Omg everyone Guess what!? nothing really i just decided to get all my oneshots and bring them together in one place so they are easier for you to read! i guess they are all kind of related anyway. They are al written by me! hehe enjoy!


The sun slowly rose above the mass of tents that was the Varden's campsite. Eragon ShadeSlayer lay just outside his tent, not doing anything of interest.

Saphira suddenly landed beside him, blasting him with a cloud of dirt.

What are you doing, little one?

"Watching the grass grow." He said out loud.

An interesting hobby. She observed.

Eragon rolled and stood up, dusting himself down. "Indeed it is."

Is this some patience exercise you are inventing?

"No. I was merely thinking, is all."


"Scales." He said.

Saphira moved her massive head to look at her back, then returned her gaze to Eragon. What about them?"

Eragon walked to Saphira and stroked one of her many sapphire scales. "Not literal scales, Saphira. Imaginary ones."

Imaginary scales? What is the purpose?

"Well," Eragon turned to lean against the dragon. "I was thinking, Now that the Green Egg has hatched, the scales have changed."

The imaginary scales? Eragon could sense confusion radiating from her.


Eragon, you're not making any sense.

"I mean," he waved his hand around. "Now that we have another Dragon and Rider, It evened the odds of us defeating Galbatorix."

But was does this have to do with scales?

Eragon pondered ways of explaining this to Saphira, before: "Think of a log of wood, balancing on a stone. A stone is in the middle." Eragon sent her an image of the said log.

"Now, Galbatorix is on one end, and we are on the other." He sent another image.


"Galbatorix is stronger than us, so his end gets weighed down more."


"But now we have another Rider and Dragon, so our end gets heavier, and the log balances equally."

She gazed at him with a massive eye. I still see no relevance to scales.

"It's just an expression!"

You don't seem to be wearing scales on your expression.

"A metaphor, then."

They sat in comfortable silence until they saw the newly hatched green dragon zipping though the air unsteadily, before crashing into a pile of dirt. When it rose from the muck, his pure green glow had turned completely brown. Not a speck of green could be seen.

Ah. Saphira said. I see his scales have changed.