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Chapter I
A Suspicious Shard

The Forerunner Crystal. It was an object of power, of mystique; it was something that both sides of the war were after. Beneath the stronghold of Reach, it was found under fire by the UNSC's greatest mind and it's greatest hero, Doctor Halsey and Master Chief. Rather than let it fall into the hands of the Covenant it was destroyed; the glittering dust and shards were lost to the nothingness of slipspace. The crystal bended reality itself and if one could harness it's power, they could transport themselves through time and space— an object that would turn the tide of war in someone's favor, permanently.

Although its precious pieces were lost, both sides struggled to find even the tiniest shard. One was already possessed by the Covanent, an alliance of alien races bound by religious fervor and bent on the genocide of all who disagreed.

The search went on.

One thing neither party could do, however, was travel back in time where one shard had landed—in the year 2009.

: - - - :

On a street, a long yellow school bus turned right toward a small grouped-together neighborhood just outside the edge of down. Inside was a young boy of around sixteen sat on a seat near the front. He had headphones and was readying himself for hopping off the bus. When the bus finally stopped, he got up but f0und himself blocked by someone's leg.

"Excuse me," he said impatiently.

"Why? Did you fart?" the annoying kid with a bowl-cut asked.

The older one glared and kicked the legs aside forcefully making his way off the bus. As he walked down the aisle he turned and stepped down the first step, only to slip and stumble forward, twisting around to try and grab something. Unfortunately, there was nothing to grab.

"Whaa!" A shout of surprise was heard as the teenage boy fell backwards from a school bus, landing on green grass that lined the road.

"You alright?" the female bus-driver asked cautiously, having to nearly shout over the combination of screaming and laughing High- and Middle-school-ers.

"Yeah," Corey grumbled, stood up angrily and put his black satchel in its place on his shoulder. He promptly ignored the bus driver's second comment, turning to pick up the binder and notebook that had landed behind him and served as a very uncomfortable half-cushion. The bus drove on, receiving another glare from the young man thoroughly annoyed at the pain in his backside and the obnoxiously loud bus engine.

Corey slipped his headphones into his ears, hoping to be able to drown out his bad mood with some loud pop music. He looked up to the sky; it was May, but today was rather cloudy. It was what made Washington State so attractive, near-constant rain and clouds. Corey, unlike most people he knew enjoyed the clouds and rain. Yes, Washington was the perfect place for him. He always considered himself a cold person—he preferred iced coffee over hot coffee on most occasions and would sooner eat some ice cream then a warm slice of pie.

After all of his school things were situated, his bag on his shoulder and the binder and notebook tucked under his arm, Corey strolled the pavement toward his home. The ground was quickly changed when he turned onto the gravel road that led home but something caused him to stop dead in his tracks. Corey paused, looking wide-eyed at the significant hole that was now occupying about ten square feet on the left side of the road.

"There's a hole in my road," he said in stunned disbelief. The crater was smoking and Corey simply stood at its edge gaping and staring at it. There was no one around so Corey was alone and being his curious self decided he should investigate.

Corey let his stuff fall to the ground and walked forward into the hole. It only barely came up to the middle of his calves and planted in the center was a small blue shimmering shard that was no bigger than his index finger. Since the blue was such a contrast to the rock around it, it was the first thing that caught Corey's eye.

His first thought was that it was very beautiful, and the second was of how peculiar it looked. It almost had a glow to it, as if it were phosphorescent. He slipped it into his pocket, deciding Why not keep it?

Looking around, Corey was pondering where his hole came from. It was black and scorched, so maybe it was a crater? Maybe the stone in his pocket was an alien artifact! Maybe a new type of gem he could sell for millions! Or maybe it was a government conspiracy from Area 51!

Yes, Corey decided, That must be it! Or, maybe it was from Big Foot. Corey toyed with the endless possibilities on the way home.

When he reached the gray and white mobile home that sat near the end of the road, Corey was plotting how to tell his mother about this extraordinary find and potential riches. He pulled it out of his pocket and examined it some more, admiring it.

He set his stuff down by the door. He could hear his mother's sewing machine from her room—it was her job and hobby so she spent a lot of time in that room. Not that Corey minded because he still saw her every morning when she dropped him off at school and at dinner. He sauntered into the room which was in the hall next to the kitchen.

"So," he said, leaning on the side of the door; it was his usual spot when greeting his mother. "There was a large hole in the road today."

His mother looked up from her quilter, now curious. "What?"

"Yeah. It was like, huge!" Corey motioned with his hands.

"Well, how did it get there?"

"Don't know. But I think it's a government conspiracy or an alien crater or Big Foot!" Corey chattered quickly like he normally did when he was excited. He pulled out his shard to show her.

"Wow," she said, standing and crossing to look at the shard closer. "What do you think it is?"

"Not sure, but I don't think it's dangerous." Corey said, peering at it. "It's not like it'll transport me onto a different planet or the future or something."

: - - - :

In a place called Blood Gulch, the Blue Base was all in a huff about a strange new object found out near the empty shell of a tank that was once Sheila. Well it was mostly in a huff, but most members just didn't care. Inside they stood around the table, looking at the sapphire shard that Caboose was holding in his fingers and grinning at.

"It's so pretty!" he said, grinning on.

"Yes, Caboose. You've said that already." Tucker said, rolling his eyes.

"Question is, what is it?" Church inquired.

"It's so pretty!" Caboose said again.

"Shut up, Caboose!" Church and Tucker both said simultaneously.

There was a small pause in which the five Blue team members stood around the table.

"It looks like it might be a gem!" Sister declated, examining it closely.

"No shit." Church mumbled.

"I bet it would make a kickass ring, though!" Sister continued, snatching it from a now devastated Caboose and setting it on her finger.

"It could've come from space. There aren't any gems like that around here. Not even in the caves," decided Doc.

"Well, whatever." Church said, "I don't really give a fuck. I'll be in my room."

With that Church left, leaving the other four Blue members standing without conversation. Sister tossed the shard on the table and trailed after him. Soon the not-so-crowded crowd dissipated into a one-man crowd, but since the one man left was Caboose it was more of one half-man crowd.

"It's so pretty." Caboose mumbled again.

: - - - :

Corey sat down at the computer, the blue shard that was now his new favorite item sat comfortably in his pocket. Corey switched the monitor on, plugged his headphones into the speaker. His fingers tapped the keyboard, opening a special little site called YouTube where he began watching videos of his favorite machinima, Red vs Blue. It was the last five episodes he was watching – 0f course he had watched them all before, but what was the harm in watching them again? It was after all, one of his favorite past times.

As he started to watch the first episode, Corey took out the shard and set it in front of the computer. As he watched the screen the shard's reflections of helmets and weaponry glinted off its facets. He barely noticed the faint light in its sapphire depths.

The last episode ended and Corey grinned. He closed the internet window as the computer's built-in clock read '10:00 PM': definitely time to head to bed. He switched the computer monitor off and picked up the shard, along with his phone and headed down the hall behind him and into his bedroom.

Corey yawned and sat down on the bed. He plugged in his phone to its charger and set the blue shard next to it before switching off the light and crawled into bed. He was on his side pondering his life when he looked up at the crystal. It was giving off a soft blue light around the room.

"Wow," he mumbled, staring at the artifact. After a few seconds he decided he was too tired to really care, rolled over and soon fell asleep.

A few hours of sleep was all he got until a loud vibration filled the room and he jerked awake. Corey instantly believed it to be his cell-phone, that someone was actually texting him at one o'clock on a Saturday morning!

"Who dares," he mumbled angrily, rolling over. It wasn't even his phone, it was the shard! That was when he realized he didn't just hear the vibration, but he felt it. It was vibrating down his desk, through the floor and in the bed, jarring his body. He stopped, wide-eyed and frightened at what was happening. The shard was glowing and shaking violently. It pulsed, burning brighter and brighter until all Corey could do was shield his eyes against the final blazing flash of cyan.

: - - - :

Just as soon as the light had come, it was gone. Corey found himself curled up, eyes closed, shaking from fright more than the vibration of the shard. After a few seconds and deciding it was safe he opened his eyes. It was pitch black but when he saw the crystal it somehow made him feel better, even if its radiance had faded to a weak smoldering shine.

Corey sat up, swinging his legs to the cold floor and flinched, expecting—or what it hoping?—for the carpet of his bedroom. He looked around and reached again for the crystal which sat on a table covered in something that felt to him like paper. He tried squinting, using the crystal's feeble light to see. He walked around the table and pawed the dark in front of him trying to find a wall. When his hands met something solid he was surprised to find it was the same material as the floor.

What the..? Was he in an alien ship somewhere in space, or a government facility? Or maybe Big Foot's cave high in the Arkansas mountains?!

Sweat began to bead on his forehead as panic set in. He didn't know where he was so that meant he didn't know how to get home. There had to be a light switch somewhere around here! Corey looked frantically but he couldn't see! He groped around along the wall until he finally found the switch. He flicked it on and fluorescent lighting buzzed to life. Corey couldn't contain a small sigh of relief at some sign of technology. That ruled out the Big Foot cave…unless Big Foot was smart.

Letting his eyes adjust, Corey could see he was in a large round room. On one side was a three-seated couch that was dark red in color. It was where Corey realized he was sitting earlier, and in front of it was a coffee table covered in papers and food wrappers. The place was rather messy. There were two more chairs on either side of the couch and a bookcase on the far side of the wall. Then there were two doorways at different ends of the room, one next to Corey and one opposite the couch. One led down a dark hallway and the other next to Corey led to a kitchen-like area.

"Crap," Corey whispered awkwardly. He walked around a bit, searching, trying to see what the rest place looked like. He snuck down the hall, lined by four closed doors and at the end a walk in closet swinging on its hinge. Inside was the usual, towels and laundry type items. The washer and dryer looked old and rustic, like they haven't been used in a few months… or years. He flicked on a light in the hall and fluorescent lights popped on above him. There was another door wide open leading to a large bathroom area.

"Hold it right there," a voice growled behind him.

Chikt chikt.

Corey turned to the noise only to meet with the barrel of a shot-gun.

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