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I opened my mouth, than closed it again. How would I explain all of this to them? Especially to Bree? Unless her dad already told her. But even then, would she want me there if she knew that her mother had left her when she was a baby? And what about Rosalie? She already hated me, how would she feel if she knew I had been lying to her family all this time?

I took a deep breath. They deserved to know the truth. They had told me their secret, now I would tell them mine.

"I think all of us need to talk," I began. "There are some things I need to tell you about."

The Cullens wore matching looks of confusion on their faces. Bree looked lost, surrounded by a sea of strangers in an unfamiliar place. I knew this must be hard for her.

"well, I'm sure all of you have noticed some strange things going on lately. At this I got a few nods.

"How much do you know about Greek mythology?" I asked. I saw a confused look pass over the faces of the people sitting in front of me.

"Bella, I don't see what this has to do with anything, but all the kids have taken mythology classes in school and Carlisle and I have also studied the subject," Esme replied.

"Yes, the ancient Greeks made up gods and goddesses to explain how things work in the world," Carlisle added.

"That's not entirely true," I said as I watched the looks of confusion on everyones faces.

"what do you mean?" asked Jasper.

I took a deep breath and took a moment to mentally prepare myself for their response. "The Greek gods are real. They live on top of the empire state building. The mail man you saw earlier was Hermes, and he was delivering a message from Zeus.' I said this all very fast. Carlisle and Esme shared a look.

"Bella, in sure that this is just stress from the war with Victoria, but creating a fantasy world is a negative way of dealing with the stress," Carlisle began slowly, like he was speaking to a first grader.

"None of you believe me, do you?" I asked, not offended. In their position the idea of me making it up was the most logical explanation to them, I would know, I had to go through this with every boyfriend I had ever had, not that I just go from man to man, but when you have been around as long as I have, the number adds up.

The Cullens looked a little unsure what to say, except for Alice who was waiting for me to continue on, while Bree still just looked lost. Edward gave me a supporting nod that did not go unnoticed by his family.

"if you don't believe me, then ill just have to prove it." Before anyone could say anything I allowed myself to transform into my usual form that I would use around mortals in on the whole secret. I heard a crash and saw that Emmet had fallen out of his chair. All the rest were just staring at me with wide eyes, all but Bree. So she did know. Not really surprising. You see, when demigods turn about eleven, they start attracting monsters. After that most are sent to a summer camp that specializes in training demigods to control their power and how to stay alive. There they would train, though few actually made it out of their twenties. When you have monsters chasing you all the time, its not surprising so few survive. I knew what it felt like to lose a child. Since demigods are not immortal, they all die eventually. I quickly shoved away that thought, to many bad memories. I'm just glad Bree is still here. Suddenly Emmet stands up.


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