Yullen Week

Theme One: Misunderstanding

Summary: Allen sees Kanda and Lenalee together and everything goes downhill from there...

Disclaimer: I do not own DGM no matter how much I might want to...*cries*

Allen had been panicking for most of the morning. Why? Well that was answered in one word, Kanda.

For some unknown reason Allen had awoken before his normal time that morning and against his better judgment decided to take a bath in the communal baths since no one would be there so early in the morning. Normally he wouldn't have bothered and just taken a bath in his room to avoid all of the obvious stares he was getting because of his arm but he felt like doing something different today.

Surprisingly with his sense of direction he had arrived there after only fifteen minutes of walking clueless around the Black Order not that he would admit that to anyone. Unlucky for him five minutes after he had settled in the outdoor baths a certain samurai walked in startling Allen.

Allen hadn't bothered to utter a word to him since Kanda hardly spoke to him at all and when it was it was only to correct his name or get angry at him. So he continued to soak in the warmth that the bath offered and ignored Kanda hoping that he wouldn't comment. Hearing the small splash that signalled Kanda stepping into the bath, Allen knew that he shouldn't stay too long in case something riled up the samurai and decided to take his anger out on him. Nor did he want to stay and watch as Kanda began growling at the disturbances others would soon be making as they arrived.

Opening his curious eyes, Allen glanced around the bath only to find it empty. Taking a deep breath in, he turned to his left and almost jumped out of the water when he found Kanda sitting beside him calmly enjoying the bath as Allen had been doing only moments before. Slowly Kanda turned to watch as Allen almost inhaled the entire bath trying to relax after the shock he had received. Allen turned back and came face to face with Kanda. Without allowing Allen to say a word the samurai wrapped an arm around Allen's waist pulling Allen closer in that bath and kissed him gently yet fiercely.

"Come to my room after breakfast Moyashi or die." Kanda had demanded after leaning away.

Still in shock Allen didn't even realize that Kanda had left until the sound of the door closing signalled him leaving.

Kanda had actually asked for Allen to see him . . . in his room which made Allen even more nervous than fighting against a Noah.

Never had he been allowed to even talk to Kanda without him blowing up in anger and yet now he was allowed to visit his room and even . . . kiss him, a fact which still stunned Allen into silence. Confusing thoughts swirled around Allen's head as he tried to figure out Kanda's action which was a difficult task in itself. Throughout breakfast that was all he could think about even whilst inhaling his normal mountain of food.

Could Kanda actually like me? Allen wondered trying to remember the correct way to Kanda's room. Allen paused outside Kanda's door breathing in. He knew this was the correct room as everyone kept glancing worriedly at it making sure not to disturb the person inside.

". . . maybe so but that is how I feel."

This made Allen stop questioning who Kanda could possibly be talking to if he was talking to anyone at all but he shook it off as he opened the door only to find Kanda on top of Lenalee. With the noise of the door opening they both turned to see Allen standing in the doorway. Allen was shocked. With what he had experienced this morning with Kanda he hadn't expected this turn of events yet.

"Umm . . . Ah . . . I'm sorry I shouldn't have . . . barged in like that . . . I'll just . . ." Allen stuttered.

Without taking a second look, Allen turned and ran stiffly from Kanda's room not bothering to stop when he heard his name called. How could he think that Kanda, the cold, fierce samurai, would ever be in love with him a cursed boy, how could anyone fall in love with him . . . especially with Lenalee around? Allen walked aimlessly around the Order until he was found by Link and told to begin his paperwork for the day. His life simply sucked.


It was just after lunch and Allen was now with Marie and Link in the training room after spending the entire morning sitting in his room pretending to pay attention to whatever Link was saying. It hadn't worked. The paperwork had been ignored as Allen stared out of the window. His thoughts were far from that room though back to the events that occurred earlier this morning. Marie sensed that something was bothering Allen and asked halfway through blocking an oncoming attack.

"Allen what's wrong?" Marie asked as he blocked Allen's attacks.

"I found Kanda and . . . Lenalee together in . . . Kanda's room in a . . . rather compromising position." Allen panted as he continued the attack trying to distract himself. Normally he wouldn't appear so tired but he was pushing himself to forget everything he was currently feeling . . . not that he could figure out what that was.

"Why does that bother you?"

"It doesn't bother me as much as confuses me especially after what he tried this morning in the bath."

As Marie enquired about the morning, Allen found himself repeating his entire morning to the only person who actually seemed interested. He had tried to talk to Link about it but at the mention of his problems Link had pulled out a pad and pen ready to write everything significant down and there was no way that Lavi wouldn't be able to keep the information to himself especially if Kanda was involved.

Both had stopped for a break while Allen told his story to Marie. Marie was also the only person apart from perhaps Link to know the full extent of his devotion to everyone in the Order especially to his friends.

"That is quite a story Allen but it sounds to me you are disappointed and jealous." Marie commented.

"Walker please continue your training. Later this afternoon you have more paperwork to do." Link said. Both Allen and Marie stood back up, ready to continue their match.

"What do you think I should do?" Allen enquired resuming the attack.

"Nothing, obviously Kanda is at fault here. Let him come to you."

Allen nodded silently. He agreed with Marie to some extent however he wasn't sure whether Kanda would want to fix anything with him so he simply continued to get lost in the movements and block Marie's advancements. For another half an hour they continued neither tiring from the physical moves they were forcing on their bodies.

Allen was breathless but he still couldn't get Kanda out of his head which annoyed him. He wanted to leave all of his emotions behind at the moment. Anger. Disappointment. Jealousy. All remained coiling inside of him ready to be released.

"Moyashi come with me."

Allen turned panting again to see Kanda standing in the doorway. When had he even opened the door?

"I'm training BaKanda go find someone else to torture." He said turning his back on Kanda and facing Marie again. Now his anger was ready to explode and poor Marie was going to get the brunt of it should Kanda actually leave.

"Moyashi." Kanda growled.

"Just leave BaKanda."

Without answering Kanda walked up and threw Allen over his shoulder regardless of the desires of Allen and Link who was supposedly watching him on Central's orders. Link immediately shut his book and began moving towards them however Marie whispered something which seemed to placate the Central watch-dog.

"BaKanda put me down!" Allen shouted as he was carried around the Black Order drawing attention to anyone who passed. Kanda only listened to Allen when he arrived at his destination.

"About time now -- Kanda, what the hell?" Allen said finally looking around the room, Kanda's room to be more precise. Allen fearfully glanced around Kanda's room only to realize that he was sitting on Kanda's bed which was positioned far from the locked door on the other side of the room.

"Shut up Moyashi and listen." Kanda growled pinning Allen down so he couldn't get up and leave like he so desperately wanted to.

"If it gets me out of here faster, than fine." Allen huffed.

"I do not like Lenalee. She came in here demanding that she be told who I like otherwise she would destroy my room using one of Komui's latest "inventions" and so I ended up pinning her down so she wouldn't destroy my belongings. For causing that misunderstanding between you and I though, I had to punish her though."

Allen blinked in surprise as Kanda spoke and waited until he'd finished before speaking slowly. "I think that is the longest I've ever heard you speak BaKanda but can I go then now that you have finished your explanation?"

"No." Allen grumbled unhappily but ceased immediately when he felt Kanda's lips press eagerly against his own. At first Allen tried to complain but that only gave Kanda's tongue access to explore his mouth. Allen moaned as Kanda's tongue ran along the inside of his mouth making his body react to Kanda's advances.

"Moyashi, I like you." Kanda growled in his usual tones as he broke the kiss to breathe. Both were panting heavily.

"I . . . I like you to . . . Kanda."

Kanda smirked and began pulling off Allen's clothes as he continued to leave a trail of kiss down Allen's body. With the small amount of room to move in Allen managed to move so Kanda was now beneath him pulling Kanda's shirt and pants off quickly. Allen smirked at Kanda's surprise before stroking him while kissing and sucking tenderly on his neck, earning a moan of pleasure from Kanda.

Before Allen could do anything else Kanda flipped him over and managed to pin Allen down once again smirking at Allen's futile attempts to dominate. They continued to fight for dominance until Kanda heard Allen plead with him.

"Kanda, please . . . more . . ." Allen moaned as his body ceased listening to his mind and stopped fighting Kanda for dominance. Without another word Kanda continued his "attack" on the defenceless Moyashi as said bean continued to moan in pleasure. Nothing could ruin this moment, not even Lenalee.

"Kanda?" Allen began as the sunlight shone through the window and landed across the bed. Allen had remained with Kanda the entire night as he wouldn't let go of him not even to get food which Allen's stomach was in much need of but could ignore for a few more hours. They hadn't left each other's side the entire night and had at some point during the night resumed their "attack" on each other. So neither had left the room yet which was probably causing all kinds of havoc for Link not that Allen really cared.

They also both wondered what was happening in the Order.

"What Moyashi." Kanda mumbled into his pillow which so happened to consist of Allen's white hair.

"What happened to Lenalee?" Allen asked Kanda looking up at him.

"What do you mean?"

"Well you said you "punished" her after she interfered."

"Oh right well . . ."


"LENALEE!!! HOW COULD YOU SULLY YOUR INNOCENCE WITH THAT BASTARD BAK!!! WHY!!!" Komui cried as he flipped through letters addressed to Bak from Lenalee and vice versa. Kanda had really gone all out for punishment this time by asking Lavi to forge both Bak and Lenalee's handwriting in several letters implying that there was a relationship between the two.

Lavi hadn't desired to do so however when Mugen was held to your throat you simply couldn't say no.

Lenalee was trying to explain what had actually happened however it wasn't working. Instead of listening to her, her brother was running around hysterically notifying every single person that if Bak was to enter that he be caught so Komui could release his latest invention against him. No one actually liked Komui's idea and this new one was suppose to be even better and was now reserved for simply killing Bak whenever he entered head quarters again.

"Damn Kanda. I'm never going to attempt that again." Lenalee muttered to herself as her brother continued to wail.

Re-written: 27/04/2010