightmare:

"Sora!" he heard a female voice call.

His eyes came to attention, realizing he was no longer in the gummi ship. Trees and grass surrounded him, he was back in White Deer Park. Looking further down he noticed something else. Gone was the boy and now the hare guise had returned.

"Sora!" the voice called again more forcefully. Sora knew who the voice belonged to. Dash bounded up to him looking rather cross.


Paws on her hips and tapping her foot, the female looked like an angry wife. "Don't Dash me! I've been looking for you!"

Her faced pressed to his much like she had done in the past. "Look I know you have to go off and be the big hero but I do all the work. You know my father thinks you're a bum!"

Sora blinked in confusion. Dashs' features softened. "Look I know you do what you have to do but how about a break once in a while?" she said more affectionately.

"Um….okay?" Sora didn't know what else to say.

Dash found the answer pleasing. "Good in that case you can watch them today!"


Dash turned around. "Kids come on your father is going to watch you for today!"

A gulp slid down Sora's throat. "Kids?" he whimpered.

In the distance a mass of brown was moving. The closer it got it could be seen as plain as day. They were hares, baby hares. They were the same shade of brown as their mother but they held their father spiky hairstyle.

"Daddy!" the hare babies chorused excitedly.

It was here Sora let out a scream. Then he woke up. Looking up frantically he could see he was back in the gummi ship.

"Huh…what?" he asked.

"Sora are ya okay?" Goofy asked.

Sora breathed for a moment before answering. "Yeah just a nightmare."

Demyx Heckles Xires:

Down the stairs Xires strode. Saix had put her through a tiresome training regime. This time she had sparred against some of the Dusks, followed by traveling to Twilight Town and back for recon, all without rest.

Thankfully today's duties were done so she had some free time. She was busy learning the layout of this castle. Of course that applied to more duty. Stopping momentarily she felt an itch. However as she scratched it a tune played in her ear. Standing on the edge of some railing was Demyx. In his hands he held his sitar.

Xires looked at him and he looked right back. Shrugging she resumed scratching herself. Another tune played out. Xires stopped turning to Demyx.

"What?" he asked.

Not in the mood, for games or ever, she started to walk off. The tune played again. She halted and so did it. Curious she tapped her paws against the floor. Sure enough, a tune went with it stopping only when she did.

"Stop it!" she glared at Demyx.

"I'm not doing anything." he giggled.

Grumbling she briskly walked and the tune played more intensely. She walked back and forth hoping to shake it off but it did not go away. With a loud snarl, she pounced on Demyx tumbling him over the edge with a cry.

Xires didn't wait to hear the impact she left frustrated. Right after she left, a voice called out from the white void below. "I'm okay!"

The Emotional Warrior! Gilgamesh!!!

Amidst the housing development of Farthing Hurst, one of many establishments built by the conglomerate Shinra Incorporated a red-garbed humanoid stood out in a field. At his side, a green wolf sat obediently.

The wind blew flapping his robes in the breeze. His eyes stood determinately toward the sky.

"My opponent awaits me in the vast unknown." he said. "In his hands he holds the blade of legend."

Outstretching his hand, he continued his epic. "Through land and sea I shall train, withstanding the elements I shall grow stronger with every defeat. I Gilgamesh shall not give up!"

Enkidu howled in approval of his master poetic declaration. However, to he kids standing beside him, all they saw was a loon.

"Mister all we asked is if you could get our ball down." One of the children spoke, a boy. In a nearby tree the aforementioned ball lay within the branches.

A gleam shone in Gilgamesh's eyes. "The ball?! Of course!" Leaping into the air Gilgamesh knocked the ball out. It rolled all the way to the children's feet. Finished Gilgamesh struck a dramatic pose.

All the kids looked at him strangely. "Um thanks mister."

Everyone turned to leave. "Wait! Do you require another player?" Gilgamesh asked.

The kids paused. "No thanks were evenly teamed." With that they quickly left.

"Cowards do you fear Giglamesh?!" No answer came, Gilgamesh and Enkidu were alone now.

A feeling of disappointment and unfullfillment welled up in Gilgamesh. That changed when he looked up to see a baby rook in a nest. The little bird stared into the warriors eyes.

"Are you challenging Gilgamesh?!" he pointed to the rook who only cocked its head in confusion.

"Worm?" it squawked. Twin sweatdrops slid down on both Gilgamesh and Enkidu.

Messengers Lament:

The stoat moved through the foliage briskly. Occasionally she stopped making sure she wasn't being followed. Then she moved again doing more of the same.

She didn't want to be out tonight but she had her orders. Lady Blue had tasked her with spying on the Farthing Wood animals, a task that she followed solely for keeping her life. She remembered that winter long ago when the vixen matriarch caught her, a meal for her mate.

However, the news she gained on the Farthing Fox's plan to get rid of the poachers served a bargaining chip. A bargaining chip she had come to regret. Since that day, Lady Blue kept her as a spy. Since her tribe had fled the park, she monitored the Farthing animals. It was simple, new offspring being born between the park residents even the originals, fights with rats. But something happened the following night that was unlike she had ever seen.

Monsters, shadowy monsters had appeared in the park. Narrowly she escaped them. She had not gotten a good look at all their features but the glowing yellow eyes were enough.

This interested Lady Blue even more so of course a return to the park was necessary. So far nothing appeared. Grateful she was. With her job done she felt like turning back but would Lady Blue accept that? This was nerve-racking to the stoat. She didn't want to be out here, and even if she ran Lady Blue would find her.

Her cowardice won this round. Of course, she didn't have a high opinion of the Farthing Wood group. She much rather didn't enjoy that comment the fox said about stoats.

Suddenly there was a snap. She stopped turning her head ever so slightly. "H-hello?" she asked. Stupid to do so but fear controlled her. Rustling came from the bushes on all sides. The fear spread to her paws but it was too late. They leapt out living shadows they were. It wasn't' the darkness of the night that obscured their features.

The Shadows pounced on the stoat tearing at her, clawing against her fur and skin. A pulling came from her chest as the darkness closed in. Amidst it, a light shone forth blinding her. That was the last thing she saw as her body disappeared into nothing. Another being of the dark was born.

Number XII:

Number XII was what they called her, the humans in the white coats. In the cage, she sat her wings folded against her body. The cage was the only home she had known for a while. The only comfort was in her memories. Memories of a journey she took with a group of varying animals, memories of scouting, soaring above high in the sky. Oh how she missed that feeling, Being a bird she was used to it but now without doing it in so long she missed it.

She was a kestrel, that was her name believe it or not, one of the original animals of Farthing Wood. Or rather she was, this new creature was nothing like the Kestrel of old. Her colors were the same, although not befitting a female of her species. Yet now angry black marks scarred her going from her eyes like dirty tears, lining down her back to her wings. A few feathers sat upon her head abnormally large, a crown of three.

Those were not the most outlandish features. Her eyes now shone with a blue light almost clear. Under her right, wing was a tattoo, the Roman numeral for 12.

Ahead the door opened the sliding sound she had grown to hate. A human with a white coat stepped inside. They were always different except for one, and that one followed. She spread her wings out in intimidation hoping to look threatening. With her current looks that might be so.

The human was an older gentlemen of Asian descent. His black hair however disavowed any sign of age. His spectacled eyes looked down to her.

"How is my little specimen today?" he asked tapping the cage

"KEE!" she shrieked.

The man leapt back. "Ferocious today aren't we?" There was a tone of amusement in his voice. That was why Kestrel hated him. All the experiments done on her that smile never left him.

"It's time to test Number XII's battle skills." The man ordered to the other white coat.

"Yes Professor Hojo." The other answered.

Reaching his hand out the man picked up the cage and walked off, the door sliding behind him. Right before it did, Kestrel gave a sad "Kee."

Hojo smiled to himself. White Deer Park had such an abundance of specimens. Occasionally he would make trips there, "field trips" he called them. It was there he found one of his most recent experiments. Actually, a second specimen as a previous trip provided another sample. If only being a corpse.

Experimenters were part of scientist's daily duties, particularly one employed by Shinra Incorporated. He walked into the back a room hidden from plain view. Pushing buttons on a panel a piece of the wall slid open revealing a small room, a series of tubes lay about filled with various creatures, failed creatures mutated and dead save for one, another specimen from one of his usual "field trips." Its composition was unlike any he had ever seen, a living shadow with yellow eyes and twitching antennae.

"Well you should be interesting won't you?" Hojo whispered.

Looks like he had found a Number XIV for the Jenova project.

A/N: Okay it is officially done. Empty Heart is over. Just to let you know the Heartless at the end is not Eris. That was a normal Shadow, Eris is a NeoShadow. I enjoyed writing this as you probably enjoyed reading it. My first fanfiction done. Okay enough melodrama. I do plan on other KH/AOFW projects if I have the time. Three to be precise.

Story one is a crossover with the upcoming KH prequel Birth By Sleep. Actually, this probably won't be a Farthing Wood crossover since the cast won't be alive by the time of Birth By Sleep. I was thinking of doing another show "Noah's Island". It was made by the same people so it is kind of close. Or I could do an AU and have it set maybe during series three or two Then again some recent scans of BBS implies ten years in name only. Example Donalds three nephews who have appeared in KH 1 and 2 have not aged a day and they look the same in BBS. So unless Disney characters age differently or the worlds are at different timeframes.

The second one would be a spin off of this fic starring Kestrel. It builds from the last omake and tells of Kestrel trying to escape from the Shinra Incorperation whilst dealing with other experiments of the Jenova Project. Also starring certain characters from Final Fantasy VII. In fact, the storyline is kind of like an abridged version of FF7.

Story three would be a KH 3 fic. Although like the BBS fic it depends on when it comes and when I play it. That and if I can alter the storyline. Heartless Eris would definitely make an appearance along with a human version of a certain female hare. Of course, this one is undecided.

Well I hope you have enjoyed and please read and review. Thanks for reading!

PS: Can anyone guess whose corpse Hojo has?