Everything belongs to Stephenie Meyer, and the ancient Greeks. Please review.

Many words come to mind when the name Bella Swan is mentioned. Sweet, loving, clumsy, and danger magnet often come to mind. Most people, however, do not know the most important thing about Bella. Isabella Marie Swan died three years before Bella moved to Forks.

Perhaps I should start from the beginning. In this particular case, that beginning lies deep in mythology. It all started with a box, and a woman's curiosity. This woman's name was Pandora. She was the wife of the Titan Prometheus. The gods created her for Prometheus as a punishment, disguised as a gift. They also Gave Prometheus a box that contained the plagues of the Earth, an also in the box was hope. Pandora, while not a bad woman, was incredible curios about everything, including the box. One day, while Prometheus was away, Pandora opened the box, releasing the plagues upon mankind. She closed the box before hope could escape. Now is where the Greeks got the story wrong. Long after Pandora opened the box, many years latter in fact, The gods made an important decision. They decided to honor Prometheus for his brilliant creation by making Pandora a goddess of plagues and of hope. Not long after that things between Pandora and Prometheus fall apart and divorce. Pandora remains a minor goddess for centuries before deciding to settle down with one of Aphrodite's children, a girl named Renee, after her daughter Isabella dies at the age of fourteen on a car crash. Latter Pandora moved to Forks, Washington to live with Renee's ex husband Charlie. While there Pandora pretends to be the dead Isabella. She keeps up this act until she discovers that an army of new born vampires lead by an enemy, Victoria, is going to attack the people whom she loves. Nothing will ever be the same again.