Susan. I took a step forward, anger and fear both filling up my body. I was relieved she was still alive, but seeing her chained up to the wall frightened me. Link kept his hand on my shoulder, probably so I wouldn't do anything too rash.

"Doc…" He whispered. "He hasn't noticed us yet. He's too intent on getting the quantonium from Susan."

"Let's keep it that way." I replied. If Gallaxhar noticed us, he would probably not hesitate in hurting her.

"HEY!" B.O.B. broke the silence much to our dismay. Gallaxhar turned around, still holding that tool tightly.

"Intruders!" He growled. He turned his attention away from us and back to Susan. "You thought you could defeat me more than once, girl?" She couldn't talk, so all she did was mumble incoherently. Tears were filling her beautiful blue eyes. It wasn't out of fear of her dying… It was out of fear that we would get hurt. Why did she care so much about us? She needed to care about herself right now!

"That's it!" I heard Link yell. He did some sort of ninja-type move and kicked Gallaxhar right in the face. "ALRIGHT! TAKE THAT, YOU FILTHY ALIEN!" Gallaxhar growled and wiped the blood trickling from his lips.

"Computer, get rid of them!"

"Yes, Gallaxhar." The computer replied. Moments later, many guns and lasers were pointing at us. No. I wasn't going to give up that easily!

"Link!" I ran to his side and whispered in his ear. He grinned and nodded. He put his fingers to his mouth and whistled. Seconds later, Insectosaurus came bursting in, screeching. Gallaxhar was distracted from Susan at the giant butterfly in his control room. That gave me time to jump onto her shoulder and get the chains off. Alien chains were no match for my inventions. She ripped off the tape that prevented her from speaking.

"Susan, are you alright?" I asked, my voice more relieved than scared.

"Y-yes." She dabbed her tears with her sleeves. "Thank you… so much."

"You don't have thank me. I would've done it anyway. Let's go." She picked Link, B.O.B., and me up and we got onto Insectosaurus's back. Gallaxhar ran after us. Susan, who was feeling braver than before, punched me straight in the face that caused him to hit the controls.

"Self destruct in thirty seconds." The computer said.


"Hahahahaha!" Link laughed. "Let's go, buddy!" Insectosaurus screeched loudly and we flew all the way to Susan's house.

When we arrived, I took a piece of quantonium from my pockets that Gallaxhar managed to get out of Susan's body. I connected it with a ring I had been planning on giving her for a while now.
"Susan, darling…" But before I could finish, someone yelled.

"Susan!" That voice sounded oddly familiar. Peter was running towards us. "Hey! You guys, THAT WAS SO COOL! You were all wham and then you were all boom! Oh, dude, it was awesome!"

"Yes…" I muttered. "Thank you."

"Susan!" Someone else yelled.

"Derek?" She asked, sounding surprised.

"Derek?!" Sure enough, Derek was running with a notepad in his hands. He wants an interview, doesn't he?

"Susan, hi." He said when he reached us. "Listen, I'm sorry for how I treated you. I really want us to be together again."

"Again?" She repeated. I could hear the hopefulness in her voice.

"Greg…." Rachel managed to find me. "Please, let us be together! I was so stupid for not realizing it."

"I can't." I replied, seeing Susan's shocked face at Rachel's words. I went to her. "I can't."

"Same goes for me, Derek." Susan said, looking into my eyes. "Thank you, Doctor. You saved my life."

"You're worth saving, my dear." She smiled and I leaned in for a kiss.

"Hey!" A voice yelled, causing us to jump apart before our lips met.

"Oh, Mr. and Mrs. Murphy." I said, my hands shaking. "I'm sorry. I know you told me to stay away from her. But, when I heard Gallaxhar had taken her, I…" Mrs. Murphy took my hands and looked at me.

"You have my blessing." She said, with a smile, which caused me to smile as well.

"Thank you." Mr. Murphy slowly came up to me.

"Anyone who would risk their life to save my daughter, gets my blessing as well."

"Thank you… so very much."

"Oh, daddy!" Susan smiled.

"Darling…" I handed her the ring. "This can hold your quantonium. You can become Ginormica by choice." She put it on and became smaller. Once she was small, she threw her arms around my neck and kissed me. Our kiss was more passionate than it had ever been.

"I brought this for you." I heard Rachel say to B.O.B. She handed him the jello.

"JELLO!" B.O.B. yelled, taking it. "I MISSED YOU TOO!"

"Come on…" Link said, gruffly. "Let's go home."

"Well…" B.O.B. said. "I'm sorry you can't find a girlfriend."

"Shut up!"

"Link!" Katie, a friend of Susan's yelled, running and throwing her arms around him. "I missed you."

"WOW… Well, would you look at that, B.O.B.!"

"Are we going or not?" I sighed, crossing my arms.

"Let's go." Link said. "I'll see you when we come back, okay?"

"Okay…" Katie said, kissing his cheek. "Bye."

"Rachel…" I took her hands in mine. "I'm sorry. I'm sure you'll find someone."

"I know I will. Bye, Greg." She sighed and smiled. "It was great seeing you."

"Yes. It was great seeing you as well." Susan said her goodbyes to her parents, Derek, and Peter and took my hand. We got onto Insectosaurus and we flew back to the prison. Everything turned out great for all of us. And if Gallaxhar ever came back, we'd be ready.

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