Kristina had spent the past couple days thinking about Archibald Dixon, the mysterious man who had popped up and saved everyone at the party from tripping on Heather's addition to the punch bowl.

Of course she knew that his real name was Coleman and in the world she'd left he looked nothing like he did here. This whole time warp or parallel universe situation was messing with her head. When Faith had abandoned her in this retro version of PC had she done it deliberately to teach her a lesson? To impart her with some wisdom? Kristina pondered that as she drank her malt at Rosie's Diner. The namesake had left to take her stepson Joe Kelly to lunch though Kristina suspected that Joe had the major hots for her. She had been much younger than his father, a fisherman who had died at sea in some mysterious fashion.

Joe had been chasing after that Annie Logan who kept her chastity belt buckled and locked at all times and kept more than just Joe on her string of men to tease and taunt and then to reject. Kristina had read all about her on the bathroom wall at PC High too. Hadn't she been framed by Heather for someone she'd killed or wait that had been Heather's mom Alice…not to be confused with the housekeeper at the Q Mansion? All this information was making Kristina's head hurt and she didn't know how to stop it.

She didn't know if she'd be spending the rest of her life here or whether she'd be finding her way back to where she came from. Was Faith even coming back for her or was this some kind of test she had to pass before she could click her heels three times and be back home?

"Hey that was some party wasn't it?"

She looked up and saw Amy sitting next to her and ordering a malt. Kristina just shrugged not knowing what else to do.

"Yeah Luke and Laura get upstaged by that whack job Heather again," Amy said, "Mind you I'm not bitter about the dynamic duo of PC but it's just that it was supposed to be me who met my prince and took the town by storm."

Kristina didn't think so. Not based on her history lessons in the PC bathroom. Amy could be living in a state of denial for all she knew and should just get on with her life.

"What about Cole…I mean Archibald Dixon?"

Amy waved her hand.

"What about him…he's always doing crazy assed deeds like that," she said, "But no one pays much attention to him. Not anybody who's anybody anyway."

Kristina heard the pique of righteousness in Amy's voice and she didn't know the story behind it and she didn't care. Something about Laura and Amy growing up together in the same household and the chatterbox always feeling she lived in her shadow.

"So what are you doing today?"

Kristina just looked at Amy blankly.


Amy had an impish look on her face.

"What are you doing? Are you going to the disco ball?"

Kristina furrowed her brow.

"The disco what…?"

Amy snorted.

"The disco ball…only the happening event of the season," she said, "They're even going to reopen the discotheque for the occasion."

Kristina couldn't believe that. The discotheque of course had a notorious reputation back in her day but she didn't know about this time. But Amy talked like it was the grand event that would attract most everyone in PC proper.

"I don't know," she said, "I'm not into disco. It's so…."

She wanted to say passé but then that might make her sound like a snob or that she might give herself away as coming from a different time.

"Come on, it'll be a lot of fun and you can go to Tinka's boutique if you need something to wear," Amy said, "She's got lots of party dresses there."

Kristina considered it. After all, she might find herself some information there that might prove useful. At least in terms of helping her find her way back to her reality.

"Okay…I'll think about it."

Amy jumped up and down several time clapping her hands and squealing. Kristina thought it took so little to make some people happy.

Alexis looked at Mac indignantly. He had looked at her just now as if she'd done something wrong. His eyes dark and stern, his chin set and he poured himself another latte from Robin's magical machine.

"I didn't do it…you can't be serious," she said, "I didn't kill Blair what's her name...from that ghetto."

Mac's forehead wrinkled.

"I didn't say you did Alexis but you have to admit it looks awfully suspicious for you to be in the same room as her dead body."

But…but I was going to meet…oh never mind…"

"Jerry Jax again?"

Alexis couldn't hide it anymore so she nodded her head.

"Yeah but I'm a woman who's got needs Mac and if you can't help me with them because you're too busy with that wannabe hippy Felicia, I'll look elsewhere…."

He looked at her disapprovingly.

"But Jerry…really Alexis he's worse than Ric."

Alexis muttered.

"That's a bit harsh don't you think?"

Mac sighed.

"He's a known terrorist and stalker and he could be our killer."

Alexis rolled her eyes.

"Jerry didn't kill anyone Mac," she said, "I know that in my gut and it never lies and it's never wrong…"

"How about…"

Alexis threw him a look.

"Never mind…if you think I killed Blair what's her name then slap the cuffs on me and arrest me," she said, "if not then just leave me be and run back to your troll up."

Mac shook his head.

"Alexis….I thought at one time…well never mind," he said, "I have a murderer to find before it's too late."

"Then go find him or her," she said, "I've got to get back to the soup table."

She dreaded saying those words but at least it got rid of him. Really he'd turned out to be such a square. Even Sonny the drip was more exciting than Mac turned out to be. He and the tuned out Felicia deserved each other.

Looking across the room she saw Sonny and Kate canoodling. God that made her sick…him acting like some love sick puppy dog whenever that mousy brown girl was nearby. Carly and Brenda had nearly torn each other apart earlier over him and they'd been hauled off to separate padded cells. Sonny got off on all of it, Alexis knew that. She wished she could find a knife and…but her hands felt shaky at the thought and she willed them back at her sides.

She'd killed before and she'd do it again but given that there were so many people around, she'd have to be more discreet about it.

But she hadn't killed Blair what's her name or her trampy looking daughter Starr. The whole world would just have to accept that and stop blaming her either directly or through hushed whispers of everyone who showed up dead.

Carly snarled in her cage, her wrists tied to the posts but she just knew one thing. She had to free herself from her dungeon and not rest until she wrestled Sonny away from that wannabe mobster moll Brenda. After all, Carly had birthed at least one of Sonny's children which gave her a natural claim to him. She had given him up for a while but now decided she'd wanted him back.

It was horrible unfair of Mac and that arrogant John McBain the interloper from Llandview to come along and treat her like she was some sort of demented violent criminal. How dare he interfere with a woman just fighting for her man, the father of her happy child.

She looked around the room where she'd been dragged into with the door locked and already was planning an escape. But she would have to be tough and wily, more so than she'd ever shown this town before.

Brenda wouldn't know what hit her until she had her face ripped apart by Carly's talons that so far she'd kept sheathed away but no more!

Soon that witch would be getting what was coming to her and she'd pray to be lucky enough to run into the serial killer running around and gouging women's eyes out. She had it all mapped out as the veins began to pop out on her arms.

Then she looked across the room and saw a ghostly figure of a young man she recognized. The woman looked at her put her finger her mouth, as if to tell her to be quiet.

But it was too late for that.