Wizards and Vampires

Disclaimer: Stephanie Meyer and J.K Rowling own the characters, and the prompt was given to me Tigersflame

Chapter One

Harry sighed for the millionth time in the four hours they'd been tromping through the woods.

"I honestly don't understand what we're doing out here," Malfoy said for the thousandth time.

"As I've told you before, Malfoy. The new potion master needs us to collect herbs for her stockpile that's been running dangerously low."

"I don't see why she couldn't get it herself."

"Because Rose had a horrible flu, and couldn't leave her bed."

"There are potions for that," Malfoy sniffed as if that explained everything.

"The potion she needs for the flu needs the herbs that we're collecting."

Malfoy remained silent, annoyed that Harry had found a loophole in his complaints. Harry was content to bask in the silence of the moment. And once Malfoy was silent he could hear something, a rustling in the trees that unnerved him. He flipped his head around, noticing a rustling leaf. Once he watched it for a moment it was still. A minute later he heard another rustling, this time off to his right.

"Do you hear that?" Malfoy said his voice uncharacteristically quiet.

"Be very still," Harry said softly, "it has no reason to attack us."

With a quick flash of white; a figure appeared before them. It was a woman; her hair as red as fire, her face as pale as the moon and her eyes as red as blood.

"On the contrary..," she said with a grin, showing perfect white teeth, "I have every reason to attack you."

She chuckled for a moment. Seeming amused at an unknown joke.

"You smell amazing."

She inhaled deeply breathing in an unidentifiable scent. She circled first Harry and then Malfoy. Harry struggled to keep his breathing even; he had to give off a semblance of calm.

"We come in peace," Harry said slowly.

The vampire giggled. And then she started laughing and then she was kneeling over, placing a freezing hand on Harry's shoulder to support her.

"Oh my," she said another giggle escaping blood red lips, "Such a dear boy."

She dragged a pale finger across his face.

"You smell so amazing."

She placed her face up to his; her nose and lips tracing his face, flowing down his neck. She licked his neck. Harry shivered, her tongue was cold. Malfoy edged away from the scene and quick as lightning the vampire let go of Harry who collapsed onto the floor.

"You smell good too," she said with a little smile.

She ran her nose along his neck stopping where she could feel the blood pulsing at his pulse.

"Like honey."

She smiled again.

"Oh," she said coming to a sudden realization, which seemed to make her happier.

"You're wizards."

Malfoy gave a quick nod.

"Good," she said, "I've heard wizard's blood is good for your system. Turns your eyes a very pretty shade of purple."

Malfoy paled. She gripped both his shoulder sinking her fangs straight into his pulse. He let out a scream, but they were way too far into the forest for anyone to every here them. After a moment, she moved away letting Malfoy fall to the forest floor, moaning in pain.

She gave Harry a smile, picking him off the floor and holding him in her arms, as if embracing a lover. She lifted his warm hand to his face. She sighed, inhaling deeply.

"You smell like heaven," she said, "it's almost a pity to kill you."

She let out a mournful sigh.

"I would keep you, you dear boy, if humans were not ever so fragile. You're like a little porcelain doll. So easily breakable. Tell me your name, my pet."

Harry was too tired to care.

"Harry Potter."

She smiled. And suddenly blood red lips were on his, they were cold and harsh unaccustomed to being so strong. She bit his lip hard enough that he could taste the blood in his mouth. The vampire moaned and sucked the blood from his lips, too satisfied to move to an easier position.

"You taste even better than you smell, Harry Potter," she moaned against his lips.

He moaned in pain, it felt like his lips were on fire and not in a way that was pleasurable in the slightest. The blood did not flow easily from his lips and she kissed him one last time before moving to his neck. She bit in hard, and he screamed in pain. Once she was satisfied she kissed his almost dead lips and disappeared into the night.

Malfoy moaned on the floor next to Harry and he rolled over closer to him.

"Stay alive, Potter, you've got to stay alive."

Harry moaned in response. The fire was spreading and it hurt too much to talk. All he could do was scream and hope it would rain; the rain would wash away the fire. He closed his eyes it hurt to see, it hurt to do anything. It went on forever, the moments ticking away like years. But he would live, if it was the last thing he could do. After seconds or years his eyes fluttered open.

It was like seeing the world for the first time. Everything shown in a new light, everything was a miracle. A fly buzzed a mile away. A dust mite settled onto the ground. Malfoy moved on the ground next to him. It was Malfoy and yet it wasn't. The man in front of him was as pale as the vampire had been with icy hair hanging in his blood red eyes. There was a haze covering everything, a distracting presence that hung in the back of his throat, a burning twice as bad as the cruciatus curse.

"Malfoy," Harry said and he was surprised how smooth and soft his voice was as smooth as the vampire had been. He winced.

"Not a word, Potter, not a word," Malfoy said annoyed.

He rubbed his temple with his hand and then his hands wandered to his throat and he winced.

"We need to get back," he said finally.

Harry looked at him carefully studying him before he replied.

"You do know what we are, don't you, Malfoy?'

"Draco," he said, "And I'm not an idiot Potter, I know what happens when you get bitten by a vampire."

"Harry," Harry said softly.

Draco whirled around. His slightly longer and looser hair whipped around his face before settling across his eyes once more.

"Call me Harry, Draco."

The name was said hesitantly but Draco smiled and turned around.

"Let's head back."

Harry sighed for the million and first time and agreed before started to head back. The day was bright and the sunlight hit every leaf and the tree sending spirals shouting off into the air. Harry and Draco both smiled.

"You look different now," Draco commented after a minute of walking.

"As do you," Harry replied.

They were silent for a moment and Harry marveled in the grace in which they moved. In another moment they'd reached the edge of the trees.

"Impossible," Draco breathed, "It took as four hours to reach the middle of the forest. It's taken us minutes to get this far."

As they stepped out into the sunlight the light reflected off of their skin twirling in the air and spiraling around them, creating the affect of sparkling. They pulled their cloaks around them tighter, using their hoods to cover the skin on their face. Even though the sun blared down upon them Harry found it odd that he felt neither hot nor cold.

As they neared the castle Harry felt a sweet smell enter his nose. It smelled as good as anything he had ever eaten and more and it made the back of his throat burn all the worse.

"What are we looking for?" Draco said holding his breath.

"Hermione," Harry gasped, the burning making it hard to speak, "she'll know what to do."

Draco nodded stiffly and swept his cloak in a fashion that Harry immediately tried to imitate. They moved through the corridors quickly their booted feet making no noise on the stone tiles.

"What class?" Draco asked stiffly.

"Charms," Harry muttered his feet moving even quicker on the floor.

They reached the door, moments later. Harry opened it stiffly trying his best not to leap and attack a Ravenclaw whose quill scratched against her paper quickly.

"We need Hermione Granger immediately," Harry said his velvety voice made the entire room look up at the cloaked figure, "Family emergency."

Hermione leaped from her seat collecting her bags, her face having gone white. Professor Flitwick looked flustered and he twittered nervously, "You go on my dear, I'll tell the rest of your teachers."

Hermione nodded and followed Harry quickly out the door. Harry and Draco kept their hoods up and quickly moved letting Hermione practically run to keep up.

"Where are we going?"

"Are my parents all right?"

"What's happened?"

"Who are you?"

"Can you tell me what's going on?"

"Has somebody died?"

"Can you hold on a secongd"

She never seemed to run out of questions, but the two vampires were constantly keeping their thoughts away from her scent. She smelled like cinnamon and vanilla, old books and honey, and a scent that Harry couldn't even name. It drove him insane, and he eagerly paced in front of the room of requirement. He opened the door and shut it when everyone was in. Once inside Harry and Draco discarded their cloaks and Hermione gasped.

"Harry," she gasped, "What happened? You've been gone and we'd thought… Oh, we've been so scared."

"We had a run in with a vampire," Draco said wryly.

"Oh, Harry," Hermione cried, tears pooling in her eyes.

She ran forward and threw her arms around him.

"Hermione…no," he said strongly and pushed her off him, trying not to concentrate on the warm blood flowing on her neck.

"Stand over there," he said pointing far enough away from her that her scent would not be as strong, "I can hear you."

Her eyes lit up with realization.

"Harry, I'm so sorry I didn't realize."

Her eyes filled with tears and Harry smiled to reassure her. She smiled weakly back at him.

"We need your help, Granger," Draco said bluntly.

"What can I do?" Hermione asked wiping the tears from the edges of her eyes.

"That's what we want to know, what can we do?"

Hermione's eyes lit up and Harry recognized that she was about to go into textbook mode.

"Vampires are not respected in the wizarding world, as low if not lower than a werewolf. They are most often locked up for the safety of the world. Once a vampire is bitten, they are in a stage which most call newborns. They are incredibly strong and fast and are incredibly thirsty. It's incredibly dangerous that you are here; you really shouldn't have come, Harry. But, after a year or so their control becomes better and they can go longer without feeding. Another interesting fact is that when a vampire is thirstier their eyes become darker."

She glanced a peek at their midnight black eyes.

"What do they drink Hermione?" Harry's voice was desperate and raw.

"Human blood," she said and her voice was shaking.

"Anything else," he said and he dropped to his knees in front of her.

"Yes," she squeaked, "they sometimes drink animal blood. But there are only two known covens that do."

"Where?" Harry said peeking through his thick lashes at her and it took Hermione a moment to answer.

"Forks, Washington."

"Thank you," Draco said and pulled on his cloak and tossing Harry his.

"Wait," Hermione called, and they turned around to look at her.

"When will we see you again?"

"When we can come back, maybe never. The wizarding world isn't a safe place for us anymore."