A/n: Hey everyone, I know that it had been forever since I have updated but I was playing on my computer the other day and came across this story. I don't quite like the way that it was written so I am going to rewrite it with some new ideas. I hope you all like it.

Summery: Two stories mingled together. Two stories will change the ending to both. When Fakir finds a book of letters written by a princess from another story the two stories fall into mayhem because this isn't just any princess, Mytho knows her.

Prologue: The final letter

I could hear everything circling around me like a snowstorm but I pushed everything out of my mind as I wrote with rage. I could hear the gun shots that were most likely killing my adoptive family and cried in my mind. I watched as my messing handwriting indented the page of thin parchment and singed my name in a messy signature.

I slammed the book shut and locked the lock just as the banging began on my door.

"Give us the book!" The deep voice of the monsters rang through the heavy wood. I knew that the door and the dresser would not keep the monsters at bay for long so I quickly grabbed the book and the several pre-organized envelopes and shoved them in my bag. I ran to my window and shoved out the screen. Taking one last look around the room that I had become so fond of I jumped and sprite into the forest just as my home went up in flames.

I crept slowly through the forest until I came to the window of my best friend. She would do what I asked of her and she would do it without question. I peeked through the glass and found her asleep in her bed. I laid my most treasure book on her window seal and left the thick envelope that contained my instructions. With a heavy heart I slowly backed away from the house and ran as fast as I could.

As I ran I could feel the eyes of the forest creatures on me. They knew the plan and they would keep it. I heard the sound of soaring wings rush through the sky and saw out of the corner of my eye the falcon that I loved so dearly. Goodbye my brother.

One would have thought that the story would have ended when Mytho kissed Rue and everything became as it should have been. Now sitting in ballet class and absently listening to Neko-sensei was the knight Fakir, the princess Rue, the prince Mytho, and the one who became princess Tutu, Ahiru. They had thought that now the story was over they would go on with their lives. But they were oh so wrong because they had a whole new story to play a part in. A story where they would find their counterparts.

It was during this class that Mytho grabbed his heart and clenched his eyes shut. It was in this class that Mytho pushed Rue away. It was in this class that Mytho saw the girl running through the forest and knew that he had no choice but to save her. Because he knew her from somewhere.

Fakir paced through the library trying to find something useful that would help explain Mytho's sudden distaste for Rue. Something had happed that had cut the bond that linked the two together. Then he saw it. Hidden in the deepest and darkest part of the library was a thick book that stuck out from the others. He grabbed it and ran his fingers over the soft leather cover that was engraved with strange markings.

Deciding this was good enough Fakir left the library and made his way to the dorm where Ahiru and Mytho were waiting and wondering what the hell was going on.