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"So......" Jake trailed off as we sat on the ground both mesmerized by the ocean waves.

I turned to look at the profile of his face. As beautiful as ever, but I noticed he had cut his hair again. It was short, no lower than his ear, but not too short as it was just once before. I was surprised to realize I liked it, it made him look...more mature.

He looked over and caught me smiling, breaking out into a smile of his own. "What?" He laughed nervously, self-conscious.

"Oh nothing...." I said laughed too, looking back out to the blue waters.

It was nice to hear myself laugh, because of Jacob. Like old times. And I tried to keep my breath even when I realized that it had started all over again. The sadness, then the occasional Jacob, then the sadness crept up to steal me back again. It waited in the shadows for my the sun to disappear to strike.

"Bella,maybe I should talk to Edward." He said quietly not looking at me.

"No!" I yelled. When he looked over at me in shock and confusion, I rephrased. "I mean...you really don't have to, Jake."

"I mean with everything at the wedding, and your well-" He gestured to my stomach not being able to say, pregnant. "I would just think that he wouldn't let you out of his sight....especially to see me!"

"No, really Jake, it's fine." I said turning away. I couldn't look wanting to look at him. Not when I was lying right to his face.

"Bella, look at me, please." He said quietly. When I didn't look over he placed a warm hand under my chin to move my face toward him. Then quickly letting go. "Is there something your not telling me?"

"Of course not." I said, monotone.

Looking right at him, lying to him, I couldn't take it. The tears that were silently building broke over the surface and I started to cry. He scooted over to my side and put an arm around my shoulders in a friendly comforting way. And when I didn't pull away he relaxed and kept it there. Starting to sob I laid my head on his shoulder.

"It's okay, sweetie. You can tell me." He assured.

"Ja-Jake, how much do you love m-me?" I sputtered quietly into his shoulder.

"More than I've ever and will ever love anything in my entire life." He told me. And however absurd the statement was I could tell by his voice that it was true.

I shrugged out of his arm so I could look at him. "Then you must promise me that you won't get mad. You won't leave me and you won't hate me or anyone else, person or otherwise."

"I promise. " He said.

"Do you swear?" I asked looking into his eyes.

"I swear, Bella." He vowed

I took a deep breath. The kind you take before you tell your best friend his number one enemy ,and is also conveniently your (ex)-boyfriend, he left his pregnant (ex)-girlfriend.

"Edward left." I waited for the I-told-you-so.

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