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He couldn't really tell how long this had been going on – him watching her, wondering about her.

The hair, the nose, the eyes. They were never the same twice. She had really figured out how to combine her features to entice him. How to be so beautiful.

And yes – he had taken her into his class. Despite her E in Potions. One exception he had made and he didn't remember why.

Well – he knew now. Had he known before? He wasn't sure.

But she was lovely. Despite the horrible t-shirts underneath the uniform – despite the humming of muggle songs, despite the hair, and the eyes. Despite the fact that he didn't know what she really looked like.

He had never made an exception.

Not that she was an E in Potions when one looked at her certificate.

It said E because he wanted it to be an E in Potions. It was an A at best. But he knew she was clumsy. He knew she didn't do it on purpose.

He knew she wanted to be an auror. Sprout had told him. She hadn't begged him to take her into his Potions class. But he had.


Simple answer, not so simple answer.

Because he was attracted to her.

To her blue eyes, brown eyes, green eyes, violet eyes, button nose, roman nose, greek nose, piggies nose. To her legs, longer, shorter.

And attracted to her mind – the funny, witty, loyal Hufflepuff mind.


Who would have thought the Slytherin Head of House's favourite student would be a Hufflepuff? Nobody knew – technically. Minerva suspected. Pomona suspected. Nobody really knew.

Only because she didn't have detentions for him didn't mean she was his favourite.

Only because he helped her – invisibly – didn't mean she was his favourite.

And yet, if he searched himself, she was.

Clumsy girl.

Niece of his arch-enemy. Niece of Bellatrix Lestrange. Bellatrix Black. Niece of Narcissa Malfoy, Narcissa Black.

Daughter of Andromeda Tonks – née Black.

That was sick, wasn't it?

Yes. And no.

She was lovely. And she stood up for everyone. Even for him. Ever since someone had started blurring his secrets, she had stood up for him, because she knew the truth – she knew he had been a spy – she knew because of her mother, her aunt, her other aunt.

Two of the three Black-Sisters didn't trust him.

The third did. And the niece did. She trusted him.

And it would prove to be his undoing. For a long, long time.