This is my first oneshot for Blue Dragon! I'm surprise that I actually wrote one for the first time. 0.0; I came up with this oneshot after watching wedding videos in youtube and I remember that Bouquet dream of a wedding with Shu and her get married. So, enjoy! :D(hopefully everyone likes this.)

Disclaimer: I don't own Blue Dragon. I only own my OC Anissa.

The sound of glass break to the floor and a baby's cried causes Shu and Bouquet to jolted upward in bed, alarmed. The couple hear their daughter's wailing and rushed to the living room to found her in her pink baby clothes laying on her back, crying her eyes out. The Wedding Frame, which was standing on the stand before, is now broken in pieces and the picture is cover in glass shards.

"Anissa!" Bouquet cried out as she rushes to her daughter and quickly pick her up. She hugged the baby tightly and calming her down. Shu rushed to Bouquet's side and look for any injuries on his daughter.

"Bouquet! Is she alright? Was she cut by the glass shards?" Shu asked. He was really scared for his daughter's safety and well-being.

The young mother look for any signs of cuts but she was relief to find none. "She's alright, darling. There's no cuts on her." The young father sighed in relief. She look down at the broken frame and something came up to her. "But something odd is here..."

"What do you mean, Bouquet?" He asked.

"How did Anissa came out from her crib?," She pointed out. "Also, HOW did she make the frame fall from the stand? She is one month old and she can only crawl, not standing up or climb to the couch."

Shu thought for a moment and realized his wife is right. "Your right. Anissa was asleep in her crib and you lock the gate to the crib before we went to bed." He stared at his daughter, now calm down. "How did you do it kiddo?" He asked Anissa and received a "Goo!" for her. The couple laughed and Shu went to the kitchen to get a pan and duster to clean up the glass shards.

Bouquet safety pick up the picture and smile as she look at it. The picture showed Shu and Bouquet in their wedding dress and suit, along with their friends at the day when they got married. They have their wedding at Talta Village and it was very fun and happy there.

Five minutes later...

Anissa was asleep in her crib and the couples were looking at their daughter with smiles on their faces.

"She look so cute in her sleep. She has your hair color." Bouquet mused.

"I know, " Shu agreed. "We are so lucky to have a beautiful girl in our life and she looks just like you." The couple kiss each other in the lips then went to bed to awaited a new tomorrow in their lives and Anissa's too.

Unknown to them and Anissa too. Both Shu and Anissa shadows were forming in a dark blue shape of a dragon and there was two laughs that are similar to each other. One is young and the other is older.

"Good job kid! You know how to scare to these fools." Blue Dragon said to his newborn son. The Young Blue Dragon nodded in agreement and look at his one month old user.

"Thanks father! I will really have a great time making fun of my user just as you did to yours." He laughed.

"Like Father, Like Son!" Blue Dragon said and laugh along with his son.

That's end of my oneshot! How did you guys think of it?:)