Summary: Pavi makes a trade with the god Loki. Luigi's feelings toward Pavi for Pavi having Amber's face be his for real and permanent. Amber finds out and tries to get Loki to work for Geneco. When Loki accepts Geneco starts becoming more and more successful. When Luigi marries a mysterious girl named Isis, Amber confronts him only to find Loki standing ready with an even bigger plot and trick in mind.

Author's Note: OK, so there's one of these at the end too, but I feel it necessary to mention something about my version of Loki presented here. This Loki is very selfish. Everything he does is to make his life easier. Just keep that in mind. I plan to bring back a certain person from the movie, but trust me, nothing Loki does is out of kindness, it's his own plan. :P Enjoy and keep an open mind, m'kay?

Chapter 1: Loki's trade

Pavi smiled up into his mirror grinning broadly as he looked upon his sister's lovely face, that now was his own, all thanks to Luigi. If Luigi hadn't killed the top three bidders Pavi never would have won Amber's face, he really ought to thank Luigi for that, but he was far too pretty for thank you's. Then he spotted him. He was seated on a dumpster with his legs crossed simply staring at Pavi as he walked by. Pavi wanted to tell him to stop staring, but thought perhaps he should simply ignore this odd little person, but after walking another block and a half the man was still behind him watching, but now he was following Pavi. Pavi loved women, with a passion, but for men to follow him, well that was creepy. And this guy was top of the creep list. What with the way he walked and how he still hadn't made a sound. That's when he finally stopped turned and glared the young man down. "WHAT is your problem?" Pavi asked glaring back at the young man who quickly jumped up onto the nearest flat surface (another disgusting dumpster) and crossed his legs patiently.

"I don't have a problem. You do." The man said smiling as he stretched his body out along the dumpster allowing Pavi to finally really look him over. The man wasn't particularly tall, but he didn't seem short either. He had slim long legs that where covered a nice expensive-looking suit, but he wore no shoes with it and his arms equally long but slender and his jacket clung to each and every contour of the man's slim body and his hands were covered by white silk gloves. But it was his face that caught Pavi's attention. It was beautiful. His eyes looked like diamonds that sparkled in the moonlight and his hair was brushed back save for two renegade strands that fell by the sides of his face to frame his high cheekbones and thin roman nose. The man was elegant and refined and everything that Pavi wished he was. And when he smiled, his teeth where pure white, but it was his lips that caught Pavi's attention. Bright red, like lipstick, plumped and fresh, looking almost as if the man had just been kissed by his lover. But it wasn't even his beauty that enthralled Pavi. It was his aura. The man practically dripped pure sex and freedom from any judgement. His eyes half-open and one delicate finger placed lovingly on the tip of his lips. "Would you like your face to look like that?"

"Like what?" Pavi asked startled by the sudden question.

"Like Amber's. I can do that, you know. I can make that mask into your face." The man said finally sliding down from the dumpster and slowly stepping closer to Pavi his hips swaying with each step he took. His bare feet glowing under the pure black slacks he wore. "I can grant any wish. For a price."

"Who are you?" Pavi asked taking a step away only realizing afterwards that there was nowhere to go. He'd walked into an alley and was now trapped with this man blocking his way out. The man smiled his plump lips curling into a sinful smile as he stared at Pavi. His eyes feigning innocence as he walked closer and closer finally trapping him against the wall.

"My name's Loki. Bring your brother to me tomorrow at 8 and you can have Amber's face for real and permanent." Loki whispered into his ear, practically breathing the words out into the air as if they had always existed and capturing Pavi's entire attention and holding it captivated by his mere existence. The man truly was pure attraction in every form. His very being exciting and shaking Pavi to his core. "The price for your face is too high for you to pay alone. Bring your brother. He can afford it. Bring Luigi." He whispered. And then he was gone. Leaving only a shaken Pavi and a mirror.

*The next night*

"What the fuck do I care if you get another face?" Luigi yelled glaring at his younger brother with a look of pure disgust as Pavi dragged him along the alleyway. Pavi simply looked over his shoulders with a sigh and huffed as he finally turned and reached the dumpster. The man from the night before already there perched on the dumpster his legs crossed and arms set behind him as if offering his body up to the night sky as the moonlight filtered down through the thick smog that blanketed the city. "Who the fuck is this?"

"This is fucking Loki, asshole. You can be a little nicer. After all, I am drop dead sexalicous." The man said smirking as he slid off of the dumpster and sauntered over to Luigi and Pavi. Pavi shifted nervously, feeling a large amount of unease at being in the same area as this strange man. Luigi sneered and stood a little taller as Pavi hid behind him. "Now, Can I start explaining the price for this rather wonderful opportunity that has presented itself to both of you." Luigi blinked in surprise and took a step closer to Loki.

"What do you mean both of us?" Luigi asked as he watched Loki. Loki smirked and slowly walked closer to Luigi until they were only a few inches apart. Luigi inhaled deeply breathing in the scent of the smaller man. Loki smelled like clean air and open fields.

"I mean the price you have to pay for Pavi's face will seem like a gift after a moment of thought." Loki breathed out softly enunciating ever word his eyes traveling over Luigi's face and taking in every inch. Luigi shifted finally realizing this man hadn't mentioned the price yet. Loki smiled and gently took a step back allowing Luigi to look at all of him. Loki smiled broadly and placed his hands behind his back. Luigi held his breath as he looked over the man's slender body. Loki was a beautiful man, to say the least. Pavi finally peaked around his older brother noticing for the first time that Loki was dressed differently tonight. This time he wore only a button-up white shirt and a pair of black pants. His shirt was unbuttoned near the top revealing a slim strip of his pale chest. His skin almost glowed where the light hit it, giving him a more unearthly appearance.

"So, What will it cost?" Pavi asked nervously as he slowly moved out from behind Luigi, beginning to realize his brother wasn't scared of the man.

Loki's eyes immediately jerked back to look at Pavi as if he had forgotten about him. "The cost?" Pavi nodded his head violently almost shaking off Amber's face. "Cost? It won't cost anything. I don't charge money. I take things. It's called a trade, you idiot." Loki seethed his eyes narrowing to slits and glaring angrily at Pavi. Then just as quickly his eyes shifted back to Luigi seeming to calm Loki's nerves. "In exchange for your repaired and renewed face, I get Luigi's feelings." Loki said his smile turning wicked and cruel as he stared at Luigi.

"My feelings?" Luigi asked frowning as he looked over Loki. Loki smiled and inhaled deeply, his eyes fluttering closed as he breathed in the air around them.

"Mm. Yes, You're feelings toward your dear idiotic brother, Pavi, here. It is a fair trade, I believe. I will expend a good deal of my energy trying to fix his face and in exchange all that you feel when you look at him, you will only feel when you look at me." Loki spoke softly and slowly as if he were distracted. Luigi silently turned and looked at his brother in surprise. How did anyone know what he felt? Pavi looked towards Luigi with a confused expression and waited for an answer. Luigi held his breath and thought about what Loki was offering. Luigi would finally be able to look upon his brother without that urge, without the urge to push Pavi against the nearest flat-like surface and ravaging him beyond the point of thought. Could this Loki really do that?

"Ok." Luigi breathed out finally turning to look back at Loki, while Pavi stood there confused as hell. "Go ahead."

"ALRIGHT!" Loki yelled with a grin and jumped happily into the air with a pump of his fist. "It's a deal." Loki giggled and stuck out his hand and promptly shook Luigi's hand and then Pavi's. "Now before I go, because you both need to be asleep for the process to work, one thing I need to remind you of Luigi. I am not your brother. You can do whatever you feel like doing to me. I will not argue." Loki said smiling before suddenly disappearing leaving Luigi and Pavi alone in an alleyway. Luigi felt for the first time hopeful for the next day when he could look upon his brother's healed face and not feel lust.

Ok! Chapter 1 DONE! Yay! *Waves hands in air and then falls over* I really shouldn't type while traveling. I'm going to New York all week this week. So, blah. I have to miss a trip to Six Flags and the release of Sims 3 (can you say Sims videos! I'm gonna download Sims of the Repo cast and make videos with them maybe even make Loki and act out this story lol *fail*). SO I decided no matter what I was going to finish at least Chapter 1. Anyway the pairing for this will NOT be Luigi/Pavi . Abosulet Non! Loki is kind of mine but not really. See Loki is based off of the Norse God of Evil and Tricks (depends on who you ask). My version of Loki is the trickster, he also shows a softer side later, but basically the pairing is Luigi/OMC. ^.^ I'm also writing a Star Trek story with Loki in it, but that Loki is much more innocent. This Loki is more…hmm…How to put this? He's very sexual. Anyway thanks for the read. Please leave any wishes you may have for the story in the comment area, the price is a review :) Just PM me if you have questions about the story. I love to get messages and comments. Thank you ~ D.A.