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This is my first Bleach fanfiction, 'The Philosopher's Stone'. I hope that you'll enjoy!



I am a local Japanese, so I don't know how to 'spell' Japanese with alphabets. I do not use the rules by the Romanji terms, I write down how the character pronounce the words, not how they spell it.
e.g. Suman nai-(I'm sorry,etc) will become 'sman ne', because that it how they PRONOUNCE it. I'm sorry if this causes any difficulties for you. If anyone has any questions as how the term would be spelled by the book, send me a pm and I'd gladly sort things out.

Note: The first three chapters have lingual mistakes, but I got myself a beta reader from chapter 4 onwards. So please bear with it for now XD


Chapter One 'The Definition of a Human Being'

Light thinks that it is the faster than anything else, but it is wrong. For no matter how fast Light travels, it always realizes that Darkness is there before the Light, waiting for it.


The Philosopher's Stone. The most desirable item that alchemists have strived for centuries to reach.

The reason why no one has obtained it...

...do you know why?

Because the Philosopher's Stone isn't a Stone. It isn't an elixir. It isn't even an item.

It's a human.


Dr. Eisenhauer, Administrator of Laboratory 15, section: Wahrheit, reporting.

After five years of intense study and tests on subject 00, we have finally found a way to artificially transmute a human into a Philosopher's Stone.


According to the test results on subject 00, we have come closer to the truth why she is a Philosopher's Stone, despite the fact that she was born on Japanese soil.

Philosopher's Stones have a very high mental state - When Subject 00 went through the emotional test, we found out that throughout the experiments she never once shown any sign of pychosis. She did show signs of minor paranoia and had multiple breakdowns, but she never became mentally unstable. This fact was proven by comparing results with our human test subjects who went into severe stages of extreme paranoia, delusions, character disorders, post-trauma disorder and the list continues.

Though depression is possible, as Subject 00 has tried a total of 56 times to commit suicide. All of which failed due to our security.

Physically they heal relatively fast and permenant scars are common. However, the amount of fatal injuries they can handle is identical to those of a normal human. They are unable to re-grow body parts and they are as sensitive to pain as humans. In that perspective there is nothing remarkable.

Their intelligence is very high. Their analysing skill is beyond proficient as well as other aspects. They also have a photographic memory.

The character of a Philosopher's Stone is just as variable as a human's.

Their endurance in harsh conditions are also comparable with those of a human.

As you have said, Chief Doctor, she is like you a special case of a Spirit. Not inheriting the power of a Shinigami, is definitely related to you not inheriting the powers of a Soul Reaper.


This is Takahashi-taisan (colonel) of the military. We have arrested all your madmen and taken all your data after taking your 'Subject 00'. We have seen everything in the building, EVERYTHING. The torture chambers, the mountain of corpses, the test methods and results.

Mark my words, you sick bastard, I WILL find you. You WILL pay and you WILL suffer.

You are now officially on the wanted list right next to Osama Binladin. Though we might not know your name, we have enough to track you down.

Killing so many just to torture a girl...

You have scarred her for five years, you fantasy-addicted lunatic, you couldn't even have the heart to not make

a five year old go through all that for five years.


I stared in horror as these scientists in white overcoats surrounded me. I was a mere child, so I had to look up to see the men's faces, my own amethyst orbs shaking with fear like every fiber of my body. The shine in their glasses reflected madness.

''Hello there, Subject 00.''

''It's time to play now.''

I flinched as they grabbed me by my arm and dragged me into a room. I widen my eyes even more than possible at the all-too-familiar room that was similar to a feudal torture-chamber. They strapped my arm to chains. I looked up at them, panicking

''Please! Don't! No more! It hurts!'' Tears flew down my eyes as I pleaded them.

''Oh, Miyuki-chan, you know we can't do that.'' The sadistic voices of those men made my spine shiver, my hope desolving like it always did.

''I want to see mom and dad...!'' Sobbing was the only thing I could do in my terrified state.

One of them turned to me with his lips fixed in a twisted angle, an insane grin showing. Beads of sweat rolled down my body as I stood petrefied looking at him.

''You'll see them soon...well, at least parts of them.''

I snapped my eyes open as I sat up abruptly, panting and sweating as I looked around my surroundings. Here I was, 16 years old, in hospital, terminal with organ failure. Soon I cringed in pain from sitting up so abrubtly, rubbing my stomach. The pain was even with the help of morphine almost unbearable. And those nightmares weren't really helping...!

I had been treated like a lab rat for five years, those sick people wanting to play Columbus and discover something no one has ever seen before. They were always ranting about Shinigami, Soul Reapers, Alchemist, Alchemy, Reiryoku, Reiatsu... a bitter smirk crossed my lips when the one truth I knew without a doubt ran through my head: Everything I've been through was just the result of the imagination from mad scientists who read to many fantasy novels. I sighed. At the age of ten the government found their laboratory and got me out of that facility; I was under the government's protection ever since.

My parents, however... I winced before shaking my head to get rid of all those horrific images from my mind. I looked up to my side to see a mirror, and I stared sullenly at my reflection.

I was sent to a school after I had went through therapy, trying to socialize with other people my age. When I had finally found friends, and when I had finally thought that I had my whole life ahead of me, that life itself might be worth living, I was diagnosed as terminal. Terminal with the organ failure that was caused from those mad bastards cutting me open and playing around with my organs.

I observed my reflection as a frown creased my pale face. My black hair was tangled, I noticed, and I made a mental note to brush it soon - but since it reached down my hips, combing it was quite a job to accomplish. Those black bags under my amethyst eyes also made the frown on my face deepen. Those two bags were very noticable because of the paleness of my skin. Being practically neon-white...my friends have even once told me that I glowed in the dark, much to my chagrin. Another sigh escaped my lips before I crawled over to the other end of the bed to grab my status board. I sighed again, which is something I often do. Bad habit.

'Higurashi Miyuki...Multiple organ dysfunction syndrome...' I smirked; that's right. They don't call this multiple organ failure anymore, because the term was based upon physiologic parameters to determine whether or not a particular organ was failing. Well, my organs were failing, so I still used the latter term. I continue reading onto my main problem: 'Gut hypothesis, resulting to tissue injury and organ dysfunction.'

I remember the doctor saying that it was astonishing that I had managed to live without noticing this condition for another five years after the original insult.

''Hah. Maybe it's because I'm the 'Philosopher's Stone','' I said in a bitter tone which was supposed to mock myself as I put the status board back. My status had deteriorated comparing to three days ago. When I was diagnosed with MODS, the doctors never told me how long I had before I'd die - change of management which was enforced a while ago. Doctors won't tell you their estimate of how long you'll live in case they get it wrong. But it wasn't hard to guess the time myself. So far my predictions of when my certain counts would be over the roof or sink down to oblivion were all accurate. And looking at it from a logical and mathematical perspective I'd say that I had about... ''A week.''

''MIYUKIIII-CHAAAAN~'' The thoughts whirling around in my head were brought to a sudden halt by that high-pitched, sing-song voice. With a jolt from my head I looked up to see the door being opened abrubtly to reveal a blonde with a golden tan. Before you ask, yes, I have an obsession with tanned skin and I am very envious of anyone who has it. Without warning the girl suddenly jumped over to me and gave me a fierce hug.

''Miyuki-chan!'' The light pink irises of the girl, Sakiko, sparkled at me before I patted her back. A weary smile crossed my lips.

''Sakiko-chan, I'm really happy to see you too, but you're holding on a bit too tight...!'' She blinked before releasing me, and I filled my lungs with a long breath. Opening my eyes I was greeted by the sight of three more people; two boys who were identicle twins with brown eyes and hair - Koichi and Koji Mori. As well as a girl with silver hair and golden eyes. The two girls by my side were quite a sight to witness; Sakiko was classically beautiful, and Keiko, the other girl, was stunning. The two boys were also handsome young fellas.

''Oh, gomen!'' I chuckled at Sakiko's apology. She's always been so adorable.

''How are you feeling today, Miyuki?'' I turned to Keiko, her stylishly messy and short hair bouncing when she tilted her head on one side. Her face was unreadable, but her amber eyes showed concern.

''I feel fine, Keiko.'' I lied as I put up a fake smile. I was in great pain, but I didn't want them to know. They weren't even told that I was dying, because the hospital was only to tell my guardians of my condition. My parents were dead and the government didn't have a problem with secrecy, as they had no commitment to the people I interact with at school.

''Ya know, Higurashi, ya coulda given us a call when ya were done with yer mris and petscans!'' The complaint came out as a canon, which is how those two often spoke. They are a odd pair. Nice, but odd nevertheless. Though their company was always enjoyable.

''Warui, warui, (sorry) Koichi, Koji,'' I said, waving them off as the four started gathering around me. Sakiko sat on the corner of the bed, staring at me intently.

''Doesn't matter, but!'' I blinked at the sudden exclaim from the twins.

''Guess what...'' Koichi started, his arms motioning to the right.

''...We have...'' Koji continued, and his arms were motioning to the left.

''...TO TELL YOU!'' they yelled again in an unison as the brought their hands to point at me. Keiko shook her head, Sakiko giggled, and I followed Keiko's suit - I shook my head. They're lucky that they're so handsome, otherwise they would drive the girls away with their randomness. They'll be dorks long after I'm dead... I scoffed when that went through my head.

''I don't know, but I'm guessing that you're gonna tell me?'' I asked, smirking as I crossed my arms before arching a brow. If you had to describe me with one mouthful, it'd be 'sarcastic smartass'.

''We got a contract with a big-time talent-scout!'' Sakiko said, I widened my eyes at her words.

''Seriously?'' I was in disbelief.

''Yeah! Can you believe it?!'' she asked, beaming, her pink eyes laughing. ''That's why you have to have to get well soon! The band needs their lead singer!'' she reasoned. My heart instantly sank, the gloomy feeling returning in my system. But I my expression was unfazed, my smile was still there, bright and merry.

''You'll be alright,'' I said, tilting my head to the side and closing my eyes to support my smile. ''Definitely, so try hard!'' There was a very brief silence in the room because I didn't say that I would get well anytime soon. So I opened my eyes and gave them my trademark cheeky grin. This brief pause would end up as an awkward silence if I don't say anything to take their mind off my answer. '' 'Cause if you guys don't pull through, I'll personally rip your spines outta your assholes and play jump-rope with it!'' I mentally sighed in relief when snickers morphed to laughter.

We talked about other things. How everyone was doing, jokes, memories...we laughed as we told each other bits and pieces.

To think that I would leave my dearest friends...without even telling them...Just because I didn't want to face the sad faces of theirs in my last days. I wanted to see them smiling until the very end.

I'm sorry for being so useless, everyone...I'm so sorry.


All I could see was black. All I could feel was the numbness of my limbs. All I could hear were the faint noises of loud machines and the distressed yells of people...or more accurately doctors.

My electrocadiography was letting out a constant, loud beep. It never paused. It stayed constant.

That meant that my heart had stopped beating.

''She's crashing!''

''Code Blue! Get the crash-cart!!''

Their calls and voices were heavily muffled by the that annoying sound.

''Ready?! CLEAR!!''

I violent shock ran through my body as I jerked.

But the noise never changed.

''Nothing! Again! CLEAR!!''

Another jolt.

Another failure.

''Still nothing! CLEAR!!''

It repeated itself...

''Goddammit!! Stay with us, Miyuki! CLEAR!!!!!''


''One more time! CLEAR!!''

...Though by now it was definite.

''...Time of death, 14:12 pm...''

How would you define being surprised?

Getting in a car accident? Seeing someone pop out of no where like in cartoons? Passing an entrance exam where you were sure that you were going to fail? Having surpise birthday party when you actually forgot that it was your birthsay?

Try seeing your own corpse in front of you as a somewhat transparent figure?

I looked at the scenario for a while. No one could hear, see, smell or feel me. I could only stand there in utter shock as nurses and doctors walked past me.

''...You have got to be kidding me,'' I said to myself. ''What am I supposed to do now? Find a house to haunt?!'' I asked exasperedly, running my gloved hands through my sclap. ''It's your fault, Koichi, Koji! You and your damn ghost stories!''

I sighed and let my two black-glove hands fall to my side.

This was death? Wasn't it just supposed to be a never ending slumber where all the lights just go out?

My thoughts were interrupted by a long, loud howl which boomed my ears. I looked around fanatically, noticing that no one paid any attention to it, or even made the motion of noting it. Couldn't anyone else hear that?!

I ran out of the hospital and towards the source of the noise. No one heard it! A freaking monster howl and no one heard it!

Arriving on a street, my eyes widened in horror as I looked at a giant, arachnid...thing with a hole in it's chest, instead of the chain like I had. My mouth was agape as I stared at the monster.

I have experienced more than anyone should.

I have seen more than anyone should.

Therefore I knew how to react in any situation...

...But this sure as heck wasn't one of them!

What was this?! Was I dreaming again?!

It paid no attention to anyone on the streets and its red eyes seemed to be searching before suddenly glaring at me. I flinched as it dashed towards me. I tried to run away, but my legs wouldn't move. Time slowed down as I kept chanting 'this is bad, this is bad,' in my head. Raindrops started to fall from the dark clouds, one on my head. After the first drop, my body jerked from the sudden contact and broke from it's freeze, my gasp filled my lungs with air. Without another thought I turned around to run as fast as I could, but it was so much faster than me that it was ridiculous.

I was dead! Why did I feel adrenaline shooting in my veins if I was dead?! Why am I running away from anything!? I looked over my shoulder and saw it gaining up on me. I could feel my heart pumping faster as panic was becoming obvious.

Okay, fine! I'm just running for the heck of it!

I felt great pain at my side when I realized that I was slammed in fiercely by the monster and was sent flying. Wincing after I crashed into a thick, hard oak tree in the park, I held my shoulder; it was definitely broken, and most likely a few ribs, too. I turned to sit up against the base of the tree, my back shuddering in pain when I leaned on it. I smirked in irony; it's been six years since I've felt a reasonable amount of physical pain.

I felt blood trickle down my mouth in a thin line. I panted, starting to get dizzy...dammit. I looked up, seeing the monster was dashing towards me again, opening it's mouth, showing it's fangs.

It was coming for the kill this time. I closed my eyes. I stood no chance. Huh...scratch that, I couldn't even stand now.

''This is it...'' I said to myself and opened my eyes. If this thing was going to kill me, then I will look at it's face while it does. So that it won't forget me...and I won't forget it either.


My eyes flew wide open when I saw the monster being sliced in half, ice soon encasing it. What surprised me as well was that I was watching this from above in midair. I was...levitating. I noticed a strong, tanned arm wrapped around my waist to support me, and turned to see a boy. His spikey, white hair and piercing teal eyes were certainly very eye-catching. I also saw that he was short, only an inch or so taller than me, I think, but that didn't say much, since I was very short myself. But no matter how attractive the mix of green and blue was in his irisis, or how his (I scowled) tanned skin complemented his eyes and hair, I didn't have time to be staring at a guy. Yes, he was very handsome to look at, but it didn't change the simple fact that he just slaughtered a monster, was levitating and wearing odd clothing.

Traditional black Japanese garmets, I remembered that they were called Shihakusho from history class. A white haori... there could've been something printed on his back, but I couldn't see. I also noticed the long katana in right hand - he was holding me with his left arm. The katana's hilt was light blue, and the guard had the odd shape of a four-pointed star. A long chain was attached to the bottom of it, with a sickle at the end of the chain. Though the katana was about as long as the boy himself.

''Daijobou ka? (are you alright)'' he asked me; I opened my mouth to answer, but immediately covered my mouth and coughed violently. I looked at the palm of my black gloved hand to see that I was coughing up blood. Must have been from the impact I got from that monster. As the adrenaline weared out in my body, I knew that I wouldn't be able to stay up much longer.

''Oi! Shikashiro! (hang in there)'' he said, panic slightly tainting in his voice. I looked at him in the eyes before I blacked out, dark amethyst locking with sharp turquoise.

''...Sman ne...(I'm sorry)'' That was the last thing I said before everything faded to black.


I heard muffled voices around me as I started to become aware of my surroundings. There seemed to be a discussion with a few people, and judging by the volumes of their voices they were sitting around me. I seemed to be the topic of conversation.

''This girl's reiatsu pattern is truly...strange,'' a woman said, her voice was kind and soft.

''It's like it's lock'd in, her reiryoku,'' I heard a man say, the habit of using that mocking tone was obvious.

''When she died, her reiastu released.'' I knew that voice...it was that boy. I had to train my ears a bit, but I could tell that he was sitting on my right side. ''So I went to the Gensei (real world) to investigate. I saw her being targeted by a Hollow.''

Reiatsu...? Reiryoku....? What...What the...

Didn't the scientist from Wahrheit constantly mention those?

Wait a minute...They said something about me being dead. They can see me even though I'm a 'ghost' or a 'spirit'. But now that I think about it, when I was surrounded by the 'living' people, they all gave out an impression that said: 'I am a living, breathing person with real blood and flesh'. Even though I could now still feel pain, fatigue, and all other kinds of living distresses, I could tell that I didn't have that impression in my presence. It was so clear that I could even feel it on myself, though I hadn't realized it until I died. Now the funny thing was that I couldn't sense that impression on these people either, in fact, I couldn't feel it anywhere. Which would theoretically mean that they're also 'ghosts'.

That would make perfect sense. Why that boy could see the monster, the 'Hollow', and why he could see me and why they could all see me.

This was getting easier to paste together somehow. So when they said 'Real World', then they mean the world of the living, right? So it's somewhat similar to the afterlife, I guess. But for people who should 'rest in peace', they were pretty active running around with swords after renegade monsters.

Were they interested in my being because of the idea that I'm the Philosopher's Stone?

''Her wounds weren't too severe, the recovery was luckily fast.'' The woman's words rang through my ears.

That's when I noticed that my wounds were completely healed, no soreness whatsoever. The shoulder was broken, it can't just go heal on it's own! Wait, wait...did she said 'kill'? But I'm...I'm already 'dead', aren't I?

''Have ya informed th' old soutaichou 'bout this, Hitsugaya-taichou?'' the man said, still with a mocking ring in his voice. But judging by the way he uses it, he seems to have that tone permanent in his vocals.

''The Taichou and Fukutaichou meeting will take place in an hour,'' the boy said. Captain Hitsugaya, so that was his name. 'Captain'... isn't he a bit young for that title? I could feel a pounding in my head; I shouldn't always assume things, guessing too much hurts...

A meeting about me? Just what is so interesting about my 'reiatsu'?

Maybe, just maybe... the experiments weren't based on absurd thoughts of those scientists...?

I opened my eyes slowly, and groaned at the light in my eyes.

''You're awake?!'' I turned to my right side to see the one who saved me; Hitsugaya.

''Hn...'' I rubbed my temple in hopes of stilling the constant throbbing. ''You're the one who saved me...right?'' I asked, still weary. He have me a curt nod.

''Domo arigato,'' I said before closing my eyes as I sighed to let my lids rest for a few seconds. I turned to look at the woman. She was wearing a black kimono with a white hoari, black hair which was braided past her neck and kind eyes. I then turned to the man, he had short silver hair, his eyes were in slits, his smirk was crooked. It somewhat reminded me of a fox, his visage. He also wearing black with a white hoari.

''So th' sleepin' beauty finally decided ta grace us with 'er lovely eyes,'' he said, his smirk widen. I was intimidated, but I knew how to keep my emotions in check.

''How are you feeling?'' the woman asked, I smiled at her. ''I'm feeling fine.'' I sat up before looking around. I was in a Japanese styled room, in a bed and wearing a white kosode instead of the hospital dress.

''Yokkata.'' That was a very kind smile she had on her. I smiled at that.

''I thank you for your help...'' I started, hinting of wanting to know her name.

''My name is Unohana Retsu, a taichou.'' she answered, her smile never wavering. The captain term was a little odd, but I knew that I was going to need to get used to that.

''...Unohana-taichou,'' I finished, then looked around the room with a questioning glint in my eyes.

''You're in hospital,'' she said suddenly, to which I raised my eyebrows at.

''You're in Soul Society, something that you might be more familiar with under the term, 'afterlife'.'' I turned my head to face Hitsugaya, my eyes wide, showing my astonishment.

Hitsugaya then told me about the Soul Society. The Shinigami. The Hollows.

My head was tilted down, comphrehending all the information which it was receiving. Shinigami...Then...was this the truth afterall...?

''So the Hollow was after me because of this odd reiatsu pattern of mine?'' I asked, ''And it's so abnormal for a soul to have it that it's something to make a fuss about.'' I summed up the consequences for me and he nodded.

''Do you know anything about this?'' he asked, suspicious of my awfully calm attitude. I sighed, rubbing my forehead. Well, he did save my 'life', so I could at the very least do him this favor.

''I was once...tested on,'' I said, the word 'torture' wouldn't sound really enjoyable. ''Though I never really paid attention, they did frequently mention those terms. Reiatsu, reiryoku...and Shinigami. They constantly referred me as a 'Philosopher's Stone'.'' When I mentioned 'shinigami', Hitsugaya and Unohana seemed somewhat alarmed, while the fox-face just kept grinning.

I struggled to keep my emotions in check. But I always had a sudden flash back

My arm was strapped onto a device, my fingernail was attached to the puller. I struggled with all my might, and screamed when they punched down on the leaver and tore the nail off. It happened in a total of 10 times that day.

Being tied onto a chair, I could only yell out in pain every time the red hot metal rod burned my skin.

I saw a man and a woman being brutally killed, tortured to death, slowly and painfully. I was sitting behind a cage, and flinched in every time their blood spattered on my face. Tears flooded out of my eyes.

In a room, I saw two rotting corpses. I screamed before hurling.

I took a few breaths to calm myself down. They weren't going to do that to me, right? No, surely, they won't...These captains were sane, I could see that. But my fear was still there.

''Higurashi-san?'' Hitsugaya asked, his eyebrows raised. Damn, my hand's trembling...!

I looked up at him and flashed him the most convincible fake smile I could muster, thinking of an excuse. ''I-''

I was cut-off by a man with a black and white face sliding the door open abruptly. He stared down at me with...a mad scientist's greed in those insane eyes.

No...no....no....You've...you've got to be kidding me...

''The Philosopher's Stone, eh?'' he asked before I widened my eyes. He must've been listening to what I said.

''Kurotsuchi?'' Hitsugaya asked, confused and I could sense distrust in his eyes. I flinched when I noticed his haori....He was a captain?!

Kurotsuchi ignored Hitsugaya and continued to stare at me with the same look in his eyes.

''Nothing like my previous test subjects before.'' I started shivering.

Wait, no, not again, not another one...!

''I wonder how she reacts to physical pain...and emotional stress...'' He then had an insane smirk as he took a step closer, sweat rolled down my forehead and temple, my eyes practically bulging out. My terrorfied trembling became more violent and they noticed my fear instantly. Hitsugaya glared at the Kurotsuchi.

''Stop playing your sick mind-games with the girl!''

''Kurotsuchi-taichou, please, she needs her rest,'' Unahona said, but both were ignored by the black and white faced freak.

''...May I find that out?''he asked, showing me his yellow teeth with that twisted angle in his smirk.

I screamed. I screamed in horror. I was so scared by this man because he reminded me of the scientists who experimented on me. But what scared me most was that this man looked much more capable to do something more sickening than they could. Without me realizing, I clung onto the fabric on Hitsugaya's chest, as if hanging on for dear life, tears flowing down my shut eyes.

The man with the silver hair, was smirking at the whole scenario.

Hitsugaya looked down at me in shock, seeing how terribly frightened I was. I didn't see him when he glared dangerously at Kurotsuchi, laying his hand on my back as if to calm me from his thundering voice.

''KUROTSUCHI! What the hell are you--'' he was cut off by the offending captain.

''The girl acts like a traumatized test-subject,'' he stated as an obvious fact. ''Allot worse than mine.'' He then looked at Hitstugaya after examining my shaking frame.

''Your point?! Don't traumatize her even more then, dammit!'' Hitsugaya yelled, and Unohana gave Kurotsuchi a disapproving frown while Ichimaru widened his smirk as he raised his brows.

''It's definitely not possible to be scarred to this extent over-night,'' he said, then turned to leave. ''Zannen da, I can't experiment on someone who is this paranoid.'' Faint disappointment was heard in his voice as he left.

I didn't pay any attention to the conversation, I was too busy whimpering and sobbing. I could feel the hand on my back rubbing it in gentle, circular movements. Though it was obvious that those movements were awkward and hesitent.

''Sman ne...'' As soon as I noticed what I was doing, I pulled back, and wiped my eyes furiously.

''Daijobou da.''

Before I could deny him saying that what I just did was not alright, the door bursted open again to reveal an extremely busted blonde who wasn't at the least modest about her generous cleavege.

''The meeting will start soon, taichou!'' she said, then looked at me and I blinked. ''She's awake!'' She raised eyebrows before looking at Hitsugaya. ''Have you hit on her again?'' she asked, her eyes wide with genuine curiousity. A pink shade tainted the captain's cheeks as he narrowed his eyes to glare at the woman, whereas I arched a brow in confusion. Was she talking about me?


...I think I missed something here...


''...It's certainly strange that she came here, being a Philosopher's Stone...'' I frowned in confusion at the elder's words. But eventhough I didn't understand what the soutaichou meant, I decided to just be quiet and listen. Hitsugaya explained what I had told him and what had happened. Though I started losing the thread when he started adding terms. Such as: 'She should be in England if she's a Philosopher's Stone'. I was standing next to him, behind us were all the Taichou and Fukutaichou, 24 in total were in the room. I remember the woman, Matsumoto, saying that one lieutenant was absent because she was on a mission. Her name was Hinamori, I think.

Hitsugaya gave a curt nod at Yamamoto's response, and the closed, yet focused eyes glanced at me, and I blinked to show my attention.

''Those humans who conducted these researches on you, how did they know about the Kenja no Ishi (Philosopher's Stone)? And us Shinigami?'' His voice was old, but still demanding.

''I'm afraid I do not have the answer to that question; I was a very young child when they started, so I never paid any heeds to such,'' I said, trying to stay calm, even though the pressure from these people were...unbelievable. ''The scientists were discarded as lunatics and I have never heard of them since.''

''Souka...(I see)'' he said, and seemed to use a moment to think before turning to the captain next to me, ''Hitsugaya-taichou.''

''Hai?'' Hitsugaya voice was alert and

''I will give the word to the research institute to find out what the cause for this incident is. From now on Higurashi-san will be under your care, Hitsugaya-taichou, as a well respected guest. Not your subordinate.'' Yamamoto said, making me blink. What? Guest? Subordinate? Under someone's care? Well, at least that term sounded familiar. The old man's voice was somewhat gentle as he spoke to Hitsugaya. ''But I'm sure that it won't be a problem,'' Yamamoto said, to which Hitsugaya nodded. Yamamoto then turned back to me. ''No need to be scared, child. Soul Society is now your new home.''

I widened my eyes at the word he used.

''Home...'' My voice wasn't even audible to myself as I whispered that word.


The office of the 10th division had four doors: One which lead to the captain's room, one for the vice-captain and one for a guest. The fourth door was for the hallway down to the seated shinigamis. They had given me the guest room, and I was sitting on my futon, still somewhat exhausted from all these...events. Matsumoto came into the room, smiling bubbly as she held up a black kimono.

''Lookie what I got for you, Miyuki-chan!'' she said before skipping over to me. I blinked at the black kimono which had white butterfly patterns on. I chuckled. Matsumoto said that she was going to get me a kimono instead of being in this kosode the whole time. According to her, I looked like a death-row inmate.

''Isn't it against dress code to have butterflies on the clothes?'' I asked, raising a brow at the woman. With her character, it wasn't at all hard to get close to her fast.

''Screw the dress code! It's black, isn't it? And you're not a Shinigami, so it's okay!'' she said before grabbing my pale wrist and pulling up to my feet. Without another word she opened the kimono and started slipping it over the kosode. I opened my mouth to protest.

''Matsumoto-san, I can do it myself!''

''And miss the opportunity to play dress-up? No way!''

I sighed as I let her fiddle around with the fabric, not wanting to fight this out...because in truth, I had no idea how to put these things on. It would be pretty embarrassing if I reject her help just for her to then find out that I would have no bloody clue what I'd be doing.

''I'm so glad that you're here, Miyuki-chan! You have no idea how boring Taichou can be! All he ever does is work, work, work, work, and then he makes me work, too!'' she said, almost whining. I chuckled at that; he did look like the workaholic type. Though somehow she sounded like a kid who just said that her parents were evil for making her tidy up her room.

''Souka?'' I asked. But I blinked when I looked down to see that the kimono was very loosely fit around my chest, worn in a similar fashion as Matsumoto's shihakusho. I sighed before narrowing my eyes at the woman. ''Matsumoto-san, just put this thing on properly, will you?''

''But I want to see taichou's reaction!''

I narrowed my eyes at her.

''I don't care! You won't like my reaction, I can garantee that!!!''


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