After Spock disappeared into his quarters, Jim retreated to his own quarters, debating whether or not he should make a certain call. He wasn't sure the receiver would be awake...but then again, the times between them were different and it would probably be day on the other side of the call.

Making up his mind, he grabbed his vidcom and sat on his bed, opening the device and dialing the number he'd dialed at least once every day he could. It was so familiar he could probably successfully dial it while thinking of another number entirely.

The com beeped a few times, then a warmly recognizable face appeared, eyes all a-twinkle. The daylight in the backdrop was a welcome relief.

"Jim," the elder Spock addressed, bowing his head a little.

"Hey," Jim said as happily as he could muster through his tiredness. "Haven't talked to you in a while; sorry about that. Things were happening over here and I couldn't really get a decent break in."

"There is no need for apologies, my friend. I do understand the concept of hard work." The younger man suddenly found himself being scrutinized. "You are weary, yet your mood is considerably high."

"Good thing I look tired, because I sure as hell feel it." Jim explained to his friend about his younger counterpart's shenanigans with the AK47, to which the old man listened intently and with rapt attention. When Jim was finished, Spock Prime leaned back.

"I have never heard of this race," he said. "They sound fascinating. They seemed to recognize that hostility towards assistance would be mistake, therefore rendering it...illogical."

"Yeah, and Phiora was all upset about it, which she had every right to be...she's pregnant, you know."

"Indeed?" Eyebrows shot up in amusement and downright surprise. "What an interesting development."

Jim shook his head, grinning. "I don't know why I thought you'd be upset by that."

"It wasn't entirely incorrect of you to assume so. I am not upset; however it does trouble me to some respect." His wizened eyes met with the younger ones. "Surely you are aware that it is frowned upon within the Vulcan culture for a child to be born when the parents are not bonded."

Kirk sighed. "I forgot about that."

"Do not forget again. I will keep my peace on the matter; nevertheless, the word will more than likely be spoken amongst the colony. My counterpart will have lost a great deal of his remaining respect among his own people."

A deep sadness passed through Jim's torso at these words. "I'm sorry," he said automatically.

The old man's seriousness lifted only a little. "You and the good doctor will have to do what you can to make him feel as if he belongs on the Enterprise more than anywhere else should he be spurned, forces forbid."

Jim agreed heavily. Then the two were pleasantly silent for a few moments.

"Phiora wasn't your soul mate in your time, was she?"

The aged Vulcan smiled—a small one, yet a smile nonetheless—and shook his head. "As you have correctly inferred, she was not. We were merely acquaintances." He caught the young captain's countenance. "You do not feel as disappointed as you convey." His eyes glittered with playfulness. "You have undoubtedly discovered your parallel's destiny. You should not concern yourself too heavily...though I am proud that you did not interfere with my counterpart's own personal enterprise. Every reality is different; your fate did not have to become my Kirk's fate."

"No," Jim countered, a lopsided grin taking up half his face, "but it would've been nice."

"It would have, dear friend. And it was."


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