The last thought that crossed Colby's mind was a rather disturbing one. Why didn't I realise that Teen fitted the victim profile?


As Colby came to he realised that he was bound, blindfolded and gagged. Not good. He thought. He heard whimpering and he suddenly came to full awareness. He started struggling in earnest as the realisation hit him that he and Teen were about to be the serial rapist's next victims.

"Shut up you bitch" Colby heard. "And you, fucking well lie still."

Colby groaned through his gag as their attacker kicked him hard in the ribs. Nausea started to rise as he felt his cracked ribs break.

"You bitch, you left me" the man cried as he turned his attentions back to Teen. "You didn't even try, you never even tried to understand what I was going through."

The whimpering stopped suddenly and Colby was almost relieved to hear Teen.

"Fuck you, what you were going through? You bastard, you beat me black and blue, what the hell is there to understand?"

"I was under a lot of stress, I couldn't take it, and you kept reminding me of how bad a husband I was!"

"I never even saw you, you were never home Ted!" Teen started to lose her temper despite her and Colby's dangerous position. "You couldn't even please me when you were home, you're pathet.." Her words cut off as she was slapped across the face, the sound ringing in Colby's ears. He began to struggle again.

"Shut up you lying bitch, you left me, you fucking left me, to shack up with this?" Ted gestured at Colby and kicked him again, looking satisfied at the grunt he got in return. "Let me show you how worthless he is...."

Colby was already fading, unbeknownst to him, one of his broken ribs had nicked an artery and he was steadily losing blood internally. The kicking and beating he received rendered him unconscious in seconds and the last sounds he heard were Teen screaming.


"See Teen, he can't even look after you, you are so special, you need someone who can look after you." Ted's voice had taken on an eerie and clam quality. "I even let you see me kill him, I didn't let the others, the others weren't as important as you darling"

"Don't call me darling" Teen spat out. "You can't hold a candle to Colby you limp dicked arsehole!"

"Shut the fuck up you bitch" He backhanded her across the face. "What has he got that I haven't?"

"Friends with guns, FBI put your hands where I can see them!" Bellowed Don.


Colby could feel something on his hand. Something warm and soft. He wiggled his fingers gently trying to get a better handle on what it was.

"Colby are you awake"


"Colby open your eyes, you are in hospital, everything is ok, please open your eyes, I can't cope seeing you like this anymore, I need you."

Ahh, Teen. Colby thought. His eyes snapped open.

"Teen? Are you, how, what happened?" He asked, his voice raw from the ventilator he had been on.

"Oh god, Colby, you really are awake? You have been unconscious for a week."

"A week!" He croaked.

"Yeah a week Granger, another week." Megan interjected. She had popped in on her way to work to check on him as she had done all week. "Bet you are glad you spent all that time with Charlie huh?"

Colby just looked at her and blinked.

"Charlie's equation came up with a location based on the dump sites and that how we found you in time."

"In time" he asked looking pointedly at Teen.

"Yeah, in time Col, I am a little banged up but fine."

Colby sighed and could feel himself falling asleep. But he was not quite done. "I love you Teen."

The last thing he saw was her GreyBlue eyes as she kissed him gently.