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The feeling's no ordinary for a certain Len. His heartbeat accelerates

as his eyes rest on her. But he is a coward, he's afraid. Will he have the chance to believe

his feelings for her through a camp organized by Hihara even if his friendship

with Yunoki Azuma will be in peril?


Chapter 1 – Everything's A Mistake

"I. Love. You."

Slowly, the bullion orbs of a certain blue-haired lad fluttered open. The words kept on ringing on his ears like a tinkling of a bell, the voice so tender and loving. For a while back then, he thought he was just dreaming, but as he felt warm and soft lips pressed against his, the lovely scent of veronica flowers drifting itself into his nose, he knew he wasn't dreaming.

Tsukimori's face crumpled. Annoyed, he clenched his hands into fists and irately slammed it on his bed. The bed sprung up as the force was strong and powerful, the bedcover crumpling in the process.

'Bastard!' he mentally cursed, dragging his clenched fist onto his forehead. He shut his eyes closed, a frown furrowing his eyebrows.

What he did and she did back in the hospital was disagreeable. Kissing a person who was already with someone else was incorrect. But the question that doesn't dare stop bugging him is: "Was she really taken?"

Tsukimori groaned and bit his lower lip. Taken or not, he must have never kissed her back.

"Stupid, stupid, stupid," he continued to curse, caring less of it being out of character for him.

It was already a week after that event took place. The tender kiss they shared as he was lying on the hospital bed and she was patiently leaning onto him didn't quit his mind every day. Why? It was all because of the no ordinary feeling that made his heartbeat accelerate at that moment. It was maybe because he really wanted it. He definitely wanted it back to happen again. He absolutely wanted to bring back time to that moment where her lips clashed with his. He undoubtedly wanted the veronica perfume of hers intoxicate him once again.

"But that's wrong!" he hissed. He sat up straight on his bed and got off, eventually heading towards his balcony.

He decided to ignore and evade her calls and visits, afraid that the feelings that bug him unceasingly grow without his brain and heart's sanction. All the while he stayed in his room and rest as prescribed by his physician. But the rest that he expected never came. His mind was so very exhausted of thinking whether everything was right or wrong.

"That was a mistake," he finally concluded as he sighed dismissingly, slamming his hand on the railings of the balcony. 'That was a mistake … right, I need to talk to her,' he thought.


She stared blankly at the short set of words written on the screen of her mobile phone. Cold beads of sweat tickled down to her neck, her breathing coming in rapid.

Her voice croaked as she reread for the second time the set of words on the screen.

"From: Tsukimori-kun

Later at three in my usual practice room"

'Does he want me to … talk with him? But … about what?' Kahoko desperately thought as she silenced her phone and pocketed it in her skirt.

Sudden emotions flooded her as the message arrived on her. The Tsukimori Len indeed wanted to meet her. But for what reason? She's afraid it'd be about the absurd action she did when she visited and last saw the lad in the hospital. But that was a week ago.

Kahoko's face darkened and guilt was present suddenly in her eyes. 'Please … nothing bad …'

The redhead heaved a sigh and went out of the cubicle of the restroom. She fixed her hair for a while and slapped her face to bring out a usual Kahoko before exiting towards her classroom.


"Tsukimori!" called Hihara as he ran his way towards the said person. Students in the hallway turned curiously towards him, immediately whispering at each other at the sight of two of the people involved in the unexpected incident in the isle.

Tsukimori halted and spun around to face an uneasy Hihara. "Yes?" he impassively queried with a frown.

The greenhead stared at Tsukimori for a while before his lips broke into a sheepish grin. He straightened before clasping his hands together and bow low in front of the blue-haired. He's got a pleading gesture.

Tsukimori's eye twitched. "Yes?" he repeated.

"Please, forgive me for what happened back in the isle. You were left behind just to find and inform me about leaving … your infirmity and injuries worsened and you were hospitalized for a week because of me," he started. "That was enough reason why … I organized a camping to pay for our unsuccessful cruise to Hawaii and vacation—"

"Everything wasn't your fault, it came in naturally," Tsukimori intervened.

"I know but … I want everyone else of us to be together … this would be Yunoki and mine last summer vacation as seniors here in Seiso … please go with us? I already informed everyone else, I know summer's done … but please, I already informed Amou-san, she'll be going with us," continued Hihara as he straightened up.

Tsukimori wasn't able to hear the rest as he started to space out at the sudden mention of Yunoki's name.

'Don't go, he'll be there,' he thought. 'Jerk, that's why you'll be conversing with Hino right?' another part of him argued.

Hihara waved a hand in front of Tsukimori as he noticed him out of the conversation. "Tsukimori? Hello? Earth to Tsukimori?"

The lad snapped out from his reverie and breathed in heavily.

"I'll think about it, please excuse me," he said and walked off, his hands clenching into fists. Hihara was left standing alone in the hallway, wondering whether the heat of summer sun burnt Tsukimori's brains into crisps.

"He's acting weird," he mumbled along with a shrug. "Oh well, I still need to talk to Ousaki-senpai."


Kahoko fiddled with her hands as she was standing in front of the door of the practice room usually accommodated by Tsukimori. She heard music of a violin from the outside of the door, her heart beating like mad as if it would eventually break her ribs. Gulping, she softly knocked on the door and opened it.

Playing a violin inside was the Tsukimori Len, his posture so pure and perfect, you'd think of him as a professional in the making.

'He's a professional you know!' Kahoko thought while mentally chuckling in the process. But she also immediately turned nervous as the lad paused from his business and impassively turned towards the redhead.

"Y-You want to t-talk with m-me, Tsukimori-kun?" inquired Kahoko while still fiddling.

Tsukimori closed his eyes. "I want to make this quick, I wouldn't want you to come home late," he started, a tinge of light red invading his cheeks.

Kahoko creased her eyebrows and blushed. "W-What i-is it?"

"Forget about everything: everything I said back in that isle, everything we did together in there and … my and your action in the hospital," he continued, averting his gaze from the lass.

Kahoko inclined her head curiously to the side. "W-Why?"

"Because I don't want to have any hindrance with my aspired dream," said Tsukimori. 'Liar,' he thought.

The redhead gulped and bowed.

"Let me apologized for that," she said, cold sweat once again trickling down to her neck. "I shouldn't have said …" she paused, a blush adorning her cheeks, "I-I shouldn't have done that."

Tsukimori stared at Kahoko impassively. "It's also my fault, a reason why I'll also apologize, I – I shouldn't have tolerated that," he said as the tinge of light red gradually deepened.

Kahoko slowly nodded, feeling embarrassed about what happened when she visited Tsukimori in the hospital. "I'm sorry for … being … your … hindrance to your dream," she choked, tears threatening to escape her amber eyes.

"Just …" Tsukimori paused and turned guiltily towards the redhead, "…to make things clear, everything that happened was a mistake. Remember that. You may now go."

Kahoko straightened, smiled sheepishly, and scratched the side of her head. "

S-See you tomorrow," she stammered and desperately made her way towards the door. She paused as her hand landed on the knob. "Tsukimori-kun, no matter what happened," she paused and spun around, "I want to be your friend and confidant in any ways, so please don't hesitate to go in the camp organized by Hihara-senpai."

She turned again and exited the room, her heartbeat accelerating.

'That wasn't the problem Hino …' Tsukimori wanted to say as he stared blankly at the closed door.


'Stupid Kaho! How many times do I have to say that he doesn't feel the same way about you?!' Kahoko thought as she walked out of the gate. Her eyes moisturized though tears didn't show off.

She paused by the gate and bit her lip. "You're just really stupid Kahoko," she mumbled once again and started walking.

"Hino-san," called a velvety voice.

Kahoko paused and spun around to face the one and only Yunoki Azuma. Her eyes widened. "Yunoki-senpai?"

Yunoki smiled and pointed a black limousine parked on his side. "Please let me bring you home," he said with his usual etched smile.

Different pairs of eyes turned incredulously on him and whispers suddenly filled the air. Before Kahoko could even react, the lilac haired lad pulled her wrist and motioned her in the limousine.

to be continued

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