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Ch.1 - A tournament

"You asked to see us?" A male walks into a throne room. Kurama, a silver kitsune youkai in human form with deep red hair and light green eyes looks up at the male seated in the chair before him.

"I did." Yusuke, Raizen's heir, now the Lord of the East of Makai, a male with black hair cascading down his back, dark green eyes and various markings on his body sits in the throne chair. "I need you and Hiei to help me with something important."

"Hn." A black blur appears in the room next to Kurama, revealing a short male with jet black hair set up to defy gravity with a white starburst in the center and blood red eyes, a white bandana around him forehead. "I cannot be summoned like a dog demon. If we were not team mates, do know that you would be dead right now." He threatens.

"Now Hiei, that's not a nice way to greet Yusuke after we haven't seen him in quite a while." Kurama puts a calming hand on Hiei's shoulder just to make sure that the hybrid isn't going to kill their friend. "What is it you need from us Yusuke?"

"I want to hold a tournament. I need to find a bodyguard for Kaiko. I can't go to any of the Lord meetings without knowing that she's safe. I need to find a strong male that will stay with her 24/7."

"And you called us why?" Hiei states in annoyance.

"Because I need you guys to deal with the teams that come to compete. We're going to tell them that the winner will be awarded with a title and a place in the youkai courts. They will have their own small army along with any weapons and provisions they will need. Depending on how strong they are, as in if they can survive 10 minutes with me, they will also be paid."

"You called me all the way over here to host a tournament for you!?!" Hiei glares at the new demon lord. "You should've just called that stupid toddler instead of wasting my time." He turns to leave but Kurama stops him. "What now?"

"We may find some new opponents by hosting this tournament. You might actually find a new training partner so that I may finally visit my mother." Kurama suggests.


"Why don't we help out our dear friend Yusuke? I'm sure if we help him, should we ever need it, that he will be willing to help us in turn. He'd owe us a favor." Kurama prods the hybrid.

"Hn. Whatever." Hiei takes the time to walk out of the room.

"Yusuke." Kurama turns to the demon lord. "You need to establish rules for this tournament of yours. Like, how many team members are allowed and how many teams you would like to compete."

"Alright. How about, the same rules there were at the Dark Tournament except I want 2-man teams. That way if one of them refuses to guard Kaiko there's another one and if they both want the job then I know that she's definitely safe with 2 strong males guarding her."

"Very well. Does Kaiko know about this tournament yet?"

"… Not yet. But I'll tell her as soon as I know that everything is being handled."

"That means you're not going to tell her." Kurama turns to leave. "Please give her my apologies for not staying longer but as you may have heard earlier I am overdue to visit my mother."

Yusuke watches the fox leave and goes back to staring at the ceiling before a human girl with light brown hair and determined hazel eyes comes charging through the doors. –And just when I thought I was finally going to have a few minutes of silence. Here she comes.-

"Yusuke Urameshi! What is this!?!" The girl shoves something into his face. It takes him a few seconds before he realizes it's a small poster for his tournament. "I don't need to be babysat and watched all the time ya know! I can take care of myself just fine! I don't need a hoard of demons to kill each other over who will win your favor!"

"I want to know that you're safe when I'm not around! I'm trying to look out for you! And as my mate you're the Lady of the East! You should act more like a lady instead of my mother!"

"Well can't I at least have a female bodyguard? I want to be able to go shopping with someone!"

"So we find a gay demon. Not that hard. But then again, those types are probably weak. You'll just have to deal with the tough guys. Besides, they'll be weaker than me anyways."