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Chapter One: Something's never change

It was raining again. Of course it was raining . It was the rainiest place in the United States. Forks, Washington the place where I grew up. Everything was covered with green and it was even more green since I left this place fifteen years ago. I didn't know if I would ever come back here; but news of Charlie's accident hit me hard and knew I had to come back here and take care of him. I picked up everything I had in New York and was moving back here. Of course I wasn't the same girl that left here all these years ago. I peered in the rear view mirror at my fourteen year old daughter. She was asleep , face pressed against the window half her hair was in her face. I thanked god that she looked more like me then "him". Shivering at the thought of him I tried to think of something else. Charlie's house came into view when I pulled into the driveway. Everything was the same despite the time that had past.

"Chloe wake up. We're here," I said unlocking my seat belt and getting out of the car. I sighed and noticed that Chloe hadn't moved a inch from where she was. Walking around to the other side of the car and opening the door, Chloe half spilled out of the car.

"What the.." She shouted, looking around . She took her ear buds out of her ears and undid her seat belt. "You know you didn't have to do that," I shook my head walking up to the porch steps and knocked. I could hear the floor boards creaking inside. Charlie opened the door smiling down at me.

"Bells you made it," he gave me an awkward one arm hug. " I'm guessing traffic wasn't that bad then,"

"Hey Ch- dad," I smiled, "yeah traffic was fine,"

"Grandpa!" Chloe dropped her backpack and launched herself at him. "I missed you,"

"Hey squirt," Charlie grinned. "Excited to be living in Forks?" I decided at that time to go get the rest of our luggage. I ran out to the car trying not to trip. The trunk was already unlocked and rain was getting in. I shook my head grabbing as many as I could and dragged them into the house. Walking back in I could hear the TV playing in the other room. Charlie and Chloe were sitting down watching the baseball game. I shook my head.

"Something's never change do they?" I asked sitting beside Charlie. "so how are you feeling dad?"

"Better," Charlie sighed not taking his eyes off the TV screen. I knew it was a subject that he wanted to talk about. That one was about the last topic that he wanted to talk about.

"So I guess we can start packing tomorrow," I said looking around the house. I figured that we all needed a new house now that Charlie was having a hard time getting around and there were three of us and two bedrooms and one bathroom. I had bought a house near here that was much bigger. All of Chloe's and my stuff had already been shipped there, but we still needed a few things.

"Yeah Jacob and the boys said they would come down and help with the heavy stuff I just had to call them," Charlie said.

"Great that works out perfectly,"

"Mom I'm hungry," Chloe said taking her eyes away from the television for a moment.

"Order pizza there is nothing in the fridge at all," I laughed and went over to the phone. Yes something's defiantly do not change at all. I hung up the phone and headed back to the living room. It was the same after all these years, my parents wedding photo was still there along with my grade school photos, and baby photos of Chloe. I sat down in the only available seat and pretended to watch the game. My mind was floating elsewhere though; I was wondering if any of my friends where still here or had they moved on to bigger and brighter futures that we all talked about in high school. The door bell rang breaking me from my train of thought as I started to get up but Chloe nearly knocked me down in the process. I followed her and stayed out of sight.

"So are you new here?" A creepy guys voice came from the door.

"Yeah," I could tell Chloe was nervous and didn't really want to talk to this guy. "Umm.. How much?"

"Your name and number," he said, I shook my head things here defiantly do not change.

"how about you give me your name and I get the pizza?" Chloe tried to trick him.

" Troy.. Troy Newton," I gasped. Mike Newton's kid?? I shivered at the memories I had avoiding the creep.

"Well thanks.. Troy," Chloe was trying to hold back the laughter she shut the door in his face and came around the corner with the pizza. She noticed me. "were you spying on me?"

"No of course not," I shook my head. "I was just making sure that you weren't going to eat the pizza all to yourself."

"That happened once, you are never going to get over that are you?" She asked, handing me the pizza and the money.

"Free pizza again?" Chloe shrugged walking into the kitchen and got plates and napkins.


At Seven thirty in the morning I was woken up by screaming that came from downstairs. I bolted out of the bed and raced down the stairs. Chloe was standing on the coffee table with a pillow in hand ready to attack the person that had entered the house unannounced.

"Calm down," The intruder said waving his hand in surrender. I recognized the voice as I got to the bottom of the stairs.

"Jake?" I asked. The person turned around confirming who I thought it was. A huge grin spread across his face.

"Bells!" He ran up and gave me a giant wolf hug.

"Jake what are you doing here so early?"

"Charlie told us to come by early today to help pack," He shrugged. He finally had put me on the ground. "Wow It's good to see you Bella,"

"You too Jake," I shook my head. "You're so tall now," A cough came from the living room as we both turned around Chloe was still standing on the table looking confused as ever. "Chloe get down before you break something," She grumbled hopping off the table. "Chloe this is my good friend Jacob Black, Jake this is my daughter Chloe," I thought Jacob was about to faint.

"Daughter?" I nodded knowing this was the reaction I was going to have all around town. "Wow,"

"Nice to meet you," Chloe yawned. Moving past us into the kitchen.

"So where are the rest of you manly movers?" I asked looked around the house. Jacob chuckled looking out the window.

"They are coming I might of broken the speed limit to get here sooner," I laughed. Same old Jake. "So.. Daughter eh?... That's big news," I nodded looking down at my feet. I noticed I was still in my Pajamas.

"Um.. I'm going to go change. There is pizza in the fridge better get it before Chloe eats it all," I said, racing up the stairs to change.


Moving day was finally complete, everything from Charlie's house had been transferred from his old house to the new house. Though you wouldn't know it. It seemed bare. I was just cleaning up all the pizza everyone had left behind in the kitchen. I really needed to go to the grocery store tomorrow or we forever would be eating pizza. Chloe came skidding into the kitchen crashing into the opposite wall.

"Mom how come you never told me you had a motorcycle??" She asked, putting her hands on her hips. "And you tell me that I can never ride one??" I shook my head. Jacob had been telling her all the stories about me.

"Cause you will get hurt as I did, and no you are not ridding or getting one or going anywhere near one," I said.

"But.." I looked up at her as she stopped in mid sentence. "Fine," Jake came into the kitchen snickering as he watched Chloe walk out of the kitchen looking defeated. I smacked him in the chest though it hurt me more then it hurt him.

"Sorry, she asked me to tell her stories about you,"

"And you had to tell her about the motorcycles? I hope at least Charlie wasn't around to hear it," Jake laughed again helping me with the rest of the kitchen. He looked at the clock that sat on the counter.

"I have to get home the Mrs. will be wondering where I am," I gaped at him. He was married? He pulled out a necklace that was around his neck that had the golden wedding band dangling from it.

"Wow, congrats Jacob," I ran my hands through my hair.

"Thanks," He pulled me into a hug. "Don't be a stranger okay come down to the reserve sometimes bring Chloe she's fun to hang out with a lot like you. Even the clumsy parts," He moved away before I could hit him again. He waved. "Night Bells,"

"Night Jake," I noticed everyone else had left and Charlie was already in bed. I shut the lights off and made sure the doors were locked. Though in Forks nothing would really happen. I walked up the stairs and stopped at Chloe's room. She was sitting in front of her book case organizing her books by author of course. "Hey," I walked over to her and sat down next to her. "How are you liking Forks so far?"

"Its rainy," She commented.

"Yes it is,"

"But I like it," I smiled and hugged her.

"Good to hear," I kissed the side of her head. "Don't stay up to late,"


"Night Chloe,"

"Night mom," I closed her door and walked over to my door that was right down the hall. I stripped off my clothes and got into bed, and listened to the rain put me to sleep.

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