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Young Ned was 9 years, four hours, seven minutes and two seconds old. Donning a cape he ran around with his friend Daniel Downs. He felt like he was one of the caped crusaders who he had seen on T.V. when they were allowed to watch it. Digby his dog had a little doggy cape on him too, but he couldn't put it on, but Daniel did it for him. Digby ran around with the two of them barking and running. Sometimes he wished that he could pet Digby, but he knew that if he did than he would die.


He had tried not to use his magic finger, but the more he didn't want to the more he knew that he had to. He was tired of being normal. Yes, it was nice for a moment, but that moment was over. He compared himself to Superman, but really he wasn't. Superman could see through walls, could stop bullets, fly and leap over buildings in a single bound. He on the other hand could only bring back dead people and only for a minute and he went over that minute than something of equal value would die. Not only that, but also if he touched that person again than they would die forever. It had happened before and although he didn't know that that would of happened when he was younger it didn't matter. His mother had died in the kitchen when she was baking a pie he had touched her face and she had gotten back up and took the pie out of the oven. The next thing he knew Charles Charles his friend Chuck's dad had died then. That night when his mother had tucked him in she bent to kiss him goodnight she had died too and he couldn't bring her back. If he was superman he would have found a way to bring her back, but he wasn't. He only had his magic finger and his magic couldn't save his mother this time.

The End