Title: Crush

By: Fangirl12

Chapter One

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OMG! There HE was. The Edward Cullen. Also known as my best friend's brother, but who cares about that? He. Is. Hot, he's what girls at Forks High call a knee- trembler. His sexy hair, his hot body, not to mention he looks like a Greek god! And God!!!!! His freaking smile. It's like he has the sun in his mouth. Every girl wants to be his girl. Frankly what woman in their right mind wouldn't? Even though he is a total player, and hasn't had a relationship lasting longer that a two week; but then again who cares about that. A girl like me can only dream.

I'm not beautiful like the other girls, or have a sexy body for that matter. I'm Bella Swan, the chief's daughter. That's the only reason people know who I am. 99.999 percent of the time they just call me the chief's daughter. So I'm forced to watch from a distance while he walks to his super high class, popular, jock/Barbie doll, cheerleader table.

"Bella! Snap out of it!" I jumped as Alice snapped her hand in my face. Alice is Edward's twin sister. And boy is she small. But don't and I mean NEVER EVER under-estimate her. It will probably be the end of you. No lie!

"Jeez Bella you're always staring at him. Why don't you just go over and ask him out. He would totally say yes." I nearly chocked and fell out of my chair. I stared at Rosalie like she was dressed as a clown that was a drag queen.

"Rosie sweetie, are you alright because I know I didn't hear what I thought you just said."

"Yes you did. You can't just spend your life watching him from a distance everywhere he goes like a creepy stalker. Get in the game, woman! You are just as pretty as those other girls. Plus, you have self respect. Especially for your body." I looked at her like she was a porno star doing a show in Wal-Mart. Was she out of her freaking mind?! Was she blind?

This was me she was talking about. Frizzed up hair that was always in a messy bun, glasses that I had to wear since I was four, and clothes two times bigger that my small frame. I was shapeless, paler than a sheet of paper, and a nerd. No, I was worse than a nerd, a dork, or a geek. Frankly, I don't know how Alice and Rose were my best friends. They were hot, beautiful, and popular. Not to mention their also super hot jock boyfriends who were on the foot ball team, and got invited to all the awesome parties that I somehow get dragged to all the time.

Hell I blush like crazy freaking anything. As I looked at Rose, I thought about all these things, and then my eyes went to the surface of the table.

"Thanks for the pep word guys. Especially the stalker thing, but it's not worth trying just to be humiliated. He doesn't even remember my name half the time and I have been your best friend for God knows how long. I'd rather just keep my distance." I said. I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up to see Alice leaning across the table with a sympathetic look on her face.

"Bella, Rosie didn't mean anything by the stalker thing. Of course he remembers your name. You are just as beautiful as me and Rose. Plus my brothers an idiot to not see what he has right in front of him. Another plus is look happy, because here he comes with Jazz and Emmet." I looked around panicked. Sure enough there he was walking in the direction of our table.

I kept my face down as kisses and greetings were exchanged. Frankly the new arrivals didn't know I was there until a throat was cleared. A chorus of 'hi Bella's' rang out. I looked up and managed to whisper a reply until I noticed the Edward was in the chair next to mine. My eyes swiftly returned to the table, and my cheeks began to glow. God why was I so cursed. Quietly I listened to the conversation, and drunk in everything that Edward said and did. A few time Alice and Rosalie tried to include me in the conversation, but I managed to escape attention.

Everything was going well. That was until Lauren came over and propped herself right into Edward's lap.

"Hey hottie!" her high nasally voice said. I could tell she was trying to be sexy. Her back was arched to flaunt her fake parts to Edward. She took a hand and ran it through her hair, while she smiled a bright smile. Of course Edward fell straight for it, but that wasn't important. Before any more words were exchanged a full blown make out session began. That's how lunch always is for Edward. Some girl that sits on his lap while the swap spit. It doesn't matter how many times I watch this it just hurts me every time. I felt even worse with him sitting right next to me at the very same table.

"Um I have to get something from my locker before class starts. I'll see you there," I said hastily as the scene became too much for me to handle. I picked up my bag and pushed my chair in. Alice looked at me again with that horrible look of sympathy. I turned quickly because I didn't want it. I didn't want her sympathy. As made my way to the door heard Edward yelp and two pairs of heels hot on my trail. I made it to my locker without looking back.

"Bella stop are you alright?"

"I'm fine guys. I just needed to get some thing from my locker. Really. "

"Isabella Swan do you really think you can lie to us!" Alice said indifferently.

"Maybe?" I asked hopefully.

"Bella don't worry about that idiot. How about you stay the night at my house. It's Friday, and that dummy will be out at least till three." Alice suggested.

"Sure whatever." I bravely pulled on a smile.

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