E/O Drabble Challenge of the week

Challenge word: 'dry'

Word Count: 100 on the button

Disclaimer: I do not own these boys, now if I did I would make sure their shirts were off more often.

Summary: It's three in the morning. Dean can't find his way to the bathroom.

A/N: Happy Birthday PA Davis!! This one is for you! For those of you who are reading my story 'The Mist' ill probably be posting a new chapter after school ends but keep an eye out for a new chapter!!

Don't piss on the carpet!

Three in the morning. Three in the friggin morning.

Got a six-hour drive ahead of them cause they gotta be in Oklahoma by at least ten.

Sam brews a pot of coffee while Dean rolls over and shivers. It's cold.

He finally gets up only because he has to pee.

It's dark. Sam didn't open the blinds. Dean stumbles feeling drowsy and thirsty, his mouth is dry.

"Dude watch it!" Sam shouts.

"Watch wha?" He asks.

"Don't piss on the carpet!" Sam orders.

"I'm in the bathroom!" Dean protests.

Sam turns on the light and snorts, "Far from it, dude."