This is kind of like a Den of Shadows and moden-Kiesha'ra cross over. It's written in my own style, but with concepts of Amelia Atwaters-Rhodes series. The characters are mine so far. This is the beginning:

Moonlit Sky: Gem's Story

Chapter 1-Why We Moved


"Alina Hinsdale," the substitute teacher called.

I raised my hand, "Here!" The sub nodded and continued to call out students' names, taking attendance. Eight hour pre-calculus, my least favorite class and my last class of the day. I was relieved that we had a sub. At least I'd have no math home work tonight. That's one stress off my mind.

My full, real name is Alina Jemela Buteo, and I'm a shifter. An avian shifter to be more specific. Falconformi, to be even more specific. Heck, Buteo shifter, also known as a hawk-shifter. I look like a human girl some of the time, but I can also be a hawk.

I'm seventeen-years-old and I live with my twenty-five-year-old sister, Amy, which is short for Amethyst. Amy also has a nickname for me. She calls me Gem, short for my middle name, Jemela. She's the only one who calls me that name. I prefer being called Gem, though my school mates and teachers call me Aly.

We never stay more than a school semester in the same place. Last semester we were living in Buffalo, New York. This semester we're in Pittsburgh. The city is surrounded by beautiful green mountains and some rivers. It looks beautiful from the ground, but even better from the air. I should know. My sister and I flew here in our hawk forms. Thanks to shifter magic, we were able to keep our clothes on and bring a small load of necessities in backpacks. We had enough money with us for some food and an apartment after we arrived. Amy even found herself a job at a local restaurant.

We will survive. That's what matters. We are safe and no one knows us, so no one can use us or hurt us.

Back in Buffalo something happened that forced us to move. We would have moved anyways if it didn't happen, but it was horrible anyways. Another group of shifters, the lupine ones, attacked us. One of the more handsome ones was stalking my sister ever since the day we first arrived there. He wouldn't leave her alone. He would stand outside of our apartment at night, waiting in the bushes, listening for Amy. He would fallow her to and from work. He asked her out. She refused. He insisted. Then one night he tried to kidnap her. He knocked her out when she wasn't watching and carried her to the park. Meanwhile, I was worried. Amy was supposed to be home by then. It wasn't like her to stay out so late.

I went looking for her. I flew around the area, using my hawk-sight to search for her. I flew above the park and spotted her brown hair in the hands of a big man. I swooped down and used my talons to grab the lupine-man's hair. He yelled and Amy woke up and punched him really hard and then he dropped her and she shifter into hawk form. Then he shifted and started chasing us.

I don't know if you're aware of this, but hawks are no match for wolves. We do have one thing on them though, we can fly. Except in this case, Amy was hurt. She was having a hard time flying straight because of her concussion. She flew into a tree and the screech she made was fallowed by a chorus of howls. Three more wolves besides the stalker one came out and they attacked. I swooped down and shifted back to human form and grabbed Amy-in-hawk-form and ran as fast as I could. The wolves caught up with me two seconds later. I started yelling, "Can't we just talk about this?" and also, "We'll leave your territory ASAP if that's what you want." Then Amy-in-hawk-form started screeching again and flapping her wings as to say, "I'm fine, let me fly!" I let her go, and she flew. I shifted to and flew as fast as I could with the wolves at my tail. Soon we soared into the open window of our apartment.

We packed up every thing we needed and left less than an hour later. That was about two months ago. After a few days at our new place I was enrolled in Brashear High School just south of the downtown area and the river. I've been playing the part of the calm, shy, quiet and invisible new girl at school since then. I've made acquaintances rather than friends. As often as we move, making friends isn't worth it.

So after a boring class period of studying for the pre-calc test coming up, I left the building and went into the wood on the side of the school and shifted. I flew to the apartment complex and landed in the well shaded area outside of it. I shifted back to human form, back-pack and all, and then unlocked our door.

Amy wasn't home as usual. She was at work, serving customers their food. I walked into my bedroom and started doing my homework. We had to read a chapter in the Great Gatsby. It was such a boring book. What did I care about rich people from the twenties? As I read I slowly drifted off from boredom. Me eyes couldn't focus on the words, so I feel asleep.