Edward laughed and I smacked him hard in the mouth. He flew across the room and crashed into the wall. The house shuddered and there was a very distinct Edward impression left as he slid down and slumped on the floor. He moaned and rolled over.

"Izzy baby. I think your taking this a little too far."

"What? The fact that you kissed Tanya or the fact you enjoyed it?" I snapped at him. I was seething after Tanya let slip that she had kissed Edward after I had returned to the Cullen fold. Hastily Tanya explained the situation but I still clocked her for it and then went after Edward.

He stood up brushing plaster from his shoulders and smirked.

"Jealous baby? It's kind of hot."

I rolled my eyes. Edward had changed because I had changed and for the most part it was cool. We match and all that shit. But sometimes I wish he wasn't so Goddamn cocky.

"Don't give that shit, Eddie," I sneered, "your dazzling doesn't work. Well maybe on a certain dumb strawberry blonde hussy."

"Hey," I heard Tanya yell.

"You're being a bitch Izzy," Edward murmured taking a calculated step towards me. My gaze zeroed in on the movement and I took a step back.

"You're being a douche bag Edward."

"Oo I love when you talk dirty to me."

I laughed dryly. "Funny, 'cause that would mean you're actually going to get any."

"Oh I'm going to get some Izzy. Don't worry bout that."

I saw him crouch and I saw his muscles coil, but I never saw him actually in flight. He was just to quick. Suddenly he was everywhere. I growled but he pined me under his weight. Despite my anger I felt my self surrendering.


His lips moulded to mine fierce and unforgiving. I kissed him back with just as much force taking his bottom lip in mine between my teeth and biting hard. He snarled sitting up and he slapped me. My head snapped to the side and I giggled.

God I love it when he's rough.

It never hurt. Edward could never hurt me, even if he wanted too. As a vampire I barely felt any pain. Being rough was just as exquisite as being soft.

Edward leaned back down to kiss me again but I moved my head away from his lips in an attempt to be defiant. Edwards eyes narrowed and then he smiled rather wickedly. I tried not to gulp as his teeth snapped at me ear but he noticed the movement of my throat. His grin widened.

"Do you think Tanya could ever compare to you, my love," Edward whispered lovingly into my ear. His breath washed over me drowning me in his scent.

When I didn't answer him he continued. "She can't, little one."

I snarled at his pet name but couldn't move. He had me locked down. I closed my eyes as his nose trailed softly down the length of my throat. My breath stuttered as he came to the dip between my collarbones and I felt his tongue dart out taking a long languid lick of my skin.

"No one but you can make me feel this way Izzy," he murmured pushing his erection into my leg. I moaned at the feeling. His weight lifted and my eyes snapped to his. He still sat straddled over me his hands ghosting over my shirt.

"Edward don't ri-"

The rip echoed through the room and I sighed. He never had the patience to actually take off my clothes when he was turned on. I suppose that was my fault and to a certain degree I loved it but I also liked to actually keep some of the shirts in tact. Regardless at least it gave Alice and Rose some more shopping to do.

"So, so sorry Isabella," Edward chuckled trying to be ashamed of his behaviour. I knew he didn't give a damn about it so I shrugged my shoulders and ripped his shirt off.

The fabric tore easily revealing the beautiful planes of his chest and stomach. My hands instinctively ran over them watching as the muscles tensed and released.

"It's only fair." I quirked an eyebrow at him smiling.

"Well then it's only fair to get rid of the rest of our clothes. You know so the shirts don't feel lonely."

I frowned. "Oh yes, can't let our shirts feel lonely can we?"

Within seconds the denim was being lobbed across the room as well as our underwear. I laughed as my bra hit the window with a ping. Edward grinned att me.

"So are you still angry at me?" he murmured cupping my breast and toying with my nipple. I sighed as he copied the movement with his other hand.

"No not really. But you should have told me."

He leaned down and pressed his lips on my exposed jaw line.

"Honestly love? I completely forgot. Especially with you being so beautiful."

"I suppose I am distracting."

"Very distracting."

I felt him move above me. For a moment I was disappointed. We had started out rough and fun and now the mood had changed.


I looked up at him and smiled. Edward was my life. Despite everything we had gone through together, he was it. I was happy, he was happy and our life together was happy.

"I love you Edward."

His smile almost took my breath away.

"I love you Izzy."

"Now what were you saying about being beautiful?" I hedged smiling coyly at him. He chuckled and ducked his head. I felt his breath on my neck.

"You are so beautiful."

His voice lowered as he kissed the point behind my ear.

"You are so sexy."

He licked the shell of my ear. I started to purr.

"You are so fucking naughty," he growled.

Suddenly I felt his teeth sink into the skin of my throat and at the same time he thrust into me. I screamed with ecstasy as he slid into me his venom stinging my neck but only heightening the feel of him.

"You didn't think I was going to let you get away with it did you Izzy?"

I snarled and he echoed back with one of his own. He pulled almost the entire way out before thrusting back into me. The force caused my body to grab onto him. My nails scratched down his back making him hiss.

"All's fair in love and war." I grunted and he started to pound into me. I watched him amazed that he could let himself go like this. He was so animalistic at times. His lips were curled in a snarl his body hunched over mine in a protective gesture or more probably a possessive one. I unwrapped my legs from around his waist and flipped him over.

He was momentarily stunned at the change of position but then smirked at me. He grabbed at my hips and rolled them over his. I gasped at the feeling that shot through my body.

"Oh god Izzy do you know how amazing you look? Sitting on top of me, grinding yourself all over my cock."

Holy shit…where did the dirty talk come from?

"Just as amazing as you look beneath me," I moaned as I started to move over him. His hands trailed up and down my sides before cupping my breast as my movements became more erratic.

"Oh god Izzy," edward grunted as his thumbs flicked over my nipples. I tipped my head back and squeezed my eyes shut. Edward thunbs flicked my nipples once more before he rolled them between his fingers. My climax rolled through me so hard that I didn't even feel edward pick me up and slam me into the wall.

I was vaguely aware of him grunting and hissing as he came but I was too involved in my own bliss to actually take notice.

"Izzy…Izzy? Come back to me baby."

I sighed softly as my vision returned and my eyes settled on Edward. I briefly took in my surroundings realiing that we were now on our bed in Ashland and the sun was now flittering through the window. We had been at it for well over four hours.

"I literally fucked you into a short term coma," Edward mused. I snorted and was about to reply when Emmett barrelled in.

"Seriously Edward, you barely wrecked the room…a coma is a bit far fetched for you."

I glanced down at myself silently thanking Edward for clothing me while I was 'out of it'. Despite my love for my brother I did not want him getting an eyeful of my goodies. Edward moved off the bed and I noticed he was dressed as well.

Well duh!

"Believe what you want Emmett. I just have a little more skill and finesse than you do brother.

Emmett's eyes clouded over. "Finesse this."

I watched amused as Emmett threw a punch at Edward only to have him duck before the last second. Emmett had of course put his whole weight into the puch and the momentum caused him to pitch forward smashing onto our window and part of our wall. I was up within seconds of Emmett throwing the punch pulling him back and effectively stopping him from falling out of the hole he had just created.

I quickly let go of Emmett's neck and arm and stared at the massive hole. I glanced at Edward who was equally as shocked as I was. We were not expecting that to happen.

Suddenly we heard the wind hum and we all turned to see Esme standing in ouor doorway surveying the damage with an equally shocked look on her delicate features.


Emmett glanced at me and then at Edward. "They were fucking and it got out of control. Not my fault…see ya."

And with that he jumped out of the hole and hooked it into the surrounding trees. I couldn't help but laugh.

"Seriously mom, we were fucking but Emmett caused that," Edward explained pointing at the rubble.

"Edward," Esme sighed. "Do not use that language and I know it was Emmett. However do you mind explaining the hole in the opposite wall?"

I stopped laughing and stared Edward. A dirty smirk crept on his face and I felt my irritation grow.

"He was being an ass and it got out of control. Not my fault…see ya."

I quickly launched myself out of the hole and legged it after Emmett.

"IZZY!" I heard Edward yell at me. I laughed as I ran faster to catch up with Emmett.

Hours later Edward had finally caught up with me. Needless to say he was not very impressed with my antics back at the house although Esme believed his story and didn't get angry at him.

"She didn't blow up Edward so what are you bitching 'bout?"

"That's not the point Iz,"

I laughed at the pout. "Come on Edward you're her golden child. You do no wrong in her eyes. Plus it was hell funny to see your face."

Edward rolled his eyes. "Sometimes you can act like such a teenager."

I poked my tongue out and sat down next to him. We both were perched on a large branch overlooking the beautiful forest. Despite myself I found I really enjoyed the snow now that I didn't feel the cold. I leaned my head on Edwards shoulder and sighed.

"Can you imagine what our life would have been like if I came back to you when you were eighteen."

I laughed at the thought. To be honest I hadn't really thought about it. I was wondering how much Edward had actually thought about.

"Mmmm lets see. I would of accepted you back without so much as a battering of your eyelashes."

Edward looked at me surprised. "Really!?"

I nodded, jumping higher onto the branch and looked down at him.

"You have no idea how infatuated I was with you. I swear it was sickening."


"Worse than all the boy band love in the world." I grimaced. Edward looked thoughtful.

"Mmmm that is bad." he murmured. I rolled my eyes at him and he just shook his head. His hand reached up and brushed against my cheek and I lost myself for a moment in his golden eyes.

"Ok Iz your doing the droopy puppy dog thing again." He teased.

I laughed and pushed away from him, dropping gracefully to the ground. Edward followed me second later and we began to walk through the snow.

"Well lets see now. We would of graduated high school together."

"You would of begged me to make you a vampire just so you could have your wicked way with me." I grimaced and stuck my tongue out. Edward chuckled and took my hand.

We walked in silence for a few moments before Edward stopped and turned to me.

"I would of compromised for you to marry me in order for you to get me into bed."

I chuckled. "Married at 18. God! Can you imagine what Renee and Charlie would of thought about that one?"

Our laughter echoed around us. I could imagine the old me scared shitless over Charlie threatening Edward with his gun and Renee freaking out. Edward pushed me gently and I hissed at him. Still halfway through my newborn year I was very volatile though Edward knew exactly what buttons to push. Both to rile me up and calm me down.

"Lets see," I mused trying to find a way to piss Edward off. "Jake would have been pissed off and tried to win me back possibly by feeling me up and kissing me."

"You whore," Edward said in mock disgust. I pushed him hard enough to make him stumble.

"You would of let him cause you're such a pansy."

Edward shook his head. "No I would of let him because you can't resist me."

"We would of killed Victoria ages ago." A frown flittered across his face as he tried to contemplate how it all would have happened. His frown softened before turning into a full fledged grin.

"You would have had to sit out because you were human."

"Hey I killed Victoria when I was human." I reminded him.

"Yeah but you were a bad ass by then."

I slumped my shoulders forward. It was true. If I had met Victoria when I was Bella I would have peed myself. As I trudged through the snow a thought popped into my head.

"Agreed but I would have probably made you sit out because I feared for your safety."

"Aw you really do care." He teased. I made a face at him and he playfully tackled me to the ground. I rolled over and looked up at him. His eyes danced with excitement.

"Only a little and only cause you can get me off." I giggled as he pouted.

"Okay so I sit out and my family kill Victoria."

I shook my head. "No, you would have had to kill her."

"Why me?"

"Because she was after me and I was with you. Duh!"

"Okay so what was my family doing?"

"Destroying the newborns," I said with a shrug of my shoulders. To me it was obvious.

"What?" He frowned as he rolled off me. He sat back trying to wrap his head around what I was saying. I sat up dusting the snow from my hair. I sighed softly and enveloped him in my shield to show him what I was thinking. His face smoothed out as he began to understand.

"So if you think about it… if you had come back nothing would of stopped her. She would of created her lil freaky kids earlier."

We both snorted as we tried to envision the battle seen. My sheild was still wrapped around him and the scene danced in my mind.

"Okay so Jasper would of tried to everywhere at once. And Alice would have been fine cuz she's Alice. Emmett would have been in his element."

Just then Emmett came barrelling through the tree line. I couldn't help the laughter that bubbled out of my throat. He had obviously managed to sneak back home to change. Recently Emmett had gotten it into his head that he was a mountaineer. His massive frame suited the role but there was something inherently funny about it. He wore a deep red check shirt with black fitted jeans and huge mountain boots. To cap the look off he finished it with tan suspenders and a raccoon hat which he had caught and killed himself.

Esme, being the mom she was, couldn't resist his pleas to make into a hat. Occasionally he would carry an ol style axe with him and you could hear him shout 'timber' whenever he would go a' foraging for critters. As he so eloquently put it.

"Hell yeah I would have been. I would of taken on newborns. Emmett smash."

Rose came running through and she grinned sheepishly. "Sorry guys he just got ahead of himself."

She grabbed him by one of his suspenders and started to tug at it. "Come on. I think someone's a little too over stimulated. Lets get some bear into you and off to bed."

Emmett ran around in a tight circle before barrelling back towards the house.

"Yay! Bear, bear, bear. Bed, bed, bed," he yelled before stopping dead and turning back to Rose.

"Wait, Rose does bed mean sex?"

Rose rolled her eyes at us. "He may be a dumb jock, but he's my dumb jock."

She ran off after him waving at us as she tried to reassure him that bed did in fact mean sex. I turned to Edward and laughed.

"Lets hunt my love."

I nodded and took his hand and we ran at exceptional speed trying to find our favourite prey. Mountain lion. As we ran I continued to think about what could have been.

"I would have done a beautiful wedding."

I glanced to my right and saw Jazz and Alice running through the trees.

I smiled. "Of course you would have."

She would have been a total pain in the ass too.

Edward chuckled. Alice looked at him quizzically. I grinned at her thankful that only Edward could hear my silent though. Alice clicked her tongue and glared at me.

"Don't forget I get to do your ten year anniversary wedding."

"Don't remind me," I murmured. Edward was suddenly interested in the trees. I knew he was up to something regarding our next and more appropriate wedding. Apparently Vegas was not good enough for Alice but I thought it had gone rather well actually. I sighed thankful that I had at least ten years to con it out of him.

"Anyway this game is fun," Alice squeaked her mood now as buoyant as ever.

"We would have had your wedding at the house and I would have had lillies and freesias everywhere…"

I rolled my eyes and started to ignore her. When she got like this it was hard to get her to stop. I did however notice that Jasper and Edwards eyes glazed over as well when she began to ramble.

"Oh and Edward being Edward he would have taken you to Isle Esme for your honeymoon."

Isle what?

"Isle Esme?"

Edward proceeded to tell me about Isle Esme and I chuckled. I would have loved it too.

But seriously who buys a bunch of islands?

Edward laughed. "Carlisle, of course."

"Well I would have packed your bags. Not that you would have worn anything that I would of packed anyway."

I smirked at her. "Stupid human."

Suddenly Jasper tackled me and I just dodged him punching me in the head. I growled and flipped him off me. Ever since my coming back from the dead Jasper and Emmett had a running bet on who would land the first punch. Being a newborn and me, of course, it was extremely hard for them. Seven months on neither of them came close.

"Jazz come on. I'm hungry," Alice said stomping her foot. Jazz stood instantly and grinned at me.

"Next time Izzy."

"Dream on loser."

He pointed at me and I laughed. Edward placed his hands on my waist and we watched Alice and Jazz run off.

"Okay so Isle Esme…would you have…" I trailed off thinking about our first time. I felt a hardening against my back and I realized that my shield was still wrapped around Edward and he was getting a peek at the memory too. I slipped my shield from him wanting to be alone in my thoughts.

"Pervert," I muttered. He smiled languidly at me before I prodded for an answer to my question.

He sighed loudly. "I would have tried Izzy."

I spun around and cupped his face. "Lets just say we succeeded."

He grinned. "Okay, I'll play along."

I laughed. If we weren't doing it we were talking about it and nothing made Edward more aroused then talking about it. Something suddenly struck me then and I laughed.

"Mind sharing?"

I giggled. "Lets pretend I got pregnant."

The horror that filled Edwards face caused me to tip my head back and laugh.

"Oh god Iz lets not."

"Stop being a sissy."

Edward let go of me and took a step back. His hands flew to his heads and he rubbed his scalp furiously. I continued regardless wanting to see where our imaginary past would have led.

"So we're on Isle Esme and suddenly I realize my period is late and I'm vomiting and hungry all the time…and all I want is eggs."


"Shut up. It's the only food I can distinctly remember."

"Okay eggs it is."

Edward smiled. "Okay and you tell me and I of course completely freak out and whisk you home for Carlisle to cut it out of you."

I gasped and grabbed my flat belly.

"No you won't get my little nudger."

"Little nudger?"

"That's what I'd name him. At least until he was born."


"Or her."

"Well I would get rid of that little demon spawn. It would have kill you."

"No it wouldn't and beside I'd have Rosalie on my side."

"Rose hated you back then," he said with a triumphant smile.

"Yes but if I was pregnant…" I hedged. After finding out what Rose went through as a human we both knew that the one thing she wanted was children and she would move mountains to protect a baby.

"Traitorous bitch," he muttered.

I smiled. "With Rose on my side, Emmett, Esme and Alice would have been too. Leaving Carlisle and Jazz but they wouldn't dream of going against their wives."

I win.

"Fucking chickens."

Edward turned to me. "You do realize that it would have ripped its way out of you."

"And you would have save me by biting me and turning me into a vampire." I grinned triumphantly while Edward rolled his eyes.

"And then we live happily ever after."

I scrunched up my nose. "Blah! I hate happily ever afters."

"So what would you have named our little girl?"

"A girl?"

Edward nodded picking up some snow and watching it slip through his fingers. "That's what I imagine we would have."

I nodded and then thought what 18 year old Bella would have named her daughter. I laughed as it came to me.


Edward frowned and stared at me before shaking his head. "That's weird."

"It's a combination of my two mothers."

Realization dawned on Edward as he put my logic together. "Okay so Nessie it is then."

I placed my hands on my hips and cocked my head. "As in the Lock Ness monster. You are not naming my kid after a mythical sea monster."

Edward snorted. "To late Izzy. Nessie it is."

Always trying to one up me.

I groaned. "If that's how you want to play it Edward. Lets see…yes…then Jake would have imprinted on Nessie."

"What? No way. No dog would be humping my daughter." Edward practically screeched. I laughed.

"Calm down Edward we're just playing. Besides as if any of that would of actually happened. It all sound kind of far fetched."

Edward calmed down and then laughed himself. "Yeah. Utterly ridiculous. Especially our demon spawn."

I grinned and nodded. I watched as Edward walked a bit before sitting down on a patch of visible green grass. I followed after him sitting on the snow and leaning back on my elbows. Edward copied me and we both stared into the cloudy sky.

"So your not disappointed by not having children?" Edward whispered.

I laughed. "Uh no! I hate kids anyway. They drool and whine. I could go see Jacob and the pack if I wanted that."

Edward laughed as I continued. "Besides I have Emmett. He like a perpetual four year old and Alice is your typical 16 year old teenage girl."

Edward nodded his head understanding my explaination. Suddenly he rolled on top of me forcing my elbows down and my head to hit the ground. I stared up at his golden eyes questionably. He chuckled and waggled his eyebrows at me.

"Do you want to make a baby now?"

I laughed and tried to play coy and innocent. "Oh Edward I'm not sure that I'm ready for that kind of commitment. Do you have a condom?"


I frowned and pushed him off me. "Well don't expect to have sex with me."

"Really Edward you should never try to push yourself onto a young woman. And to try and coerce her into relations with out the appropriate contraception….well I thought I taught you better than that."

I bent my head back to see Carlisle and Esme walk had in hand into view. I snickered at the fact Carlisle had called Edward out on his attempt to have 'relations' with me. He had in fact succeeded too many times today.

I sat up brushing the snow from my back and from my hair. I turned around and noticed Alice and Jasper as well. I smiled as I hopped up and Alice motioned or me to sit next to her on a recently felled tree.

Probably one of Emmett's accomplishments.

Jasper and Edward joined us and we spent the next hour just talking about our plans to visit the Denali's soon. I had missed Tanya and even though we talked a lot via today's technology it just wasn't the same. Not to mention her being very involved with Fred and me being very involved with Edward didn't help the matter.

I watched as Carlisle leant against the tree smiling down at Esme. Just then there was a rustling from the right and Emmett burst through the tree line. Butt naked. I couldn't help but laugh. He planted himself right in front of us and Alice screamed falling backwards off the log, her legs sticking up and her hands covering her eyes.

"I'm blind, Arh my eyes," she screamed. Edward and I held each other as we laughed. Despite the knife being sent off to Jacob and the pelt safely kept by Corey Alice's visions were slow to return. She also had problems adapting to them again so she didn't mind the progression of them. It gave her time to get use to them again.

Rose came stomping in after him carrying his clothes.

"Emmett McCarty Cullen. If you don't put on your clothes this minute…" Rose threatened throwing his clothes down on the ground. Emmett grinned at and placed both his hands on his hips.

He sucked in a huge breath and bellowed, "Real men go commando."

Jasper, Edward and I were gasping as we laughed. We suddenly stopped when we saw Esme's face. Pure fury laced over her delicate features. She looked so mean even I wouldn't have taken her. Carlisle had an amused look on his face as he watched his wife tremble with anger next to him.

"Carlisle Cullen," she screamed. He jumped and then took a step back as his wife turned and advanced on him. Edward was now laughing fresh silent laughter as he watched on. Jasper and I shared a look as we watched Esme advance on Carlisle.

"I told you to have a talk with him," she snarled poking him hard in the chest.

"I was going to… I am… I…," he stuttered before turning to Emmett and pursing his lips.

"Emmett we need to have a talk," he managed in a firm voice though his eyes wavered as he glanced at Esme. He motioned for Emmett to follow him into the forest with a tilt of his head. We all watched as Emmett deflated with the prospect of having another father-son chat.

"Okay," he mumbled trudging after Carlisle. Rose who watched the entire thing with a small smirk on her face and her arms cross watched as the two disappeared before walking carefully over to Esme.

"Esme lets go…bake some cookies for the children's hospital," she cooed to her guiding her back in the direction of the house like she was a ticking time bomb. The anger that coursed through her suddenly disappeared at the suggestion and she smiled up at Rose.

"Oh that is a lovely idea Rosalie."

When they were gone I turned to Jasper. "Really Jasper that wasn't fair."

Jasper shook his shoulders. "Hey when you have lived for as long as I have you take what entertainment you can get. Even if I have to tweak it a bit."

Jasper chuckled as he stood up and shook his head. He stared down at Alice who had not moved throughout the whole ordeal. He jumped over the tree and picked his wife up by the waist. I laughed when she still refused to move from her frozen position. Her legs stuck straight out her body ridgid while her hands covered her eyes.

"Come on honey lets see if we can find some sulphuric acid to wash out your eyes then maybe we can…"he trailed off suggestively. Alice went limp in his arms and he let her down. She glared up at him.

"Jasper how can you think of that after what I just witnessed?" she moaned as her hands flung around her at alarming speeds. Jasper looked at me and mouthed 'a little help here.'

Horny little empath.

"Hey Alice? I was thinking maybe tomorrow you and I go shopping all day, then you know spa treatment , the works."

Alice's face lit up and she nodded before grabbing Jazz and dragging him to the direction of the house.

"I'm gonna maul you so bad Jazz for being that sneaky." I heard her mutter. Edward leaned into me and I felt his breath on my neck.

"Jasper says thank you."

I rolled my eyes. "Whatever at least we are alone now."

I straddled the log and leaned back into Edwards embrace. He kissed the top of my head and we watched as the sky darkened and began to change into it muted tones.

"It's twilight love. it's the safest time," Edward murmured into my hair. I giggled.

"How come I do not feel very safe in your arms?" I said snuggling deeper against him. I felt Edward scoff.

"You're just a weird."

I smiled softly and watched as the stars start to come out against the darkening sky. I sighed softly.

"I love you Eddie."

I felt Edward chuckle beneath me. "I love you Bella."

Somewhere in the distance we heard Emmett growl.

"For fucks sake Edward. You married the woman…Her. Name. Is. Izzy!"

Authors Last Notes:

I would like to thank each and every one of you for taking this little fic and embracing it. I wasn't entirely sure on how Izzy and my Emmy bear would be accepted but you fell head over hells for them and for that I am eternally grateful.

Watch out for the sequel...which will come in the new year after the birth of my baby!