My angel

Summary: Ji hoo finds himself still loving Geum Jan Di. After Gu Jun Pyo proposed to Jan di, someone close to Yoon Ji Hoo arrives in Korea. Can she be the Angel that will save him from his misery?

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Chapter 1:

It was almost winter at Seoul and everyone was very happy. Everyone buying a gift for the people they love and treasure, drinking a cup of coffee, everyone smiling except for a young man sitting on one of the benches of Shinhwa high where he would always play the violin and where the girl who taught him many things would always find him.

*While playing the Violin* (Ji hoo's POV)

'So… what should I do now… now that the one I love will go to another man… no to my dear friend and brother Gu Jun Pyo… maybe I should just go to Europe and continue my studies there…'

"Sunbae! There you are!" a girl said then approached him

'Or maybe I should just… move to Europe… to help me forget about everything'

"Sunbae!! Are you ok?" the girl said again and tapped him on the shoulder

"Oh… Jan di, what is it?" Ji hoo said then smiled then they both sat on the bench.

"Sunbae seems hurt again… Are you ok?" Geum Jan Di said then ji hoo just smiled

"Im ok…What made you say im hurt?" he asked

"I don't know… The tone you're playing is very sad." Ji hoo smiled after Jan Di's explanation because she knew him too well.

"Its nothing at all Jan Di" Ji hoo said then smiled

"But sunbae…" Jan di said then Ji Hoo poked her forehead

"You're going to have wrinkles if you worry too much" Ji hoo said as he stood up.

"By the way… I might continue studying arts at Europe" he added

"eh? How long will you be there? You're still coming back right sunbae?" Jan Di said

"Maybe 5 yrs. Or more" Ji Hoo said

"But Sunbae are you…"

"Hey Commoner! What are you doing here and disturbing Ji Hoo" a guy said

"Hey! We're already engaged but you still call me a commoner?!! What kind of a fiancé are you, punk!" Jan di said

"Punk?! Who are you calling a punk huh??" Gu Jun Pyo said in a high tone as usual

Ji hoo just smiled seeing the two doing their usual daily routine. He took his violin case then placed his things there.

"Hey you two, I'll be going now" Hi joo said then waved to them.

*While walking to his motorcycle*

'They're getting along well… that's nice… I have to get away from them for a while… im still becoming greedy'

*cellphone rings*

"Hello, Woo Bin"

"Yo, Ji Hoo, Jae Lee is coming back here now and she wants to see us at the airport, are you free today? She'll be at the airport in an hour"

"She's Coming back?"

"Yeah… she'd be happy if you're here too"

"Ok I'll be going there now"

"Ok, Yi Jung is already with me. I also told Jun Pyo about it and he's on his way too"

"Ok see you later"

*turns off cellphone*

'So Jae Lee is coming back huh…'

Flash back: (when Ji Hoo was 4 years old)

"Ji hoo! Come here dear" his mother called him to their living room.

"What is it mom?" he said as he reached the living room

"These are our new neighbors, and this is their daughter Jae Lee"

"Nice to meet you all, Im Yoon Ji hoo" Ji hoo said politely and smiled

"I'm Hyun Jae Lee, nice to meet you" the neighbor's daughter said

"Do you want to play?" Ji hoo said as he extended his hand

"Ok" Jae Lee said and held Ji Hoo's hand and went to their garden

--- flashback end

'I wonder how she's doing'

(end of POV)

(A/N: Jae Lee is only an OC in this story and she plays the role of Ji Hoo's Childhood friend and Woo Bin's Cousin. Her hair is black and its chest length. She's also an Heiress to one big company similar to Shinhwa and is called HJL. Looks is next to Seo Hyun.)

He drove to the airport and met-up with Yi Jung and the others.

"Yo, brother how are you doing?" Woo bin greeted Ji hoo

"I'm fine… how about you guys?" Ji hoo said as he shook hands with Yi Jung and Woo Bin.

"Same… by the way Jun pyo and Jan Di might be late but we'll just meet them at Shinhwa Hotel, Jun Pyo will be renting the ballroom for Jae Lee's welcome home party and celebration of her success in their business" Yi Jung said

(Woo bin's cellphone rings)


"How have you been?"

"Im fine how about you? What time will you be arriving? We've been waiting for ages here"

"Im right here" a girl said making them looking behind

"You rascal! I Missed you" Woo bin Said then hugged Jae Lee

"It's been a while" Yi jung said then hugged her

"It has been… what? 10 years right? But you guys still look the same." Jae Lee said then turned to Ji hoo

"You still haven't changed…" Jae Lee said as he looked at Ji Hoo then both smiled then hugged.

"You seem troubled… Let's talk later ok?" Jae Lee whispered to Ji Hoo

"So where is Jun Pyo?" she asked

"Let's go somewhere first" Woo bin said

They went to the parking area where Jae Lee's driver was waiting.

"Welcome back young miss" the driver said as he opened the door

"Wait I'll be riding with Ji Hoo so please just put my things in the trunk" Jae Lee said then walked to Ji Hoo.

"I hope you don't mind my sudden decision" Jae Lee said then smiled

Ji Hoo smiled and said "Its ok" then gave her the helmet. And she wore it immediately.

Woo Bin and Yi Jung looked at Jae Lee and Ji Hoo then smirked and went in their cars.

"Hey you two, we'll be going ahead, ok?" Woo Bin said then went off.

Jae Lee looked around while Ji Hoo scratched the back of his head.

"You know" they said together then looked away and giggled

"I really missed you" Jae Lee said then looked at Ji Hoo.

"I'm not joking ok, but what's troubling you?" she asked

"I lost my lotus flower" he answered

"Huh?" she said then Ji hoo just smiled at her.

"Never mind."

"I guess we should go now, we wouldn't want the spoiled brat waiting" Jae Lee said then sat behind Ji Hoo and held on to him.

(Minutes later)

They arrived at Shinhwa Hotel where Jun Pyo's bodyguards were waiting outside.

"This is the key to Young Miss Jae Lee's room" one of the bodyguards said.

"Thank you" Ji hoo said then grabbed Jae Lee's hand and lead her to her hotel room

"This hotel didn't change at all, it's the same since then but I really missed it" Jae Lee said then they arrived in front of the door

"I'll come back for you, ok? Jun Pyo is calling me downstairs" Ji hoo said then left the room.

Jae Lee went in the room and sighed then thought about what Ji Hoo said at the airport. She somewhat felt sad thinking that she was too late again to have another chance to get Ji Hoo's heart. Then she sighed again.

"Sighing won't do you any good cousin"

"Woo Bin… what is it?"

"I have a favor… can you give these two a makeover for Jun pyo and Yi Jung? This is a very important event" Woo Bin said as he dragged Jan Di and Ga Eul in Jae Lee's room

"Hmm… okay come here" Jae Lee said

"See you later" Woo Bin said then left.

"Hmm… you girls can choose a dress from my cabinet pls. I wouldn't want to choose a dress for someone else that might feel uncomfortable." She said

"Umm… okay… thank you very much" Jan di said and bowed then Ga Eul bowed as well.


"Hey Woo Bin, where's Jan di and Ga Eul?" Yi jung asked

"With Jae Lee, we need time to prepare right? I think we can buy enough time now" Woo Bin said

"But she still likes him right?" Yi Jung said

"Yup… but I hope she could reach up to him now in his situation and change him" Woo bin said then went in the ballroom to help Ji hoo and Jun pyo organize the ballroom

End of chapter 1

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