I love the anime and manga but the ending was a real disappoinment. I hoped and hoped that the author will write more and tie the end more neatly and since that has not happen, I decided to make my own.

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Chapter 1: Recognition


Complete and utter silence - that's the crowd's reaction to the brilliant match that just ended. That is, everyone but Shindo Hikaru, who still sat with his head bowed after he lost the game. He alone is unaware that something extraordinary has occurred, lost as he is in self reproach and guilt for having failed to defend his beloved teacher Sai.

Still oblivious to his environment , Hikaru stood and without a word nor a glance to anyone, started walking away, his head low in shame. The sudden thunderous applause broke through his misery and with a start, he looked up and found all eyes on him.

On him….what the …..? His bewilderment grew when the crowd started chanting his name. His name? What the hell is going on? ? These people are seriously not cheering for him, are they? He just lost the game! In fact, he just made a total fool of himself after failing to deliver in spite of all he said before the match!

" Shindo," Kurata slapped him lightly on the shoulder.

" I don't understand what's happening," Hiraku turned to the older pro.

" They are cheering for you," the overweight pro stated the obvious.

" But why? I lost!," Hikaru cried.

" They are acknowledging you. They recognized you skills and applaud your fighting spirit," Touya Akira explained as he stood next to his rival.

Seeing the other boy's still confused face, Akira once again tried to shed light to the situation.

" It didn't matter that you lost the match. No one here really thought you could win and was even expecting an easy victory for Yong Ha. The fact that you lasted till the endgame and only lost by half a moku is nothing short of miracle. In their eyes, you didn't lose, you may not have won either," Akira held up a hand as Hikaru was about to assert his loss, " but you gained the respect and recognition of all the people in this room."

Hikaru stared at his rival and friend for a long moment before comprehension finally dawned. Facing the cheering crowd, who was now giving him a standing ovation while still chanting his name, he gave them a tremulous smile and a deep bow. Hikaru finally looked up when he felt a someone stopped in front of him - it was his opponent, Yong Ha.

The crowd quiet down when they saw Yong Ha approaching his opponent. No doubt, everyone is waiting for another drama to unfold - and they were not disappointed.

" Shindo Hikaru," the tall Korean pro began, " That was without a doubt the best match of my life and I take back all I said against Shusaku. I didn't really mean them in the first place. I just wanted to get a rise out of you and you reacted so strongly. I am sorry. " With that said, he bowed his head to Shindo.

Once again, silence dominated the entire room. It was a magnanimous move, especially since the Korean won. No one saw this coming, least of all Hikaru who had not even manage to win to make his point. Staring at the bowed head in front of him, Hikaru suddenly smiled and helped the other straightened up.

" It was a misunderstanding, that's all. I too have been hasty and hot tempered and in the end still lost to you. But you are right, it was the best game I ever played and I learned a lot from it. Next time though, I will beat you," Hikaru challenged.

" I look forward to it" Yong Ha grinned as he accepted the challenged with a handshake.

Their audience once more broke into a thunderous applause, louder than before but whereas before they chanted Hikaru's name, now they chanted Shusaku's as they paid homage to the legendary pro.

Hikaru, with tears in his eyes, looked up, staring up ahead. Hear that Sai, they are cheering for you and your Go. I will continue on and become stronger and I will represent your Go and achieve the hand of God, this I promise you.

Everyone's jubilant. The crowd were still applauding, pro and amateur players alike hopeful about the future of Go and excited about the coming of the new wave. Kurata and the other team coaches were happy that everything turned out well. The sponsors and the game officials are ecstatic about the end, knowing that the results will spread like wildfire and ring in more interest and awareness more than any advertisement. Yashiro and Su Yong were happy that their team mates had made up, while at the same time, in awe of the talent that the two had displayed, knowing that they have a lot of catching up to do.

In the midst of it all, one person was forgotten. Akira was truly happy for his friend but at the same time quite terrified of the other's genius. Hikaru was growing right before his eyes, his potential immeasurable as he seems to grow by leaps and bonds while his progress was considerably slower. This match just opened his eyes more to that truth and to the fact that there are others out there who might usurped his position as Hikaru's rival.

Staring at the grinning faces of Hikaru and Yong Ha, he resolved to be better and do everything he can because Hikaru is his rival.