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Prompt: Dry

Prompt 2: Work in a delirious, delusional, dopey or drowsy Dean


"Dean, you're so not helping here!"

"Wwwhy'ssssaad?" Dean looked stupidly at his brother, pupils blown, eyes glazed-over.

"For one, you could take some of your own weight here, man," Sam admonished, getting a better hold on the arm slung over his shoulder. "You don't want me to lift you up and carry you…"

The imminent threat provoked a horrified shriek from the older Winchester. Sam actually found it quite endearing, despite their situation.


"Hey, wasn't me who annoyed the spirit of friggin' back forest-nowhere!"

"Ffffkk dry–" Dean groused.

"Maybe you shouldn't have called the dryad 'bio hazard' then."

The End

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