I had no idea what I had gotten myself into. I told Susan how I felt and was overjoyed when she felt the same. Now, I think I should've kept it to myself and let her go with Peter. Our relationship would be so much better if I was human like her. We kissed now and then, but it wasn't anything passionate seeing that I am half cockroach. Link would cast me grins every time I so much as sigh at the sight of her. B.O.B congratulated me on my braveness and said Susan and I could double date with him and the jello anytime we like. Yes, things are definitely getting a little too complicated.

I was nervous. Absolutely nervous. Susan decided it was finally time to tell her parents about the two of us. What would they say? What would I say? To make matters worse, Link and B.O.B tagged along to see how everything would turn out.

"Susan, my dear…" I said during the trip on Insectoasaurus.


"I don't think this is a good idea." It came out easier than I first thought.

"Oh, don't worry, Doc." She told me in her comforting voice. "Everything will be fine."

"Let's hope so." Link muttered, patting Insectosaurus's back. He gave a screech. "Yeah, you like that, don't you?"

"Link, you need a girlfriend." B.O.B spoke up, that got him a cold glare. "What?"

"Shut up, would ya?!" He was bitter. My heart nearly stopped when I saw that we closing in on her house. Oh, why did this have to happen to me? Why couldn't I have fallen in love with someone a little more…. Well… a little more like me, I suppose. She didn't call her parents, which makes me even more scared. I just hope no one grabs a broom and hits me with it. My antennas trembled at the thought. Susan sighed happily when we finally landed in her front yard. She smiled and starting jumping in place.

"Susan!" I yelled, trying to keep hold of Instecosaurus.

"Ooops…" She stopped and giggled. "Sorry, Doctor. I'm just so happy!"

"That makes one of you." I heard Link say. I nudged him in the ribs. If she knew I wasn't happy about being here and meeting her parents… properly this time…. Why, it would just devastate her and I couldn't put her through that. Her parents obviously felt the rumbling and ran outside to see what was going on.

"Susan, honey!" Her mother yelled.

"Hi, mommy!" Susan replied, carefully hugging the two of them.

"What are you doing here?" Her father asked, surprised by our sudden visit.

"There's something I want to tell you guys." Everyone aside from me sat around Susan in the yard. I was sitting nervously on Susan's shoulder, trying my best not to faint. Oh, I feel lightheaded. "After Derek, I thought I would never find love again…. But I did!"

"Oh, honey, you did?!" Her mother squealed in happiness. Once she finds out it's me, she's going to be squealing in terror. "Who is it, darling?"

"Ummm…." Her eyes looked at me. She was trying to indicate that it was me. When her parents didn't get it, she sighed. "He's sitting on my shoulder." She finally said.

"Oh!" Mrs. Murphy clamped both hands to her mouth.

"Susan!" Her father said, getting up abruptly. "I can't allow this. Though you may not be a normal sized human, you are still human!" I scattered down Susan's arm and jumped next to Link. If things went wrong, he was my bodyguard.

"I'm sorry if I'm being a bother, Mr. Murphy." I knew this was a bad idea.

"Listen…" Mrs. Murphy finally removed her hands from her mouth and pointing at me with a shaky finger. "You make Susan another one of those pills. Make her enough to last a lifetime, so whenever she feels like she's getting bigger, she can take it. Or better yet, you can make one that will have permanent effects."

"Mrs…." I started, but she sighed too loudly for me to talk any further. "If that's what you wish…."

"Good! You come back here when you're finished." Her father yelled. "Now leave!"

"Let's go, you guys."

"What?" Link yelled, grabbing my arm to stop me from going anywhere. "You're not going anywhere, Doc! You are not leaving without a fight!"

"Link…. Please."

"No!" He let go of me and marched up to Susan's father. "You've got some nerve! Would you rather she got back together with Derek?"

"Well…" He began.

"NOOO!!" B.O.B screamed, running into Susan. "Derek's a two-timing jerk! I hate him!"

"Daddy, please…" Susan pleaded.

"No!" Her father said one last time. "Now you monsters, leave!" Link was glued to the spot, glaring Carl down. It took him a while to decide that it was getting boring here and we left on Insectorasaurus, who was screeching sadly as we made our way back to the monster prisons. Oh, I knew this was a bad idea. I just knew it.