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Chapter Two : Old Friends , New Friends

"Okay this is going to major grocery shopping," I told Chloe as we entered the cold store. "We cannot survive on Pizza and fish," I grabbed a cart as we looked around at the fruit and vegetables adding a few of everything. A few people that were shopping seemed to recognize me and kept on staring as if I was a ghost or something. Yes the daughter of the chief is back in town. I shook my head. I had almost forgot what small towns were like. Chloe came running back to the cart with a giant pumpkin bigger then my head in her arms.

"Mom., pleaseeeeeeeeeā€¦ I have never seen one so big?" I swear if I could see through the pumpkin I could see her puppy dog face. I agreed and help her put it in the cart, as we continued on our way. Chloe went in another direction looking at snacks as I was looking at something else. When I heard someone screaming my name all the way down the aisle.

"Bella!!!!" a booming voice shouted. I looked up and there stood a huge Emmett. My mouth dropped I couldn't believe that I would ever see him again. He came running at me full speed and picked me up crushing me into his usual bear hug. "I can't believe it's you!!" he ruffled my hair. "What are you doing here?"

"I moved back here to help Charlie," I said running my hand nervously through my hair.

"Well it's good to have you back, we can get the gang back together and it can be like old times," He chuckled.

"Mmm.." I nodded. I wasn't sure if anything could go back the way it was before I left. Certainly not something's.

"Hey mom you'll never guess-" Chloe bumped into Emmett obviously not paying attention to where she was walking. "Oh sorry sir," She stepped around him. She looked between Emmett and me waiting for explanation.

"Oh Chloe.. This is my old friend Emmett, Emmett this is Chloe my .. Daughter," I swear Emmett's eye were going to fall out of his head.

"Umm.. Hi," Chloe nodded. Emmett started laughed and scooped up Chloe into a hug.

"It's a mini Bella," He boomed. "Wait till everyone hears about this," Chole looked at me begging for help. I chuckled.

"Emmett let her down you are crushing her," Emmett let her down as she stumbled backwards and knocked into someone else. She turned around and blushed again.

"Sorry," Emmett started laughing again.

"Bella, mini Bellsā€¦ I would like to introduce you to my son Liam," He walked over and put his hand of his son's shoulder. I took a good look at him. I was shocked, I couldn't believe Emmett had a son. He looked around the same age as Chloe. "Listen the whole gang is getting together and having a barbeque tonight you should come." I could only nod at this point. "Great," He pulled out a piece of paper and wrote down an address and handed it to me. "Dinners at six thirty, see you then," he smiled and turned around and headed back down the aisle.

"Nice to meet you both," Liam said as he ran after his dad.

"That was random," I muttered shaking my head

"So I guess we are going right?" Chole asked looking at me. I nodded my head looking down at the address again. I bit my lip was I ready to face my friends again after all these years?


We stood outside what seemed to be a mansion. I looked at the door as butterflies erupted in my stomach. I could do this, I have already seen Emmett.

"Mom how long are we going to stand here?" Chloe asked. She must of noticed my hesitation cause the next moment she rang the door bell and waited. The door opened and a high pitch squeal erupted around us. I was tackled to the ground by a small little pixie.

"I can't believe you're here," Alice screamed hugging me. I hugged her back.

"Hey Alice,"

"Alice at least you could of let the poor girl inside so she had carpet to land on not grovel," Rosalie said from the door. Alice jumped off of me quickly and pulled me in the door as Chloe followed in right behind me looking around a bit nervous now Rosalie pulled me into a hug. "Good to see you again Bella,"

"You too Rose," I smiled, I looked back at Chloe who was looking around the house looking very nervous.

"You must be Chloe Emmett told us all about you," Alice bounced over to my daughter and hugged her. "I'm Alice ,"

"Hi," She said awkwardly.

"Come on lets go see what the boys have gotten themselves into," Rose said grabbing my arm as Alice grabbed Chloe's. Before I knew it we were in the back yard. I saw Emmett bent over the barbeque trying to turn it on. Jasper was beside him snickering. There was two more little kids on the grass playing with a soccer ball. Rose cleared her throat as the boys looked up at her.

"Multi Bells made it," Emmett yelled he moved away from the barbeque as Jasper fixed it. He looked at it. "how did you do that?" Jasper shrugged and walked over to us.

"Good to see you again Bella," Jasper said. Alice left Chloe's side and bounced over to Jasper hugging him in the middle. I always knew that they would end up together. Though they had been dating since Alice was in grade one and Jasper in grade two.

"So we are almost all here and then we can start the party," Alice beamed.

"Right Edward said he was almost here. I asked him to pick up Liam on the way," At the mention of Edward's name my head shot up. He was really coming? I looked around and Alice was looking at me suspiciously. She always knew that I liked Edward when we were teenagers. But that was fifteen years ago. Obviously he would have had kids or even just got married like the rest of the group. I shook my head as I remembered like it was yesterday the last time that I saw Edward.

**** (Flashback)*******

I heard a knock on my door as I looked up and noticed sixteen year old Edward standing there in all his glory. He was drenched from the rain but he looked like he had just stepped out of a hair gel ad . He noticed all the boxes I was packing.

"So you are really leaving then?" he asked. He shuffled from one foot to the other. I only nodded, knowing that if I opened my mouth I would just start to cry like I had been doing for the past two weeks. I hated my mother for taking me away from my home. I loved it here and now I had to move to Jacksonville with her and my new step dad. Fresh tears began to weld up in my eyes again. He must of noticed cause he crossed the room and took me in his arms. I cried into his shirt never wanting to let go of it. He was my best friend and then right then I realized that I loved him. I clung to him tighter; I noticed that he was shaking. Was Edward Cullen really crying? "I'm going to miss you so much Bella," he refused to let go of me as he buried his face into my hair. "I love you,"


I came out of my trance as I heard the front door slam shut and voices coming from inside.

"Mom? Anyone?" I heard Emmett's son Liam shouting. Rosalie rolled her eyes as she walked into the house. I heard her talking as it followed by a velvety chuckle which I thought I would never hear again. There in front of me was my own person Greek god. Edward hardly had change maybe gotten more muscle. But he had the same bronze messy hair and piercing green eyes that I had missed so much.

"Finally Eddie took you long enough," Emmett punched him in his shoulder. Edward grimaced at the name. I couldn't help but laugh maybe something's haven't changed that much.

"It's Edward," he snapped. "I've know you since we were in diapers and not once have I told you to call me Eddie," I shook my head and looked around wondering where my daughter had run off to. "Hello Bella," a velvety voice said from behind me. I turned around and Edward was right there his eyes intensely staring into mine, practically making my knees weak.

"Hey Edward," I smiled, I hugged him breathing in his scent that missed for fifteen years. I pulled away wishing that I didn't have to but there were other people here. Right then a soccer ball came flying towards us. I ducked as it bounced off the side of the house inside of my head. I turned around and Chloe and Liam had joined the two other kids to play soccer.

"Sorry mom," Chloe said as she ran up to grab the ball. She stopped and looked at Edward.

"Mom?" Edward practically choking out as he looked from me to Chloe.

"Hi, you must be Edward," Chloe smiled she grabbed the ball. Edward looked at me confused. "I'm Chloe," Edward was practically speechless now. "Okay then," she nodded and jumped back on to the field.

"I think Eddie boy is having a stroke or something," Emmett laughed. I looked at him concerned.

"Edward are you okay?" I asked.

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