A young girl stood silently on a grey rooftop hidden by the darkness of night. Her clear blue eyes shone with excitement as she saw her first victim, a man in his mid-forties who seemed like a rich nobleman, smirking to herself she jumps of the roof as quiet as a black cat, waiting until he was alone, she continued to trail after him. The man feeling as if he was being followed soon broke into a run. Turning his head he caught a glimpse of a girl, wearing a black traveler's coat which hid her face, running in the shadows beside him. Seeing her weapon at her side, his face paled as he realized who it was, Queen of Hearts, the most feared thief in all of Hollow Bastion. She was able to steal anything she wanted, including hearts.

She could feel him becoming tired and was soon bored of this game of cat and mouse. Without wasting anytime she pulled out her long sword, gripping it in both hands, she suddenly seemed to disappear, only to reappear in front of the man, before he could even scream, he was already dead, sliding her sword back into its sheath, she stared down at the now still body, watching a pool of blood forming around him, no emotions showing in her eyes for the sin she had committed, taking all his possessions she disappears without a trace, leaving the dead body alone in the cold night.

The next morning a girl about sixteen wearing a school uniform quietly listened to the gossip around her, amused at what she heard. Dodging her way through the crowd of people, she over hears a bunch of girls her age talking about last night events and how the infamous thief had struck again. Laughing to herself she continues on her way, tucking a strand of her long auburn hair behind her ear before disappearing into the crowd.