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It was already morning and the rays of light entered through Jae Lee's window.

"Jae Lee"

"Yes?" she replied still very very sleepy.

"It's already 8am rise and shine and shine sleeping beauty" Woo Bin said then Yi Jung opened the curtains allowing more light to enter the room. Jae Lee sat up and stretched. Woo Bin and Yi Jung looked at one another then at Jae Lee

"So what time did you and Ji Hoo go to sleep last night?" Yi Jung asked making Jae Lee blush and halt her stretching.

"Waa.. what are you talking about?"

"We saw you guys last night being so sweet to one another at the terrace" Woo bin said

"You.. you guys were eavesdropping?" Jae Lee said still blushing not knowing what to do.

"Not really we were just walking around the villa then when we were about to go up we saw two lovebirds" Yi Jung said

"Not funny" Jae Lee said then pouted. The two just laughed and patted Jae Lee's head and walked to the door.

"Hurry up so we could eat breakfast together and go out already, okay?" Woo Bin said then went out of the room.

"We believe that you can save him Jae Lee…" Yi Jung said then headed out.

Jae Lee sighed then stood up and went to the window. When she looked down to the garden Ji Hoo was sitting on one of the benches. Jae Lee touched the glass of her window 'I will not lose you… not now that you need me, I'll save you… so please open your heart to me… Ji Hoo'

They all gathered in the dining area and ate breakfast together. Jae Lee was telling stories of her life in Europe and the adventures that she experienced there. Everyone was laughing including Ji Hoo. Jae Lee was happy to see him smile and laugh.

Mean while Jan Di noticed that Jun Pyo was so messy in eating.

"You're so messy" Jan Di said then wiped Jun Pyo's face.

While this was happening Jae Lee looked at Ji Hoo who looked sad again due to that scene. She could tell by that look that the lotus flower that he mentioned to her was Jan Di.

After breakfast they rode a yacht and went to Jae Lee's resort that was just at the island next to her villa. Jan Di and Ga Eul were dumbfounded that Jae Lee owns so much like Jun Pyo and the others.

They arrived at the resort and Jae Lee's servants welcomed them at the entrance.

"All rooms are now prepared for you and others Ma'am Jae Lee" the head servant said and Jae Lee bowed.

They all went in the resort's hotel and checked out their rooms. Jan Di and Ga Eul chose to share a room with one another.

"Jae Lee is so rich… Just like Yi Jung and the others." Ga Eul said and said on the bed.

"I don't think they have friends that aren't as rich as them" Jan Di said

"I wonder when will I own my very own island too" Ga Eul said

They were talking and planning on what they could do on the resort when they heard a knock on the door. They opened the door and it was Jae Lee.

"Do you guys want to go to the beach now?" Jae Lee said.

"Oh but we didn't bring swimming clothes" Ga Eul said

"Of course you did, check the cabinet" Jae Lee said

Jan Di opened the cabinet and found new and expensive looking swimming clothes. The two just looked at one another then at Jae Lee.

"Those are for you too, it's the least I could do for the two of you since I've heard that you've been taking good care of Jun Pyo and Yi Jung… soo let's go you two" Jae Lee said then the three girls went to the beach.

The girls arrived finding that the boys were already way ahead of them. Jan Di and Ga Eul joined the others while Ji Hoo was just sitting on the sand and just watched the others goofing around. Jae Lee saw him and decided to sit beside him.

"You'll miss the fun if you accompany a boring person like me" he said then looked at Jae Lee. She smiled and shook her head.

"Then I'll accompany you so that it won't be boring for you anymore, is that okay?" Jae Lee said then looked at Ji Hoo. He chuckled then patted Jae Lee on the head.

"Fair enough"

Meanwhile Yi Jung and Woo Bin grinned seeing the two spending time together.

"It's all up to her now" Woo Bin said

"She'll be his angel, the one that will save him from his sadness" Yi Jung said

Jae Lee and Ji Hoo were talking and laughing together but then they heard a female voice that shouted due to pain. When they looked it was Jan Di and Jun Pyo was not around. Ji Hoo did not hesitate and ran to her and Jae Lee followed.

"What happened?" Ji Hoo asked in a very worried tone.

"She twisted her ankle, I'm sorry Jan Di it's my fault" Ga Eul said

"No its okay Ga Eul, this is nothing" Jan Di said then tried to walk but was about to fall down again but Ji Hoo caught her.

"That hut is a clinic, let's have that treated immediately" Jae Lee said as she pointed where the hut was. Ji Hoo, with no hesitation, carried Jan Di in his arms and brought her to the clinic Jae Lee followed them.

(At the clinic)

The doctor left Jan Di and Ji Hoo in one of the wards while getting the things that he needed to aid Jan Di's ankle.

"I'm glad its nothing too severe." Ji Hoo said

"Thank you Sunbae for helping me" Jan Di said

"You know that I'd do anything for you right? Wait I'll get Jun Pyo" Ji Hoo said then turned around but was stopped when Jan Di grabbed his hand.

"You really are my guardian angel, thank you Sunbae" Jan Di said then not knowing, Ji Hoo sunddenly hugged Jan Di.

Jae Lee was about to enter when she was stopped as she saw the two hugging each other. She turned around and leaned her back on the wall.

'Ji Hoo… why are you enduring this? Why are you doing this to yourself. I have to help you let go of her and move on'

End Of chapter

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