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Colby looked up into grey/blue eyes from his rather vulnerable position of flat on his back. The eyes were full of concern and a little disturbingly, mirth.

"Oh God, I am so sorry, I was miles away and I just didn't see you and I am rather hefty and clumsy and well... do you need a hand getting up? Are you hurt? I can help I am a physio. Just lie still and take a deep breath and tell me if anything hurts." As she launched into her speech she was shaking and smiling and quite obviously trying not to laugh.

Colby being winded and a little taken aback by the verbal onslaught and the bizarre combination of panic and giggles that were slowly taking over the girl that had flattened him did little but sit up slowly and raise his eyebrows.

"Oh god, please don't be hurt, don't sue me, you all sue over here, I promise I am not worth suing! And please don't kill me for laughing but you look like a turtle on its' back!"

Colby realised that his assaulter was not only quite panicked and pretty but English. "A turtle huh? Don't sweat it, I am fine, really, my ears are bleeding bu...."

"Your ears! OH" She shrieked" Oh you're being sarcastic, fab, trust me to mow down a comedian" She huffed.

"FBI Agent actually but I am thinking of branching out." Colby said as he slowly stood and brushed his tracksuit bottoms down and picked up his MP3 player. "No real harm done."

"Well if you're sure you're OK? Actually, do you have a mobile? If anything crops up at a later date you can call me, I really am a physio; I'm Teen, short for Tina."

"Colby." He replied as they shook hands. " A physio?" Colby asked quizzically.

"Oh right, you call them physical therapists. I give a really good massage too, oh god that sounded so corny; can you pretend I didn't accidentally come on to you?"

"I think I can manage that" Gawd she can talk, he thought.

She gave him her number and Colby continued on his jog, wishing that an injury would crop up so he could call the verbose little tank of a girl. He wasn't to know that his wish was going to come true.