Ch.25 – The Closure

"…You're asking me… really?"

"There's no one else who could provide such entertainment…" Youko purrs as he runs a hand through her hair. "No one else would dare bond Hiei and I of all demons… No one else who would love both of us; given what we are… No one else –"

"You're taking too damn long fox." Hiei pulls Kagome over, one hand wrapping around her waist and the other rests on the back of her neck as he proceeds to slant his lips over hers, kissing her senseless. It takes Youko's increased whining for him to let Kagome free.

"You ruined the perfect moment I was building up with sweet words of romance…" Youko growls lightly.

"If you take too long it's not worth waiting fox." Hiei states blandly as he nuzzles Kagome affectionately. "So was that good enough for you? Or… do you need more convincing…"

Speechless, she just nuzzles him in turn, her tail swishing back and forth in a happy manner. "That settles it then." Youko places himself on Kagome's other side to display his own signs of affection upon her. "However I suggest we go somewhere other than this room."

"Hn. Her room is closer than our place." Hiei scoops her up as Youko runs off down the hall, following after him at a purposefully slower place.

- Movement -Line -

A soft gasp emits from Kagome as Hiei carries her into her room. But it doesn't look like her room… definitely not how she left it… she had torn it apart last. Now it was covered in vines save for the bed. Exotic flowers sprouted everywhere the vines touched. The bed however had roses along the poles and hanging down from the drapes. The bed had been made with silver sheets, a black comforter and dark blue pillows. "Is this really my room?"

"Do you like it?" Youko's deep, silky voice purrs in her ear.

"It's… beautiful…"

"It's not complete yet. Hiei needs to add his touch." Youko slips Kagome from the hybrid's arms and lays her gently in the middle of the bed as Hiei lights candles around the room and a small fire right in front of the door to prevent intrusion. Kagome looks between the males now seated on either side of her, blocking her from leaving. "Now… back to where we left off…" Youko purrs as he gently massages one of her ears, his other hand going for her tail while Hiei wraps an arm around her waist, his other hand tangling itself in her hair.

"You never answered how good I was… you must need more convincing." Hiei smirks as he captures her lips, the scent of arousal spiking.

"Don't forget there's two of us now…" Youko pulls Hiei away from her enough to steal a kiss for himself. When he lets her breath her light panting causes both males to smirk in appreciation. "You wanted both of us…"

"And after tonight you'll never want anyone else." Hiei finishes as the candles go out, engulfing them in darkness. An exotically sinful, darkness they would share for the rest of their lives.