Yullen Week Day Six

Theme: Night Out

Summary: A group night out leads to Allen getting lost....again....or is he?

Disclaimer: I do not own DGM no matter how much I might want to...*cries*

Kanda hated crowds. It was a well known fact. Yet somehow through deception, bribery and blackmail Kanda had been forced into an outing on that day when he would much prefer meditating quietly in his room or training as long as it was with Moyashi (not that he would say that out loud ever). Together with Lenalee, Lavi and Allen, Kanda walked to a small town located near the Black Order head quarters.

Of course as soon as Lenalee had walked into the town she had spotted the markets. That's where everything began, the markets. Kami, how Kanda cursed that small town and its market. It had turned Lenalee into a shopaholic and that was never good. The instant she walked into that forsaken market she had desired to buy everything she spotted from bracelets to socks.

Anything she wanted she desired to have and when she had bought something she had made either Lavi or Kanda hold it. (Allen for some reason was exempted from this) But from there the day simply seemed to go downhill.

"Hey guys, where's Moyashi-chan?" Lavi asked looking around through the bags he carried.

That's when the day hit rock bottom.

Kanda immediately felt furious remembering that he told to Baka Moyashi to remain by his side the entire night in case he took a wrong turn and got lost, yet he hadn't listened to one word. Without a second thought he threw the bags at Lavi making him crash unceremoniously into Lenalee and drop everything.

As soon as he'd turned to leave he could hear Lenalee's screeching cry as she realized her purchases lay on the dirty ground. He didn't care though his only thought was on finding his Moyashi.

Kanda thought back . . . the last place he'd seen the Moyashi was . . . by the stand with gloves. Taking off in the direction he believed the Moyashi could be, Kanda knew that he would probably be wandering around lost. As he turned onto the street he kept his eyes open for the only thing that was distinguishable in this crowd about the Moyashi . . . his snowy white hair.

"Moyashi! I-" Kanda growled taking the arm of the first white haired person he saw.

The man that Kanda had grabbed turned around and he realized instantly that this wasn't his Moyashi . . . it was an old man with white hair. Kanda let go instantly and ignoring the shouts and abuse the old man was spurting he continued down the street searching for his lost Moyashi.

The sun had already dipped below the horizon and people had begun to pack away their stalls when suddenly a flash of white caught his eyes. Half way down the street was a person walking along calmly without a care in the world . . . that person had white hair. Sure it might simply be yet another old man but Kanda wasn't taking his chance. As he moved closer he looked at the detail. This person was wearing a long sleeved shirt and white gloves obviously to hide his arm more specifically his left arm.

Rushing forward before he lost sight of the person, Kanda grabbed onto Allen's arm earning a squeak of protest from said person.

"Oh, Kanda it's just you." Allen said sighing in relief.

"What are you doing Moyashi?"

"What do you mean?" Allen asked confused.

"I told you to stay be my side so you wouldn't get lost."

Allen remained quietly with a thoughtful look on his face as if he were trying to remember the conversation which made Kanda furious. Growling, he began to pull Allen back down the street.

"Come on we have to go its late." Kanda growled in annoyance.

"But I still haven't bought what I came here for." Allen pouted as Kanda began to drag him away from the stalls and back to the place that they had said they would meet.

"What did you need to buy?" Kanda asked grumpily.

"I haven't bought . . . a present for you."

Kanda stopped in his tracks but kept his grip tight on the Moyashi.


"I said that I haven't bought-"

"I get it! What I meant was why?"

"Why what Kanda?"

"Why buy me a present?"

"It's your birthday, right? People are supposed to buy presents for others on their birthday." Allen said sheepishly.

Kanda turned away from Allen trying to hide the blush on his face. So this is why the Moyashi suddenly disappeared but when did he discover it was my birthday, Kanda wondered. When he turned he saw something that made up for all the lost time. Without a word to Allen he began to pull him away from the markets and into the back of a small clearing.

Spotting a tree he sat down pulling Allen with him. Allen clumsily fell into Kanda's lap and fidgeted as he tried to stand. Kanda however had another idea and wrapped his arms around Allen's waist reframing him from moving. By now the sun had set and the night sky was all that could be seen.

"What is this Kanda?"

"Just shut up Moyashi and pay attention." Kanda said.

Allen instantly snapped his mouth shut relaxing into Kanda's hug. Suddenly a loud bang was heard causing Allen to jump in Kanda's hold earning a laugh from the stoic exorcist. Looking up into the sky, Allen watched as it suddenly filled with lights. Fireworks exploded before them in bright colours of green, blue, red and yellow. Allen remained captivated by the show.

Kanda smiled as he watched the colours of the fireworks reflect in his Moyashi's wide eyes. Realizing that Allen was completely leaning against him Kanda rested his head by Allen's left ear breathing in his scent.

"This is all I wanted Allen to spend time with you today." Kanda whispered into Allen's ear.

Blushing Allen smiled up at Kanda capturing his lips in a kiss.

"Happy birthday Yu." He whispered back.

Rewritten: 27/04/2010