Disclaimer: I do not own the character's Spock or Uhura, or the moon, or the sun, or the sea, or the waves, or the dreams, well maybe my dreams…

Worthless Dreams

Spock opens his eyes to find his body melting into warm welcoming sand. The beautiful waves crashing in sync with the shore makes clapping noises as if it were a sea of applause. Spock sinks his fingers into the sand below him, trying to support himself as he raised his body to a sitting position.

He watched the ocean as the sun casted a bright reflection off of the clear bluish-green water. A great wave of joy passes over him as he watches the sun set before his eyes. He had never seen a sunset, although many times throughout his childhood his mother would describe how amazing sunsets were on earth. He closed his eyes, breathing in the scent of water and nature. Although the scent was amazing it was only second best to his lover. He finally discovered his half clothed body, he was wearing jeans. Odd.

He ignored the fact that his clothing weren't in their usual state. He was too relaxed to be distressed. His habitual stoic expression was taken over by a placid visage. Serenity. The day chanted loveliness trying to let out as much beauty possible as the night engulfed it, beating it to the punch. Beauty. He closed his eyes and breathed in a deep cool breath, letting out a relaxing sigh. Is it achievable to better this night? Spock asked smiling from the placation the night bestowed upon him.

His gaze at the stars was interrupted when he stumbled across a beautiful figure in the distance. The closer she was the more her features radiated in the night, capturing the moon and the star's envy. Her flowing dress was an inch above her knee, fitted around her chest to form a perfectly shaped woman. Spock's gaze locked onto her unable to look away as she came to a stop in front of him.

"Spock." She cadenced his name in the most pleasing tone he has ever heard. She sat down beside him, smiling brightly and stroking his pale cheeks that were surrendering to the green blood that rushed to them. He traveled his fingers down her arm, until he reached her fingers, lacing his between hers. Her hair, usually pulled up into a neat ponytail, fell free down her back.

She leaned in closer, her hair framing his face. The only thing he could see was her lovely face and her wanting eyes, trailing over him. She stopped, right over his lips. Just stopped. Hovering. Right. Over. His. Lips.

"Nyota." Spock managed to get out of his trance. She was tempting him. Her breath taking allure was within reach, and yet he could not have her. Her lips finally fell forward, parting his lips. She kissed him softly, just enough to appease, but not enough to suffice. He wanted more. He reached out for her waist, guiding her to straddle him. Perfect.

But it wasn't perfect. She was out of his hold, drifting away into the sea. The sea that once brought him serenity now teased him. He reached out for her once more, as her beauty faded.

Spock woke up, one hand hovering in the air, as if he were going to bring her to him. The possibility of Cadet Uhura and I pursuing a romantic relationship is completely impossible. Spock thought, almost laughing at how illogical his thoughts were beginning to become.

"Another worthless human dream…" Spock says stirring in his sleep.

EEE? IDK… Hope you liked it. It's really short, I don't like to read really short things, maybe you do… but… SHWALA! (like voila.)