A new set of drabbles. My summer project: a drabble for every episode of Bones, S1-S4. Here's the first one. See if you can guess what moment I'm talking about. (Booth's POV, by the way.)

Dedicated to DBCrazy for her inspiration and awesome reviewership.

He tells himself he first noticed her eyes because they've been beaming death at him since the beginning. But the reality is that he thinks they're (shhh) kinda pretty. They're a really intense blue; he can't quite name the color. At this moment, they're right in his face and it's disturbing him that he's turned on. Not that she's not attractive, but they don't like each other. The absolute best feeling they have for each other is grudging respect. He shifts, hoping she doesn't notice that he's currently harboring a slightly different emotion. She's smirking. He suspects she realizes anyway.