Edward came into the kitchen as he waited for Bella to arrive in the next hour. Over that hour he just looked at himself in the mirror because he was a scintillating sex god of sex and wonder and sex. Edward then smelt something very odd, and this time it wasn't his vampire semen after jacking off to Carlisle. No, it smelt worse, but manly, like a dog, or a wolf, or…Jacob. Jacob came into the Cullen's house shirtless as he had just arrived after changing back from being in wolf mode.

"Hey," Jacob said.

"Hey," Edward replied.

"I came over just to tell you that there are no more of your creepy little non-vegetarian vamps running around here," Jacob said.

"Awesome," Edward growled as he felt himself growing more anxious for Bella. He hadn't seen her in days, and even with the Carlisle jack off sessions, he was still horny. Jacob soon realized something was going on with Edward.

"Are you all right man, you seem a little odd?" Jacob asked.

"Yeah, just horny because Bella hasn't been here in a week," Edward answered.

"Same, here, I just wish there was someone to help," Jacob hinted towards Edward.

Right as Jacob gave him that wink Edward knew what he must do, so he took Jacob and started to caress his hot chest and run his fingers through his wavy dark hair. As he licked up and down Jacob's chest knowing the rest of the family was getting a play by play from Alice. Jacob then took out Edward's 2.4-foot dick and started to suck it, and it tasted good. Right as Edward was about to release his venomy seed into Jacob's mouth, he tore the other off of him and led him towards his room. Jacob threw Edward onto the piano and said "I am going to play you live you've never played this piano before."

Jacob took out his own 1.4-centimeter dick and shoved it up Edward's hole. Edward moaned in pleasure and started hissing.


As he did Jacob was in so much pleasure as his big wolfy penis was inside of Edward that he lost control and went into wolf mode. All of a sudden Edward was holding onto fur instead of skin, it was like making love to Rosalie (which he had done once incidentally.) As they began to rock back in for the piano began to shake and Edward screamed out in pleasure as the legs of the piano buckled and it fell to the ground lodging the F# key up Jacob's ass and he howled out in pleasure. With his dick still inside of Edward, Jacob pumped faster and faster.

Right at that moment Bella and Jasper walked into the room.

Bella said "What do we have here?" as she pulled out her 18 mile dick. Jasper started to suck Bella's dick until he liked it so much that he accidentally bit it off. Bella started to bleed everywhere and both Jasper and Edward started to drink Bella's blood while making out. Their lips smacking while blood flew.

Bella cried out in pleasure and pain as Jacob stayed in his sex coma from all the sex. Edward feeling so much better but still hadn't shot his venemy semen, so he decided to take another piano key and stick it up his ass. As he slid it up and down Jasper shot his seed right in Edward's eye, blinding him for life as he shot his seed all over Esme's new purse as she walked in the door.