I just had this random idea when I was reading the new one-shot in 'Benulie One-shots'. I actually loved it. I also got the idea for the song because I listened to 'In Your Heart' by Curtis Peoples straight after. That song's really cool! I should get it on my iPod. Also, Ben and Julie are 17 in this and SMUT ALERT! *shifty eyes*

It may seem like it's a one-shot but, it's not...well, it sorta is. It's really hard to explain. This is the main one-shot. I'm just gonna add some random chapters afterwards. If I added them in his, it would be a long one-shot.

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17-year-old Julie Yamamoto suddenly snapped her eyes open and pulled the thin layer of sheet higher over her, her rapid breathing gradually slowing down till she was calm. She checked the clock on the bedside table. 3:30 It was still too early to get up out of bed. She never wanted to get up at all. She was happy with the state she was in. In fact, she wished it would never have to end. On the outside and inside, she's happy that this isn't the dream she dreamed every night. This was actually real. Everything that happened in her dream became real. Sometimes, if you dream a certain dream for a while and let it become powerful enough, it could become reality. The exact thing happened to her. She started thinking about their awkward moments, the times they almost confessed their feelings for one another, the times they almost kissed, and the times where her dream was so close to becoming reality.

Suddenly, she felt 2 strong arms pull her naked body closer to his, distracting her from her thoughts. She smiled when she saw the face of her former best friend. He looked so calm and happy. The smile on his face showed that he was just as happy as she is right at this very moment. Julie just gently placed her hand on his cheek and lightly pressed her lips against his. When she pulled away, he didn't move, budge or make a noise. Instead, he stayed in the position he was in during his deep, peaceful, intangible slumber.

Julie just smiled as she snuggled deeper into him, closed her eyes and remembered how they came to be in the position they were in now...


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Julie was standing at the beach on the coast of Bellwood. It was where she and Ben first met...10 summers ago. She wasn't only standing at the place where they met. She was standing in the exact SPOT they first laid eyes on each other. As soon as she looked him in the eyes, she knew he was the one, even though they were only 7-years-old when they met. When they first met, they gave each other their names and played in the sand and sea together. When the time to separate came by, they gave each other their addresses and phone numbers so they could see and hear each other every single day.

I guess you're wondering why she's even here in the first place. Ben dragged her to the beach to have some fun in the sun like they did when they were kids. It's like reminiscing because it reminded them of the day they first laid their eyes on each other. When the moon and the stars replaced the sun and the dark blue sky replaced the light blue, she was told to wait here so he could race off to get something. She's been waiting for half an hour now and there's still so sign of him. She was tempted to just get up and go home. Suddenly, she heard someone start playing the guitar and singing.

In your head, in your heart, there is something we're trying that keeps falling apart.

I am guilty but not wrong tonight.

Julie turned around and saw Ben standing a few metres away from her holding a guitar and he was looking directly at her.

"What are you doing?" asked Julie.

"Something I should have done long ago," responded Ben.

My mistakes brought the fall. Oh, I drove you away before I knew you at all.

I am guilty but not wrong tonight.

She kept on wondering why he kept on saying 'tonight'. Then, it suddenly hit her. The moon and the stars were out. It was night time.

From a whisper to a scream, I found myself further than I'd ever been.

I blame timing and distance. Oh, how hard it made.

His voice was full of meaning but, it was also full of something else. Something she never heard before.

Yeah, in your head, in your heart, there is something we're trying that keeps falling apart.

I am guilty but not wrong tonight.

Ben walked closer to her as he continued playing their love song.

My mistakes brought the fall. Oh, I drove you away before I knew you at all.

I am guilty but not wrong tonight.

What was happening right now reminded Julie of something: her dream. The dream she had been dreaming for months now. But, it couldn't be.

Where your smile met your tear, a good thing is something I just seem to fear.

I blame nothing. But I wish I could call you mine, alright.

Julie couldn't help but smile. Hearing him sing and play guitar made her feel happy inside. It's a feeling she will feel for the rest of her life and the forever after that.

I'm waiting for the world to come back to life.


The only thing was in between Ben and Julie right now was Ben's guitar. They really wanted to be closer.

Oh, oh! In your head, in your heart, there is we're trying that keeps falling apart.

I am guilty but not wrong tonight.

He was tempted to just place the guitar on the ground and kiss her with all the love he had inside him. But, he was afraid she didn't feel the same way he did.

Oh, my mistakes brought the fall and I drove you away before I knew you at all.

I am guilty but not wrong tonight.

Ben's guitar music slowed down and became softer as he sang that fateful last line.

Oh, I am guilty but not wrong tonight.

As soon as the song was done, Ben placed the guitar on the sand, took her hands and stared deeply into Julie's eyes. Tonight, it was now or never. The moment they've been waiting for.

"Julie, we've been best friends since we were 7. Over the time we've been friends, I've been developing feelings for you. They are too strong for me to control," said Ben.

"What are you trying to tell me?" asked Julie.

"Julie, I'm truly, madly and deeply in love with you," blurted Ben.

Julie just stood there in shock. He was crazily in love with her the entire time they were best friends.

"I completely understand if you don't feel---."

Ben's sentence was cut short when Julie lightly placed her finger against his lips. He wished that it was her lips that were touching his.

"Ben, I...I love you too," said Julie.

Ben suddenly felt happy inside. She felt the same way about him. It just made the temptation grow stronger. So strong he couldn't resist anymore. In one swift movement, Julie was in his arms and his lips were firmly planted against hers. She instantly wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling his head closer.

What once was a tender kiss quickly turned into a passionate kiss. Julie parted her lips and felt Ben's tongue slide inside her mouth. Their tongues were fighting for dominance. Ben tightened his grip on her, drawing her closer as the kiss grew even more passionate. After 10 more minutes, they parted to breathe but, they still kept their grip on each other.

"Wow," breathed Ben.

"Does this mean we're going out now?" asked Julie.

"Do you want to?" asked Ben.

"Ever since we met," answered Julie.

Ben just smiled as he teasingly brushed his lips against hers before travelling down her neck. Julie moaned and threw her head back as her arms dropped to her sides. He teased her again by lightly brushing his lips against her own. She couldn't take the teasing. She kissed him heatedly. Ben's hands slid to the clasp of her bikini top. Julie suddenly pulled away. This confused Ben.

"My house or yours?" Julie murmured seductively in his ear.

Ben suddenly felt a familiar tightness in his board shorts. He wants her so badly, he was tempted to just pin her to the sand and make love to her there. But, this is a public beach and people often come here for night time swims and beach parties. A change of location didn't sound like a bad idea. After all, this is their first time and they want it to be special and private. Not something that was rushed and in public. That would be meaningless and embarrassing! (AN: That's not true actually...OK. It's true. People would video it on a camera or phone and upload it onto YouTube. Anyways, sorry for the interruption. I'll go away till the end of this...)

"My parents are out of town and my house is closer," murmured Ben.

They placed their stuff in the car and drove to Ben's house. Once the lovebirds got inside, things got seriously heated. Reality was thrown away as soon as their lips and bodies connected. Julie felt her back hit the hard wall as Ben pushed her against it, kissing her roughly. He untied her sarong and let it drop to the ground forgotten. Julie's fingers were running down his chest and arms, stopping when she felt the Omnitrix on his right wrist.

They backed away from the wall and fell onto the couch with Julie on top. Ben's hands were exploring her body, feeling her smooth skin and gentle curves. Julie's hands were on his shoulders, pinning him to the couch. She forgot his lips and attacked his neck. He groaned and pulled her body harder against his. He felt her hands slide down to the waist band on his shorts. In one swift movement, she slid them off completely and dropped them on the floor carelessly.

Their lips fought for dominance once again. They stood up and went into Ben's bedroom, their lips still connected. Julie got distracted when Ben started rubbing her body, resulting to Ben taking control. She couldn't help it. It just felt so good. They fell onto the bed with Ben's body just inches above Julie's. He broke the kiss and undid her bikini top. She teasingly slid her top until it was off completely and thrown to a random place in Ben's bedroom. Ben pinned her wrists above her head with his hands and hungrily kissed her breasts.

"Oh god...Ben," Julie moaned breathlessly.

His hands slid down her arms to her breasts as he played with her nipples. Julie actually started wondering if she would orgasm before he even touched her waist down. Ben kept playing with her breasts till they became rock hard. He slid up and nipped at her special spot behind her ear. She gasped and held him tighter. Ben pulled away from her ear and slid her bikini bottom off and threw it to the place where Julie's bikini top landed.

He attached his lips to her stomach and began a trail of hot, fiery kisses down to her lower area. He dipped his tongue in and out her belly button, causing Julie to squirm and giggle. Ben's lips then travelled to her most precious area. She just moaned as she felt Ben kiss her down there. He slid his mouth down further and captured Julie by surprise as he slid his hot tongue inside her hot, wet entrance.

"Oh shit...Ben," Julie moaned helplessly.

Ben just slid his tongue further inside her. Julie felt the need to orgasm but, she wanted to hold on for as long as she could to let the pleasure last. But, she couldn't hold it in anymore and she orgasmed for the first time in her life. He took every drop she offered him, tasting her womanhood. He climbed back up towards her face and captured her lips in a passionate kiss. They flipped over and now, Julie was on top. She slid his Speedos off, leaving him completely naked like her.

Julie's lips slid down his neck and attacked his chest, licking the scars from the alien battles they faced together. Her lips were now on his abs and getting closer to his 'friend'. She was now really close. She took his entire member into her mouth and moved it up and down.

"Oh. Fuck...Julie," Ben groaned.

When she heard his response, she moved her head faster. He came closer to orgasm every second. He thought that she would either swallow or pull back at the last possible moment. He couldn't take it anymore and released himself. This caught Julie by surprise but, she did her bit. Once she was done, she crawled back up to him.

Ben flipped them over, now taking dominate position. He attached his lips to her neck, causing Julie to moan breathlessly. Suddenly, he penetrated her. A short scream of pain escaped her voice as she felt him inside her. He removed his lips from her neck and looked at her with worry in his eyes.

"You OK, Julie?" asked Ben as he ran his fingers through her short jet black her.

"I'm fine. It's normal for us," replied Julie.

Still worried about hurting her, Ben continued his journey inside her. Slowly, the pain soon turned in pleasure. Something she'll never get tired of. He went faster and harder, causing her to moan with pleasure. Ben's lips slid up her neck and captured her lips in a deep kiss. She felt him hit her G-force every time. He groaned when he felt her walls clenching to his member. (Me: Defiantly beats saying "his 'friend'" all the time...doesn't it? Sarah: CAZNA JEAN BURTON! Me:...You didn't hear her say my full name! Get away from me, Sarah! Oh shit. I'm so dead. shrtylauhryliueyriuegrhuieygruy...OW! Sarah: Now will you shut up for the remainder of the story!? Me: Gladly if it means you'll stop hovering over me whenever I write chapters!) She was screaming out of pleasure. Her walls milked him dry. Once they both reached their climax, Ben pulled out of her and collapsed beside her. Besides their panting, there wasn't a single noise.

"That was...wow," breathed Julie.

"We should defiantly do this more often," panted Ben as he pulled the sheet over them and pulled her closer.

Julie wrapped her arms around his torso and rested her head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat. Ben was playing with her hair with a happy grin on his face.

"Marry me," blurted Ben.

Julie lifted her head from his chest and looked at him surprised. She defiantly didn't think he would ask her to marry him just when they started dating.

"What?" whispered Julie.

"Marry me," repeated Ben.

"Why now? We're only 17," said Julie.

"I love you and if I wait any longer to marry you, I will go crazy," said Ben, truthfully.

Julie was crying out of joy. She couldn't believe that he would go crazy if he didn't marry her. She knew how he felt. She would be going crazy too.

"Yes. Of course I'll marry you!" cried Julie.

Ben wiped the tears from his eyes and kissed her tenderly. Once their lips parted, Ben pulled out an engagement ring and slid it on her finger.

"When did you get that?" questioned Julie.

"Yesterday," answered Ben.

"You continue to amaze me, Mr Tennyson," said Julie as she kissed him.

They rolled over and now Ben was on top.

"As do you, Mrs Tennyson," responded Ben.

After an hour of intense kissing, they fell asleep in each other's arms.


Julie happily grinned subconsciously as she snuggled even deeper into Ben's chest and fell into a deep, intangible slumber with a happy feeling inside and without a single care in the world.


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