Title: You're Low Fat (Well, I'm Working on That)

Rating: G?

Word Count: 390

Characters/Pairings: Buffy, Angel. Buffy/Angel.

Genre: Fluff; Romance.

Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy, the Vampire Slayer or Angel and their characters.

Warning: This is unbeta-ed. But it should be a-okay to read considering English is my first language and all... Nevertheless, even though I reread it, if someone notices a mistake (typo or other), let me know and I'll fix it.

Summary: →"And are you aware of cholesterol? That's the stuff of badness I was talking about before." --- A moment in the Buffy/Angel relationship, post-Shanshu.

"You know, being human's not all about lollipops and candy canes. There are … consequences and stuff of badness."

"There a reason you're telling me this?" he asks, forcing a piece of chocolate into Buffy's mouth.

"Mmm," Buffy tries speaking with closed lips and a set of chewing teeth. "See, right there, that's milk chocolate."

"I know," Angel smiles. "It's my favorite."

"As is strawberry ice cream, bacon and eggs, and cheeseburgers with double the cheese, if I recall correctly."

Angel nods excitedly.

"And are you aware of cholesterol? That's the stuff of badness I was talking about before."

A big smirk turns into a hearty laugh.

"What's so funny?" Buffy inquires, half-amused herself.

"Just glad to see that some things about you still haven't changed; still following trends, Buffy? Never figured you as a health-freak, though."

Buffy pushes him playfully and he bumps into their picnic basket, spilling over wrapped packages. "I am not a health-freak … or a trend-follower – that makes me sound like a mindless zombie, and zombies, need I remind you, are pretty much stupid and icky," she adds for good measure.

She breathes in deeply as Angel's restoring the sealed food to the basket. "Look, remember when you first turned human and we spent the entire day in the sun? Remember how sunburned you got?"

"How could I forget? The sensation afterward nearly drove me crazy … again."

"And remember how we filed 'too much sun without protection' under the list of badness? This is kind of the same thing. 'Cause high cholesterol's way evil and you just need to …" Buffy eyes Angel chomping on a BLT, "… control yourself."

Angel frowns. "Do you think there's a demon that has power or hold over cholesterol or something? Maybe we can kill it?"

Buffy pouts. "Doubtful. I think the apocalypse kinda took care of all the demons."

He sets down his sandwich and sighs. "Well, I've finally got a beating heart. Guess it'd be a shame if it stopped earlier than it should."

"You know, the world has some yummy fat-free cookies and other healthy foods we can eat instead. Trust me, the sacrifice will be totally worth it," Buffy says with a sweet smile and plants a wet kiss on his lips.

Angel's grin widens, spanning from cheek to cheek. "It already has been."


+ Title shamelessly stolen from InsideOut A capella's Peanut Butter and Jelly. The song is absolutely adorable!

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+ Enjoy, everyone!