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Chapter 4: Loki's office

Loki smiled when he woke up in the morning curled up completely around Luigi. Luigi's arms were wrapped tightly around him to prevent him for leaving the space. Loki smirked and wiggled down and under Luigi's arm making him murmur in his sleep. He sighed and glared up at Luigi's chin when his arms tightened stilling Loki's movement. He growled and slithered back up to Luigi and stared down into his face and huffed. "Needy bastard." Loki grumbled. Loki glanced around at Luigi's room, finally focused enough to take in the décor.

Luigi had thousands of knives decorating the walls and his dresser was thick cherry wood with knife cuts and stab marks all over it. "Likes to stab things, I get it. Geez, you need an outlet." Loki mumbled to himself as he propped his head up on his elbow. Then suddenly began to giggle at his own joke. "Of course, I don't think you need one now." Loki said in between giggles. The laughter stopped though as once again his body reminded him of why he woke up. "Crap." Loki grumbled suddenly reaching above Luigi searching for tissues. "What kind of man doesn't have tissues? That's like a cat living in a basement! It's just wrong!" Loki complained as he realized there where no tissues anywhere near the bed.

Luigi stirred and gently rolled over pulling Loki with him. "Omph! Ow, Luigi!" Loki fussed slapping at Luigi's face. No reaction. "You could sleep through one of Thor's hissy fits I bet." Loki said as he shifted closer to Luigi reaching a hand up and gently pinching Luigi's nose. "This'll wake you up or I'm fucking Thor." Loki mumbled waiting patiently until Luigi suddenly snorted and shook his nose free of Loki's hand and slowly opened his eyes and upon seeing Loki pulled him closer.

"Morning." Luigi said softly nuzzling closer to Loki and pulling him flush against him. Loki laughed at the gentleness of it all. Loki finally began to wriggle his way back out of Luigi's arms when Luigi was trying to go back to sleep. "Hey, come on. Stay in bed." Luigi whispered softly in his ear. Loki laughed and pushed Luigi away gently.

"No way. I'm stinky and you're stinky and you didn't use a condom, so now I need to clean myself out." Loki complained, as he finally got out Luigi's death grip. "Now if you'll excuse-!" Luigi kissed Loki roughly on the lips before finally allowing the smaller man to walk to the bathroom. Loki laughed as Luigi watched him.

"Loki, want some company? It's an awfully big shower." Luigi called as Loki shut the bathroom door. Loki grinned happily to himself as he glanced in the mirror at himself.

"Nope, I'll be fine." Loki teased as he noticed a few hickey's on his neck. When did those get there? Loki sighed and slid into the shower and turned the water to freezing cold. "Now, that's a wake-up call." He hissed as the cold water hit his skin. He sighed and slowly warmed the water and went about a normal shower routine. He sighed when he finally got out. It had taken him nearly an hour, but he was relatively certain that he was clean. He unlocked the door and opened it only to have Luigi fall on him. "Luigi!" He yelled trying to push the larger man off of him.

Luigi quickly pushed off of Loki and smiled lopsidedly down at the smaller man. "Sorry, just wanted to make sure you weren't in need of any," He smirked and waggled his eyebrows before continuing, "assistance?" Loki laughed and wiggled away and over to the sink to start working on a face for the public.

"Sure, you were." Loki grumbled as he tried to see how much fabric he would really need to cover up the awfully over-sized hickeys that now decorated his entire neck. "Crap, Luigi! You didn't tell me you were a biter!" Loki grumbled beginning to search for some form of cover-up. Luigi smiled sliding into the bathroom and gently pulling Loki tight against him.

"Sorry, but you didn't ask." Luigi argued teasingly reaching down to nibble on Loki's collar bone. Loki laughed and lightly pulled away and slipped easily back into Luigi's room. "What are you doing?" Luigi asked Loki as he moved around opening up the closet and rifling through his clothes for a suit to borrow from Luigi.

"I'm looking for clothes, what did you think I was doing?" Loki asked as he pulled out a button up pink shirt with frills on the end of the sleeves with a black vest and a pair of slacks. Loki stared at the shirt for a minute before slowly looking up at Luigi and settling a deadpan stare at him. "You want to tell me why you have one of Pavi's shirts or can I skip a possibly very awkward situation?" Loki asked his face dead serious. Luigi coughed and shifted nervously looking away. Loki's smiled slowly a smirk playing across his innocent-looking face revealing underneath the cruel and harsh true face of Loki. "So, Why do you have Pavi's shirt?" Loki asked slowly unbuttoning it and slipping it on over his arms.

"I, uh…Well, you see he, um…" Luigi stumbled not even looking at Loki, not wanting him to know how truly twisted and fucked up Luigi really was. "He lent it to me?" Luigi tried slowly looking over at Loki. His breathing stopped in pure shock. Loki had slipped into the shirt and vest and was now putting on the slacks, which were also Pavi's and definitely didn't fit the much smaller man. "Um, what…?" Loki laughed lightly and pulled the slacks up grabbing a belt from the closet and slowly tieing the slacks up on his hips.

"I'm starting work today, darling. Believe it or not I need to be dressed for that." Loki stated quickly walking out of the room. Luigi's eyes suddenly widened as a thought suddenly hit him. Pavi was going to see Loki in his clothes.

"Wait! You can't wear that outside!" Luigi yelled quickly running after Loki as slipped around a corner quickly skipping down the stairs into the foyer of the Largo Mansion, where Amber and Pavi had just entered. "Loki!" Luigi yelled as he took the steps two at a time and reached out grabbing him by the back of Pavi's shirt. "Loki!" Loki tripped at the sudden tug and tripped bouncing down the last few steps with a yelp.

"LUIGI!" Loki yelled as he hit the floor and spun to glare up at his lover. "What's wrong with you?!" Loki growled rubbing his rear end as Amber rushed over to check on Loki.

"Are you alright, Loki?" Amber asked helping Loki to stand back up and turned angry eyes up at Luigi. "Luigi! What the fuck?! You could of killed him!" Amber growled as Pavi sauntered over to them glancing Loki over and then looking back up at his older brother.

"Ah, Luigi, why is he wearing my shirt?" Pavi asked glaring down at Loki as Loki smirked up at him.

"It's the only thing that was even close to fitting him in my closet, ok?" Luigi yelled stomping down the stairs and pulling Loki over to him. "And I told him not to wear it. And I wasn't trying to kill him! I was just trying to get him to stop!" Luigi then turned his eyes back on Loki. This is the moment where both Pavi and Amber got the first of many shock of their lives. Luigi's whole demeanor changed, his eyes softened and his hands loosened their grip. "Are you alright, Loki darling?" Luigi crooned softly reaching out to stroke Loki's face. Loki pouted and gently snuggled into Luigi's arms smirking over his left arm at Pavi whose jaw was currently resting on the floor at his brother's sudden change in attitude.

"I'm fine, a little bruised but I'm ok." Loki whined a slow playful smirk playing about the edge of his lips. "And why can't I wear this?" Loki asked looking up at Luigi with a little pout. "After all it looks much better on me then it does on Pavi, doesn't it?" Loki asked Luigi with a smile.

"Of course-a it doesn't!" Pavi yelled angrily about to rip his shirt off the cocky little brat, but then Luigi answered.

"Yes it does look much better on you," Luigi said smiling warmly down at Loki kissing him boldly on the mouth.

"Get a room, you fags*!" Amber growled glaring at them as she crossed her arms and slowly looked over Loki's outfit. "Break it up, now! I have to run a business, here. And you, Loki, are going to have to wear fitted suits not Pavi's. Now, come on. Today we, not you Luigi or you Pavi, are going shopping for some suits for you then you get to see your office." Amber growled quickly snatching Loki away from Luigi and walking out of the door huffing the whole way.

"Bye, darling. See you at lunch!" Loki called over his shoulder as he followed after Amber with a snicker. With that Loki smirked as he turned and slowly began to walk out in a much more dignified air. Loki's hips slowly swayed from side to side dragging Pavi's and Luigi's eyes down to his ass.

"Yeah." Luigi grumbled crossing his arms and leaning against the banister. Pavi turned and glared at Luigi very slowly. "What?" Luigi barked glaring at Pavi's idiotic looking new face. It just looked weird, Amber's face, but Pavi's body.

"Why were my clothes in your closet?"

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